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Jessica 'Bunny" Rabbittowski had not slept all night. Ever since the vision of her potential self, her mind had been going a mile a minute. The rabbit figure had obviously awakened something in her- but what?

she had started the night thinking about the vision she had- not just her body, fit and muscular and even bustier than now- but her thoughts of wearing (of all things) a version of a Playboy Bunny costume, fighting crime alongside The goddess who had rescued her. Somehow, she could see it plainly- not just the design, but the materials she would need to create it. Materials she wasn't going to find in just any fabric store! Her mind was filled with chemical formulas, ways to take materials like plastics, silk, satin, and steel, and create a light-weight, yet protective outfit. The pendant was key to the transformation, she knew- it was a catalyst for the transformation- just as it had been to her. She ordered materials on-line- few teenagers had the line of credit she had!

Then she began to think about her body- how to get it into the shape she wanted- no, needed to be in. She ran down to the gym- most of the equipment there was more for aerobic workouts, not building muscle or strength- but she went at every exercise she could like a woman possessed. The firt thing she noticed was how much stamina she had- she didn't get tired until almost two hours had passed- and that was almost more boredom than anything. She was faster, she noticed- her teadmill reached speeds she never had before- she was running at almost Olympic pace!

Looking at herself in the mirror (she had worked out naked- even the bouncing of her d-cups didn't bother her), she was certain her muscles had already toned up- and a few quick measurements confirmed it! Her thighs were 1/4 inch thicker, although just as shapely (if not more so)- her biceps a bit less than that, but, still, far more than she expected. And her breasts had grown almost half an inch! 

"This is ridiculous," she thought, "you can't put muscle on that quickly." Yet, she had. Somehow, her body was more efficient than before- it was the only explanation. There was no resistance to building muscle- or keeping the fat where she wanted it!

She suddenly realized she was famished- and horny. She grabbed a robe (she didn't want a servant, awakened by her activity, to find her naked- although there was that one maid, Maria, who- stop it, Jess!) and went to the kitchen. her usual late-night binges consisted of cookies and Ben & Jerry's- not tonight. She craved veggies, fruits, peanuts and peanut butter. She grabbed what she wanted and scurried up to her room. As she ate, spreading peanut butter on celery, gnawing on carrots, she looked through her stash of fitness mags. She had been drawn to muscles since she was young- but, she had realized when she was 14, far more on women than on men. She had gone on dates with boys- usually high school boys- more because they were a challenge, drawing them away from their girlfriends. But, other than making out, and a few handjobs (and, twice, tit-fucks), she had never given it up to any of them. Her thoughts, when alone, were of women- fitness models, bodybuilders (but only those who had not sacrificed their femininity. 

and super-heroines. Up to now, she had a fixation on the woman called Amazon. The ebony beauty, with her smooth-yet-muscular body, and her amazing breasts, had been the subject of many dreams and fantasies. She looked at the "special edition" of Newstime that had come out just a few years ago, when Amazon revealed to the world that she had actually been active as a superhero for over 50 ears, under a variety of names. Amazon magic had kept the world from putting together the obvious clues, tying Satin Doll to Ebony Crusader to Foxy Black to Female Wonder to Amazon- not just her awesome body, but her use of her Magic Whip. It had caused a backlash against her- not that she cared. Since the rest of the Amazons had died, just days before the Final Battle, she had become more cold, more disdainful of the public. When she had emerged from seclusion as Amazon, she protected the Earth- but seemed not to care about her image.

But Amazon, as beautiful as she was, was nothing compared to the blonde muscle goddess who had saved her.  Jessica was going to find her- and have her! She just needed to become- more. She needed a place she could train- grow her muscles,  learn to fight. A smile covered her face as she thought of it- the Black Tiger Gym, located at "The Center"- a mall about 10 miles outside Newington. It was run by former heroes, the types who relied on their training to fight crime- not special powers, or even gadgets. Black Tiger had been active in the late 60's- early 70's with The Justice Experience, alongside, among others, Foxy Brown. He had been rumored to be the trainer of several of the heroes who followed him. It was perfect!

Her hand had stolen to her pussy as she thought about training, and the thought of fighting- and loving- her savior AND Amazon filled her head. Her pussy gushed.


High above the Earth, Amazon looked down at the blue globe. Monitors nearby showed police reports, government alerts- but she barely spared them a glance. 

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" said a deep, friendly voice. The Ebony Queen smiled, but only slightly. Graviton had that effect on her.

"It is- until you think about how much selfishness and petty squabbling is going on."

He stood by her. Even after all these years, he was struck by her fierce beauty. Her face was at once noble and savage, framed by a wild mane of black hair, reaching down to her mid-back, crowned by a headband of sparkling jewels- the symbol of her position as Queen of the Amazons- queen of a dead race. her remarkable body was clad in red, green, and gold armor- an armor he knew could be transformed into silken cloth with a thought. Her muscular arms and legs were bare, save for high-heeled sandals, with straps running up to her knees, and matching gauntlets. Her remarkable bosom swelled from the top of her armor. In earlier, happier times, when they had been Superior Man and Female Wonder (why did they ever choose those names, he wondered), she had confided that in american measurements, she would wear a 36H bra- although, even in her "secret identity", she rarely did.

But that was a long time ago, when he was young, and they had, for a few months, flirted with each other- only to discover they were, honestly, friends- but not in love. They had a few amazing nights, though!

"Any ideas about last night?"

"Only the obvious,"said Amazon, "Exo-Suitioner was hired by someone to steal an artifact- and to kidnap Red. It was too elaborately planned to be an either/or situation. I think he didn't get what he was looking for- and paid the price."

Graviton nodded. He had come to the same conclusion, but it was good to have it confirmed. "SHADO- that is to say, the Director- hasn't been informed of Jet's, Top Hat's, or my presence at the subway. And Newhouse and Finn hand-picked the SCU squad, so they shouldn't talk."

'Shouldn't is not the same as won't.  And are you sure bringing Jet in was a good idea?"

Graviton grimaced. The speedster Jet had been a point of contention for months. Graviton believed her to be a true hero- driven by a passion for justice. Amazon didn't trust anyone she hadn't known for years- and not many of those people, either.

"Top hat agrees with me- and so does Finn. I think-'

'They haven't slept together- yet. Max isn't entirely over her last boyfriend yet." She saw the look Graviton gave her. It was fun to see the iron-jawed hero looking shocked. "I've been around a lot longer than you. I've seen it all, Ken."

That brought him back. He hadn't been Ken Calvert in a long time- he "died" in the Final Battle. Although, in fact, he had always been Ken,  mutant son of Roger and Mary Calvert. But he had given that up when his friends, his love, had died that horrible day. 

"Still- she's a good person. I want to bring her up here to the Aerie- let her know what we know about SHADO."

"Not yet. I just- I just don't want to lose this due to a stupid mistake."

The Aerie had been the HQ of the Justice Friends- a satellite from which they could watch over the Earth. But, after it had been damaged in the Final Battle, and the passage of the SHADO Act, it was ordered destroyed. "Heroes should not be looking down from on high, like gods- they should live with the people they say they are protecting" in the words of Sen. Kingston, author of the Act. And so, all traces of the satellite were removed from orbit.

Except- unknown to anyone outside the JF, much of the satellite existed outside of normal space. Created by the Mysterion, an alien scientist and criminologist (although his origins were unknown to most), the remainder of the Aerie remained in orbit. It had become a place the surviving members of the JF could talk, plan, discuss the situation in the world- and, particularly, SHADO. They had let in a few others, mostly former members of Junior Justice, and other "legacy" heroes. But Jet was none of those things.

A man and a woman, powerful almost beyond measure, looked down at the blue planet- and wondered if even they could save it.


Adele Mervielliux  felt wonderful! After receiving the Egg of Yis, and receiving her instructions, she had felt-  hungry. She went to a club downtown- the sort of place a teacher could never afford. But, she felt confident, she would never have to pay for anything again. And, in case her powers of seduction somehow failed her, she felt strong enough to take on anyone.

She had picked up a couple- she was eager to try her powers on more than one person at a time- and particularly on a woman. Looking around the club, it was like she could read them all- how healthy they were, how experienced they were, how pure or corrupt they were- she realized the Egg's cal for 2 "pure" men ans 2 "pure' women was not so much about sex- but about love. She was going to stay away from the "pure" ones- not that there were many in that place!

That morning, after an amazing night, she had them make her breakfast- she still needed conventional food, although she grew strong on the juices she sucked from her slaves. she had showered- although she suspected she would be getting sweaty again soon enough. She lounged in a short silk robe, as she amelled the bacion and eggs cooking- it tuned out they were decent cooks, too!

The doorbell sounded. A small part of Adele's mind panicked- what if it was SHADO? That nerd Walter (with the amazing cock, she had to admit) said he could cover the loss of the egg- but what if he was wrong? But that voice was silenced by a stronger voice- the voice of the serpent. Who cares who it is? they will fall before me as easily as everyone else has- as easily as the world will!

She went to the door, and opened it, aware of how the robe had slipped, nearly showing all of one marvelous breast, and her long, shapely legs nearly to the tops of her thighs.

Outside her door was A beautiful, if slightly hard-featured blonde woman, dressed in a stylish dark skirt and satin blouse, her very large breasts almost bursting out. Behind her was a van with the logo of WALF-TV,  a large, bearish man, fiddling with a camera, and a short Asian girl, working with sound equipment.

"Miss Merviellaux? I'm Suzy Stander. I'd like to ask you about what happened at the museum yesterday."

Adele smiled. "Please, come in! i'd be delighted to have you and your lovely crew."

Suzy Stander wasn't surprised- most people relished the thought of being on TV. the woman's overt sexiness was a bit of a shock, though- she seemed more like a french teacher from a teen sex comedy than a real person. But, sex sells- her career showed that. She walked through the door- her enhanced breasts brushing against the French teacher's natural ones- and felt a thrill. "odd," she thought- she wasn't a lesbian- or even bi!

"My crew will be in in a few minutes- I thought we should just talk a lit-" Suzy stopped at the sight which greeted her. A  very tall black man, naked except for an apron. was setting the table, while a stunning brunette woman, petite and shapely, was setting down a plate of bacon and toast. She was dressed similarly. They both went back in to the kitchen.

"Isn't that- aren't they- that's Devron Moore, forward for the Alpha City Wolves! And she was Mia Lamarr, the actress! What are they-"

"Oh, they are friends of mine. They are just fixing breakfast. would you like some?"


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