Cougar-Lady teaches Beast Boy a thing or two

by mercury01
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters Black Cat Catwoman Mary Jane Watson Beast Boy Tigra Power Man
Category Marvel and DC Corruption Mind Control Body Modification Female Dom
Previous Chapter Felicia's whole reality changes, becoming a gestalt of herself, the Kingpin, Norman Osborne, and Kraven the Hunter.

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Beast Boy dusted himself off and stretched, unaware he was being ogled. He'd planned to meet Robin in Gotham, but he wasn't sure where, so he'd stopped on this roof to get his bearings. He checked the address he'd written on his hand when the hairs on the back of his neck prickled. He didn't have time to react before the mature femme fatale pounced on him, knocking him off his feet.

"You caught me," she purred down at him. "What a gentleman you are!"

"Who the heck...?" Gar gasped, pinned down by her lush curves. His eyes focused on her round, heart-shaped face. Her lips were slightly parted and her eyes were smoky, but he saw she was wearing a pair of cat ears on a hairband. "Oh no... you're that crazy cat lady Robin told me about!"

"Tch, that boy needs to learn some manners," Cougar Lady pouted huskily. "As for you... How would you like me to make a MAN out of you, little hero?"

Beast Boy gulped. He'd never been this close to a woman, and his body was reacting strongly to her. She had a zaftig shape with lots of curves, like some sexed-up soccer mom, and she smelled so wonderful, like sweet french perfume. His cock strained in his uniform as her soft bulk ground against his crotch. Fantasies about Raven and Starfire seemed bland and juvenile compared to the reality of this curvaceous cougar... But something felt wrong.

"That's it, honey," she moaned as she felt him harden beneath her. "Let momma take care of you..." She bent down and dragged her tongue up his neck, leaving a wet trail along his jawline. He gasped as she nipped his ear, teasing him. Beast Boy desperately wanted to resist...


"Janet? Are you there?"

Jan heard Captain America's voice through the doorway. She looked up at Tigra, who was staring down at her and purring quite loudly. The overfed cat's fluffy tail twitched as she casually groped Jan's breasts, kneading them like she was "making bread". Jan groaned, turned on by the attention to her body.

"I-I have to go, Tigra," Jan gulped. "They need me at the meeting."

Tigra cocked her head, not wanting Jan to leave.


Felicia Hardy blew a ring of smoke as she looked her two busty assistants up and down. Wilma Fisk blushed a little from the leer of her boss, while Norma Osborn smirked and thrust her chest out, giving Felicia an eyeful of her cleavage. Felicia felt a rush of lust, alien, and yet familiar. The urge to touch herself prompted her to reach between her legs... and she found a lump swelling the crotch of her immaculately-tailored suit!

Surprise gave way to confusion, but she stroked the bulge and calmness settled on her. Felicia smiled as she realized it was hers. Her cock. She was a she-male. A virile, sexually potent she-male! The thought excited her, and she licked her lips.

"Wilma, unzip me," she ordered the tall brunette. "Norma, give me a show."

The curvaceous secretary dropped to her knees between Felicia's legs and nuzzled her bulging crotch. She undid the silver-haired beauty's trousers, and found the thick monster hiding there, in a silky bikini thong.

"Mmmm, good," Felicia sighed as what was left of the Kingpin busied herself with her boss's cock. Felicia couldn't believe how sexy her old foe had become. Both of them gasped as her cock sprung free of its silky white prison, its impressive length throbbing as it stood tall.

Norma slowly writhed and twisted, grinding herself against an invisible lover as she stripped down, sensually undoing each button of her blouse and peeling down her skirt. Felicia saw she wore a lacy bra and a matching pair of suspenders holding up her stockings.

"Now make me a Manhattan," Felicia ordered Norma. She looked down at Wilma. "You know what to do." Wilma nodded and closed her lips around the shiny helmet of her boss's cock. Felicia groaned. She was the new Kingpin now.

Her computer, unattended, went into sleep mode, making the image of Mary-J and Luke Cage disappear...


Mary-J blinked as she felt clarity wash over her. "Whoa, shit!" she gasped, shaking her head, making her cornrows rattle as the beaded tips clattered together. She jumped off Luke as if burned. He put a hand to his head and whistled.

"Damn, what were we doin'?" he said. "Jeez, sorry, Miss J... I-I dunno what came over me." 

"Yeah, that's..." she let out a ragged breath. "That's okay." Her pussy was still hot and aching, but she didn't want to give herself up for just anyone! "Just, maybe come back later and fix it!"

"Sure," Cage nodded, feeling the throbbing need from between his legs too. He left the apartment, muttering. "Damn! What was I thinkin'? I got a wife an' kid..."

Mary-J sank back into the couch and moaned, sliding three long-nailed fingers down her capris and sucking down the intoxicating smoke of her blunt. Her pussy squelched as her fingers dipped between the slippery folds. "Ohhhhh, Peter... come home soon, baby..."

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