What does Erica and Charlie do?

by Burke.Rakers
Storyline TG universe
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Erica and Charlie flounced and wiggled into the Leveau Mansion like a pair of tropical birds. Plush, plump, uber feminine and gaudy as heck, the both of them were squeezed into glittery gowns and wrapped in furs and feather boas. Opera gloves, over-inflated false breasts, thick cosmetic and clouds of perfume...they were ridiculous, impossible creatures. Ericas hair was teased and sprayed into a giant cloud of silvery platinum perfection, while Charlies wig was an orange and gold boufant. They looked about fopr a second, confused...then Erica squealed "Wanda, Dah-ling!" and he swished into his daughters arms. He could clearly remember that he'd been Magneto...a dangerous man...a dauntless foe...but his daughter had cured him of those ambitions and desires. Now he just wanted to be with his beloved Charlie, and bask in the love of his family. He saw his son and squealed like a goosed cheerleader "Perta? Oh my GAWD, you look PERFECT! You have GOT to let us put you on th' bill down at the CLUB! Why, th' boys'll jus' EAT you UP!!!"

Petra blushed and smiled. His father...was so lovely. A bold, brazen, bawdy old tart who knew what he had a flaunted it. Perhaps he could to? He imagined himself on stage, singing and dancing...dropping lewd jokes and winking at the tourists. It might be fun.

"Hey, gal-pal..." vamped Charlie as he sauntered you to Wanda "...my ol' team's jus' bustin' my balls tryin' tah get in contact with me. Ir's all 'Professor, you're needed!' an' 'Professor, Where are you?' an' shit like that. Why don' those bitches jus' back off an' let ol' Charlie an' his boi-toy get our fuck on?"

"The contact you? So...you still have your powers?"

Charlie giggled "Sure do, girlfrien'. Madame X's th' worlds most powerful mentalist. I could jus' blast'em...but I don' wanna hurt'em. Th' poor dears are jus' worried...but ain't nothin' tah worry 'bout when Charlie's got his baby here."

"Yeah..." said Erica, sliding up to Charlie and fondling his obviously large cock through his gown. "...an' yer ol' daddy's th' Master o' Magnetism, y'know. Don' worry though, honey. We serve you. You made us jus' so happy...an' so HORNY!"

With giggles and swooning, Erica and Charlie fell into each others arms, kissing and cooing and fondling like the fluttery old queens they now were. Wanda could feel the waves of contented happiness that rolled off the both of them, and she took the chance to bind their new personalites even deeper into their souls. Erica and Charlie burst into a flutter of wiggles and laughter, and their kissing became even more animated...more passionate. In their heads the old enemies became the most perfect and affectionate of lovers. If someone had tried to change them back into the people they'd been, they'd have resisted with every fiber of their souls. They were lovers...and in love...forever.

Wanda smiled at the effect of her spells...genuinly pleased at how happy her father and Professor X were. Yet also...pleased that she now had two willing, loyal agents of almost unimaginable power. These two fluttery queens would do whatever she wanted...and that gave her something to challenge even the power of Thor. The Gypsy Witch may have started this...but SHE was in change now!

In the middle of all this...nobody noticed...


Puffing and waddling along the road as fast as her thick legs could take her, Mammy was trying to get away. She'd managed to get a level of control back, but it was only the massive expenditure of magical energy that had been needed to convert Magneto and Professor X that had given Mammy her chance. Just enough control had been lost that the Avenger who had the strongest will had been able to break away.

The problem with breaking away when so much magic was involved...was that there was very little left of the old Captain America other than the shreds of his willpower.

Who am I? I'm Mammy America...I think...

What am I? I'm a big, fat black woman. A great, big fat black woman.

What do I do? I cook and eat and clean and eat and fuck and eat...I think...?

She paused and inspected herself severl times, always finding just what she should find - a gargantuan black woman, nearly as wide as she was tall, with perfectly negroid features. She was full blooded, she knew. Not a drop of blood or DNA out of place. She was all Africa and proud of her appearance...wasn't she? It was so hard to pin down...

She heard the rattle of stones and tires, and looked down the road. In the distance...a vehicle was coming. She couldn't tell if it was a car or truck...but it would be on her soon. What should she do? Try to get a ride into town, or keep walking? Her vast belly rumbled, and she wished again that she'd brought more food than she did...

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