Magneta drags Madame X with her onto stage. The show must go on!

by burke_rakers
Storyline TG universe
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Well, first things first...they had a job to do. And besides...they found they enjoyed it.

Erica and Charlie wiggled and flounced onto the stage, bantering and droping waspy double entendre in what seemed like perfectly natural effeminate tones. The crowd was obviously into it, and both were a little suprised that their photos were hanging in prominent locations. Clearly they'd been doing this for years...perhaps even decades.

But that was for later. Right now, they launched into a spirited duet of "I Enjoy Being A Girl" followed by a little more mock sexual banter, then a giggling, comical version of "Hey Big Spender!" followed with another round of jokes...then another song...and so on.

They were on stage for almost an hour, and when they were done...

"Well, that our show, fag-taculars..." smirked Charlie, batting his long, fake lashes and smacking his plush bottom "...but stick around an' clap yer hands fer th' next bitch-boi.

"Yeah, Charlie..." squealed Erica, giggling and licking his plump, collagen-injected lips "...but we'll be back out REAL soon fer another round o' fun an' fancy! Screw-yah later!"

They both posed and winked, saying "Tah-tah, Dah'lings!" as the band played them off. They wiggled and giggled as they minced off, lighting citarettes and slipping them into long, red holders. They chatted about music, sex and dresses as they swished and wiggled back to their dressing rooms, where they recognized every stick of furnature and every gaudy, glittery gown or piece of costume jewelery. Durring their performance, they spell had taken over, and while they were on stage...their very cincepts of what they were had changed. Oh, they still knew something had happened...and that it had something to do with some sort of...changes. But they had not the slightest idea what could have changed. They squealed and bantered in a very natural way, making out and even engaging in a perfectly naturea round of anal sex...just like they always did. They were quear as three-dollar bills, and had obviously ALWATS been...wasn't that right?

"Well, Chuckie-doll..." said Erica and he changed from one glittery gown...into another glittery gown that flaunted his large butt. The both of them had plush, plump frames that gave them a solid Mae West appearance. "...I waz thinkin' 'bout swingin' out t' th' kids mansion an' seein' if they know why we feels so...weird. I mean, I TOTALLY wanna suck yer cock - jus' like always - an' I LUV dressin' like th' big queen I am, but...somethin's wrong, dang it!"

Charlie pressed his girdle-clad body against his loves plush ass, and husked "I know, babe. It's like...all I can think of is cock, cock an' more cock, when I ain't shakin' my AWESOME ass on stage fer th' crowd...but I knows it's wrong. I'll tag along an' show off my new gown. I know that daughter of yours well love it."

Erica and Charlie made out for a momant, their mutial love growing as they french kissed each other, and finally they broke off and just looked at each other. Each was desperatly, madly and passionatly in love with the other, and they left arm in arm, giggling and flouncing as they stepped into the car that was waiting for them. They made out with each other in the back, disco music and show tunes pumping from the sound system.


Mammy was crying quietly, a feeling of dread running duwn her spine. She'd managed to convince Bull Gator that she had duties outside, and the massive shemail lumbered outside...but it hadn't been easy...and she'd WANTED to let Jen Wally have her. She'd almost been able to ignore her new gender...but the offers of sex from Massa Morris an Bull Gator had set her thick vagina lips watering. She WANTED to feel a big cock sliding in and out of her! She NEEDED to be objectified and used...then ordered about and ignored. Captain America was so ashamed of how far he'd fallen...but also so HUNGRY for both food and sex. He'd been a hero, curse it! He was a MAN he...he...

   Tears still flowing, she went about assembling more food for the guests.

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