New Meat

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline Marvel/DC Jailbird Heroines!
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    The new prisoner was shoved roughly into the general population area, looking around in nervousness and confusion.  She tripped, but was helped up by one of the prisoners, a muscular woman with bright red skin.  

    "You must be the new meat," said the red-skinned woman.  "I'm Betty Banner, formerly the Red She-Hulk.  And yes, your powers are gone.  Judging by the confusion, you were 'convicted' for the same stupid reason everyone else in here was.  And judging by your surprise, I'm guessing you used to be a guy.  Sucks, right?"

    "A little," the new prisoner said, looking at herself, taking in her buxom figure.  "What's the deal in here?"

    Betty quirked an eyebrow.  "'Deal?'"

    "This prison is full of depowered superwomen, including several who used to be guys.  There's bound to be some factioning going on," the new prisoner said.  

    "Heh.  Very good," Betty said.  "You just might escape being 'tenderized,' new meat."  

    The new prisoner smirked.  "I can handle m'self," she said, dusting herself off.

    "Well, I hope so.  Otherwise you might end up like her," Betty said, gesturing over to a beaten down-looking woman clinging to a green-skinned muscular woman that the new prisoner recognized as Jennifer Walters, the She-Hulk.  

    "That woman with Jen...  is that who I think it is?" the new prisoner asked.

    "Janet Van Dyne," Betty said, nodding.  "She's Jen's personal bitch, and since me and Jen are two of the toughest in here, Janet's got protection from being passed around.  That don't mean she don't get rode just as hard as the 'public bikes' do, heh..."

    The new prisoner stared at her, shocked.  Betty snorted.  "That's the way it is here, new meat.  You're either a butch or a bitch.  So you better attach yourself to a tough butch, or do something to be considered a butch yourself and take one of the bitches as your personal toy."  

    The new prisoner frowned.  "I'll... think of something," she said.

    "Do it quick, or someone will decide for you," Betty admonished.  "Anyway, since I'm doing welcome duty apparently, I'll answer your original question: the factions."  She gestured over to a set of exercise equipment, where a black haired woman with a W carved into her face over one eye was doing chin ups, several other women guarding her.  "Over there's the leadership of the Amazons, which is mine and Jen's group.  They're pretty fair, but you better do EXACTLY what Wonder Woman tells you to do.  She don't like it when you disobey."  

    The new prisoner looked surprised.  "You called her by her superhero name?"

    Betty nodded admiringly. "Even without her powers, she's still a Wonder Woman..." She shook her head, and pointed over to a place near the wall, where a blue-skinned red-headed woman was discreetly handing another prisoner a bottle of pills while accepting a carton of cigarettes in exchange.  "Mystique.  Most of the muties gravitated to her.  Her group's called the X-Jailbirds, and they're fairly neutral.  They do a lot of drug running in the prison, and have lots of medical lab priveleges.  I think it's because they're fucking the doctors, but Wonder Woman told me not to investigate, so I haven't bothered."  She looked around, and shuddered, spotting the last of the leaders.  "Look over there."  

    The new prisoner turned, seeing a massively fat woman sitting near a guard tower, a woman with a squirrel's tail sitting on her shoulder.  A mad look was in the squirrel woman's eyes, and her face was badly scarred.  

    "Who are they?" the new prisoner asked.  "I think I know them, but..."

    "The big girl is Big Bertha," Betty said, shuddering.  "The psycho bitch is Squirrel Girl, although they go by Big Mama and Squirrelly now.  They lead the Rat Squad, and are pretty much psychopathic.  Joker and all the other Arkham loonies joined her.  Mama and Squirrelly fucked their way into getting special privileges after Squirrelly's face got messed up, so they still have their powers.  They don't have anything but butches on their faction.  No bitches, because... well, everyone here is Big Mama's bitch.  Or Squirrelly's, if Mama's feeling like sharing."  

    The new prisoner cringed.  "So I'm guaranteed to be raped at least once," she said.

    "More than that, sweet cheeks," Betty muttered.  "She's creepy about it, too.  Never raises her voice, always talking like you're a little kid.  Makes you feel like one too, especially when she starts groping you...  Plus Squirrelly's got squirrels everywhere and they all report to her..."

    The new prisoner shook his head.  "Isn't there anyone stopping this?  The guards?"

    Betty snorted.  "The guards don't care," she said.  "They'll let you get away with anything if you fuck them, so you better learn how to use that new pussy, and fast.  Don't be surprised if you have a kid, either.  Comes with fuckin' guards to get what you want."

    "What about in the prisoners?" the new prisoner asked.

    Betty looked thoughtful.  "There's rumors that this one chick named Marrow's leading some of the prisoners in a group called the Jailhouse Avengers..." she said.  "But it's just that.  Rumors.  Marrow and those other girls escaped, and if they are wise they are out of this goddamn country by now."  

    The new prisoner frowned, looking thoughtful.  

    Betty blinked, and chuckled.  "Y'know, I don't think I asked your name.  I can tell you used to be a guy, but who are you?"  

    The new prisoner looked startled a moment, and nodded.  "Sorry, I'm..."

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