He (almost) takes Logan to the machine and (almost) tricks him into getting in. But...

by burke_rakers
Storyline Wedding of the century
Characters Wolverine Jean Gray Shadowcat
Category Transformation
Previous Chapter Wolverine is captured...only to be rescued by his one true love.

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   (Another weird one. I liked where it went though. Enjoy ;>)

   He was taken aback by the appearance of Jean Grey (now Gene Summers) but he knew from the look in the bois eyes that he was obviously in love with him, and in a way...he was happy with that. He'd wanted Jean from the start, but she'd always been out of reach. Always been...Scotts? As Gene removed him from the power dampers, his senses caught the bois scent, and a blossom of information formed in his mind. The boi SMELLED like...Scott and Madelyne? The boi was...a boy. A natural, normal male. As he put his arm around Wolverine, it wasn't so much that he was sexually attracyed to the boy...it was that Gene seemed like...a friend? A natural ally? His smell was both comforting and familier, and he had to fight to keep confusing quasi-memories to keep from getting in the way. He and Gene having a tea party with their dolls. He and Gene giggling and slapping each other in the shower. He and Gene...exparamenting? He tried to shove that thought away, but it returned with a vengence. 

   Gene looked at the man he loved - even though he wished for smooth curves and boi-ish charms instead of this hairy hulk - and gasped. He'd been trying to get him to Rita Von Doom's transformation machine, but as he watched...Logans' skin became soft, pale and smooth as butter cream. His body hair vanished, save for delicate eyebrows and feathery lashes, and his dark hair became soft and shiny as pure silk. He was a small man, but he was shrinking...shrinking, till he was barely 4'9" tall in his stocking feet.

   His great weight faded into an airy-fairy delicacy, as his indestructible Adamantium skeleton and claws just...vanished, leaving him a lite and wispy little thing of barely 80 lbs. He was so lite that Gene could have carried him easily, and so small that Gene's cock arched out full and proud. He was...just what Gene had always dreamed of, and phantom memories of playing with this soft, tender little boi-vixen crept into his mind. Of the sensitive, fluttery sissy boi 'Kitten Pryde' (yes...that was it. The bold, confident Katheryn 'Cougar' Pryde was his mother) always followed him around, always unsure and counting on others to lead him. His mother first of all, and Katheryn made sure that he knew all that a girly, sissy-boi needed to know. Reading and writing beyond the 5th grade would have been a waste, so Kitten learned fashion, makeup, cooking and cleaning. How to walk and talk and giggle and hunger like the cock-hungry sissy queer he was...body and soul. Gene remembered with glowing joy the day that the masterful Katheryn - in the company of her dear friends the MacEvils, the twin Warrior Women and his own wonderful mother, had told them that they were to be engaged...and that he'd have to watch out for Kitten. That both he and Kitten would serve and boi-sluts like always, but that from that day forward, he and Kitten should consider themselves a couple...and soon, genuine partners. 

   Behind him, Kittens clothes looked like the sort of get-up a fetish 'Shirley Temple' would wear. Glossy pink mary janes and gleaming white knee socks. A darling little pink dress that flounced and rustled with layers taffeta and lace, and did nothing to hide his tiny, useless cock...or his large, soft and projecting buttocks that Gene had mounted so often. His chest wobbled as his large, fake tits jiggled and jounced, and his tiny, pink-nails hand was clasped tightly in his. Kittens face was all fluttery lashes, plump cheeks and glistening, collagen-plumped rosebud lips, while his silky hair was bound into two darling, beribboned pony tails bound high on either side of his head.

   "Sthop wunnin', Genie...pweese. I'm not awl big an' stwong wike you. I gotta west." Kitten lisped and whined behind him. Gene smiled. Kitten was so small and soft that he made Gene feel like a 'real' man.

   "Okay, Kitten. I don't remember what we were running for anyway. Come here, baby. Sit at my feet, and I'll brush your hair."

   Kitten sank to his knees and laid his head in his husbands lap, loving the feeling of Gene's big, manly cock. He kissed it. flicked him tongue over the head, then took it in and began giving Gene one of his legendary BJ's, just like his 'Mummy' taught him. Gene smiled and brushed out Kittens long, silky black hair.

   "Now, Kitten. These are the lessons you must learn, if you're going to make a man happy some day..." said his darling, god-like mother had taught him. Tall, lean and all sharp angles, her hair was like pulled tightly into a bun of bright silver...her skin so soft and fine...all her little imperfections buffed, nipped and tucked away through dozens of facelifts and surgeries. She looked like a living, breathing Cruella De Vil , with her sharp chin and cheek bones, gaunt frame and sharp movements. She was 70 if she was a day, but most would have assumed late 40's, and she and her friends the Toomes (Mayvis and Adrian) had roared back in their day. Now though, she dedicated her life to the serious business of training sissys and studs in her school 'Katheryn Prydes School for Wayward Boys', where she and her daughters 'Madame Rogue', 'Madame Dazzle' and 'Madame Mystique' taught foolish boys that they were either wanton fuck machines (Frost, Storm and Psy had been her students) or simpering, swishing sissy-bois...


   He could remember his wonderful mother teaching him how to act. To speak with his darling lisp and to flounce like a 'Toddlers in Tiaras' diva at all times. And now...here he was. Sweet, darling little 'Kitten Pryde', suckling the cock of his one true love. Mummy Pryde had taught him well...

   When Gene came in his mouth, and he swallowed the whole load like a good, little cocksucker, a voice both alien and familer husked "Wonderful technique, my sweet. You've certainly grown into a fine sissy, if I do say so myself."

   Kitten paused, then leapt up and squealed "MUMMY! Oh, I'm juth stho gwad to sthee you!" before dropping into a deep curtsey. Gene did the same, and the sharp, rich laugh of the ageing vixen Katheryn 'Cougar' Pryde blended with the laughs of her three daughters. They all wore the same fine gowns, and all were nestled deep into rich fur coats that simply made the former Kitty Pryde look all the more like Cruella De Vil. She gestured with her long cigarette holder, a trail of smoke forming, as she gathered her darling son to her silicone-enhanced bosom. Kitten Pryde - his own fake boobs quaking in delight, hugged her back, and Katheryn asked "So, have you been taking good care of my little 'sonny boi', Gene?" 

   Gene blushed. It was an honor to have such a legendary dominatrix as 'Madame Cougar' speak to him like he was a person. Eyes cast respectfully downward, Gene Summers answered "I love Kitten so much, Madame Cougar. But yes, I make sure that his training doesn't slip. I spank his little botty red, and bind his teeny dicky with cuffs and clamps just as you said to. I never let him have his own way, and he does just as I say."

   "Very nice..." she said, and she touched him on the cheek "...I'll be quite pleased after the two of you are married. My sonny will be 'Kitten Summers' then. And you'll need a job that your own mother could be proud of. What would you say to a teaching position at my school? As an assistant, of course. I have so many naughty, little boys to turn into swishing, simpering sissys that some days it seems the work will never end. Why, you could work with my other son, Charlize. Such a talented little slut, that boi. Such a powerful mind, guided by his loving mother, of course."

   Gene was on cloud nine! A teaching position! He could help the Pryde's dominate and train stupid, little boys like himself! He babbled and bowed, while Madame Cougar and her daughters laughed at him, though not too cruelly. Kitten just wept in joy at how wonderful his 'mummy' was, and how happy he was for his big, strong Gene. Maybe mummy would someday let him have a boy of his own to raise like a real mother?

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