The day after

Storyline Miss Muscle: The day after
Characters Miss Muscle
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 Kate opened her sapphire eyes and looked around herself. She was in the middle of a desolated, scorched, arid plain, under a burning, blinding sun. The 9th grade history teacher felt something on her face…”The golden mask…I am wearing the golden mask...”.-Thought the woman.-“…but where am I?.”.-Wondered Kate in the middle of that desert.

Then, she looked at her body, realizing that she was transformed into the Champion of Might, a blonde 6’ voluptuous, muscular titaness called Miss Muscle. The magnificent nipples of her enormous 70HH and her tempting delta of Venus were barely covered by an intricate golden ornament, made with the same material of her mask.  

Kate startled when realized that she was holding a pair enormous, shining blades with her hands. At least, they were almost 6’ long, 1’ wide and seemed incredibly heavy. Somehow, the woman was able to handle them easily as feathers.

 Suddenly, a wild tremor from the underground shocked her massive body, menacing to fall her down to the ground.  Then, a wild wind raised millions of grains of sand that hit her tanned, silky skin with fury, blinding her a moment. When Kate opened her sapphire eyes again, she realized that at 250 yards of her, had appeared a dark wall that surrounded her totally.

Somehow, seconds later, she realized that it wasn´t a wall but humans…millions and millions of warriors, motionless, stabbing her with her eyes. Kate could felt an unbearable rage and hate on those uncountable eyes. Then, a sharp, deafening, unnatural hiss could be heard along the waste plain, a sound that made her to shiver out of control in fear.

Kate was paralyzed in panic by that scaring howl. The enormous slashes fell heavily on the burning sand. Seconds later, the own maiden of might fell on her knees, sinking her blonde head deep on her cleavage and covering her with her broad arms. Then, millions of warriors howled with one voice of pure rage and rushed to her, ready to cut her in pieces...


Kate awoke on her bed, heaving in fear, with her body covered in sweat and her heart beating out of control. During a few seconds, she stayed sat on her bed, confused and scared.-“It had been only a bad dream…a nightmare….”.-Muttered to herself the woman, still trembling.-“…but it seemed so real…..”.

Finally, Kate recovered the control of her body and mind. Slowly, she stood on her feet and made her way to her bathroom to take a shower. Once on it, she removed her satin, sheer nightwear and viewed her body, the body on an ordinary 33 years old woman.

Though she wasn´t a sculptural or athletic body, it was pretty good…even with that pudgy belly. Somehow, it couldn´t be compared with the massive, sculptural body of Miss Muscle, her alter ego. Those perfectly defined, stylized muscles, those rippling, carved abdominals, those firm, large breasts, that tanned, silky skin, that shining platinum blonde mane….and she was only thinking on her “normal” transformation, not in the enhanced status, much more muscular and voluptuous. Kate took a few bodybuilding poses in front of the mirror, tensing her musculature to her limit, but there was no way. Her human body couldn´t be compare in any way with the massive frame of the goddess of muscle. Sighting, Kate left the mirror and took a long hot shower.


Kate stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her wet brown hair. Grabbing a large bath towel, she dried herself off slowly. After the incident on the Museum of Heroes, Principal Jordan had decided to give all the class a few days of holidays to recover of their traumatic experience. So, she had no classes till the next Monday.

 In fact, it had been a traumatic experience for her, not at the beginning but the end of her adventure as Miss Muscle, when a strange, unexpected anaphylactic shock to her own cum had been on the point to kill her.

Returning to the bedroom, her bare feet kicked one of her “toys”, a large, vibrating, striated dildo. With boredom, she took the object, thinking about the moments of pleasure that it had given her…but not the past night. Compared with the overwhelming but weakening pleasure that she had felt the last night while the Exo-Suitioner (or the man that had killed him and took his armor) was grabbing her breasts, her night masturbations was nothing. Kate cleaned it a bit and hid it with her other “toys”; she would clean it properly later.

She then turned on the TV. The voluptuous body of Susan Stander appeared on the screen, interrogating mercilessly a man that Kate recognized as Chief Investigator Newhouse at the gates of the museum of heroes, a few hours ago.


The blouse of the journalist seemed on the point to explode under the pressure of her enormous breast implants (everybody knew that detail) while as a machinegun, she shot question after question against the chief investigator, which, one time and another, replied with a “no comment”.  Kate liked Miss Stander, or Miss “Slander” as she was also called. She was beauty (even without her implants), intelligent, charismatic, aggressive, ambitious, manipulator….in fact, she was a fucked witch, a complete bitch...but it was a kind of woman that Kate would have liked to be…fifteen years ago.


 In fact, sometimes, while she used her “toys”, she had fantasized with her, dressed with a black clingy, leather negligee or dressed as a dominatrix. Even she had got wet dreams with her. It was a fact that embarrassed her….just a bit.


Suddenly, Miss Stander began to questioning about Scarlet O´Brien.-“Damned! I had forgotten her!!! She is still missing!”.-Muttered Kate. Kate Spencer wasn´t sure to assume the responsibility of wearing the golden mask, despite of the great power that it gave her. Last night, despite of her amazing strength, she had been on the point to die. She didn´t want to risk her live in such a way. She had other responsibilities…she had to take care of Billy, her son. It had been funny to be a superhero during a few hours, but it hadn´t her fate. 


Somehow, she felt responsible for the kidnapping of Miss O´Brien. She had to find her though she hadn´t no idea about how to make it.-“Maybe Jack would help me…”.-Though Kate.-“I will visit her tonight. But, the rest of the day, I will stay with Billy.”.-Decided the woman. Suddenly, Kate realized that she needed something more. It was said that SHADO was able to detect any superhuman, alien and high-tech signature on the city.


She needed to move away the suspicion about her as Miss Muscle. Also, she needed for Billy an excuse to stay out at home during part of the night. “A 24 hour gym at the center!!!”.-Thought Kate.-“Far from home and maybe I could even improve my fighting abilities, taking some advanced self defense classes…or maybe learn some martial art!!!!”.-Decided Kate, knowing that her combat abilities were too much poor.


Julietta Kitalama, director of SHADO Initiative, stared her department chiefs with rage. “It had been a complete disaster. A massive evasion!!! We have been gibed!!!! And that fucked Slander!!!! She had declared that we should to transfer the control of the Act to the Federals…our own Act!!!! That is inacceptable!!! SHADO and its protocols is the only force able to control superhuman activities and protect the citizens, not only on Alpha City but also the entire U.S….and the world, against superhuman excess!!! No more Final Battles!!!! Yesterday, we failed twice on this objective…..”.


“Miss Kitalama.”.-Interrupted James Park, chief of the Surveillance department.-“You know that, even now, our capacity to detect, control and track superhuman or high tech activities is limited. As you know, the fact that we are able to exert a complete control about that is a fiction, we have just control small areas during a short period of time. It is a lie….”

“…a lie that had kept secure this city during many years Mr. Park!!!!”.-Yelled Kitalama. –“A lie that had been proved last night….and if we don´t make anything to rebuild it, to regain the confidence of the citizen about this capacity, Alpha City will become again in a playground, a battlefield for any powerful lunatics, anxious to create a new wasteland….So, Mr. Park…MAKE YOUR FUCKED JOB!!!!!. SCAN EVERY SQUARE INCH OF THE CITY, ITS UNDERGROUNDS, ITS SKY, THE WASTELAND!!!!. 24 HOUR TURNS!!!! ALL YOUR PERSONEL!!!...and no excuses Mr. Park….”.-Finished Miss Kitalama ominously, looking at the empty chair of Miss Willows, her personal assistant, recently ceased and degraded.-“…I want all the fugitives captured or eliminates in three days…Do you understand me, Miss Lawless?”.-Said Kitalama, looking at the chief of Special Black Operations.-“Especially that fugitive called Miss Muscle. I want her dead or alive. She was on the Museum during the attack and kidnapping of Miss O´Brien…she was here when our defense grid shut down…and I am sure that she is responsible of the assassination of the real Exo-Suitioner. She is responsible of our current situation. Now…LET´S GO!!!! MOVE!!!!MOVE!!!!MOVE!!!!”


Kitalama made her way to her office with long strides. She didn´t believe her own words. That muscular Girl Scout called Miss Muscle wasn´t responsible of none of her troubles, she was sure of that. During the last months, small, almost undetectable security breaches had been detected on SHADO systems. There was a spy, or more, into her organization. And she needed to discover who was behind that.


Unfortunately, the other “side” of her organization didn´t seem more secure than SHADO. Her hated prisoner Scarlet O´Brien had been kidnapped just into her secret facility.


Fortunately for her, the implant didn´t had been stolen as her foe. And also, her scientists expected to be able to implant on her the alien implant that wore the infamous Red in a week. At least, they were still efficient…


Chief Inspector Newhouse looked at her assistant Maxine Flinn. Though the briefing about the discovers, or better say, the un-discovers of Dr Klein and his team, was boring as hell, the petite red haired investigator seemed distracted, absent, worried about by something different about the assault to the Museum of Heroes.


Suddenly, he remembered. Maxime had been the partner of that guy…who was his name?...Johnson. Right. Peter Johnson. Even he remembered that they had been on the point to wed a few years ago.  Agent Johnson´s partner had been severe injured during the assault to the museum and had died a few hours ago.


“Maxime….go with him. The jabber of Mr Klein will not help us too much to resolve this case. I can manage it alone. I think you would be much more useful with him…”.-Whispered Newhouse to her subordinate.


“Did you know that agent Lyla Jacobs and Peter….agent Johnson were engaged?”.-Muttered Maxime, with her green eyes blurred in tears. “Another reason to be with Peter him in this moment. Go with him. It is an order.”.-Declared the man. “Thanks. I will do that…..”.-Muttered, the woman, leaving the briefing room, while Dr Klein kept explaining…..nothing.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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