And finally, the wedding!

by Anzaleth
Storyline Wedding of the century
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Marvel Transformation
Previous Chapter He (almost) takes Logan to the machine and (almost) tricks him into getting in. But...

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Benjamina cooed as she rubbed against Darkoth’s body. 

“Oooo, Des-mon’,” she purred in her exaggerated ghetto voice. “Ah luv yuh so much. An’ ah luv bein’ Madame’s slave.”

Like the Drax pair, she was slavishly loyal to the two Madame McEvils – Malice and Moondragon. She was their slave and pet, just like she was Darkoth’s mate. 

She looked around the party, licking her lips. Her juices were dripping, but then what else was new?

“Des-mon’, yuh wanna stick yer big dick in meh?”

* * *

Flash Thompson moaned as May slid one of her hands down his pants and began to milk his big cock.

“You like that, little boy?” May whispered as she licked Flash’s ear. “That’s a big cock for a little boy. You want to stick it in me? You want to stick it up my snatch, Flashie?”

Flash whimpered, utterly dominated by the aggressive cougar. 

As she continued to toy with him, May looked over at the gyrating studs. The lusty old bird could never be satisfied with just one boy. Not when there were so many juicy cocks to sink her talons into.

Frost saw her gaze and winked as he thrust in her direction. From May's slinky dress, gleaming jewelry, and elegant hairdo, it was obvious she was wealthy, and from the jock she was pawing, it was obvious she was horny. Just the sort of mature old sugar-mamma he wanted to get the attention of. Though he also had his eye on the Queenpin. Who cares how fat a woman is as long as she's loaded!

* * *

“I now pronounce you wife and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

Everyone cheered as Malice and Moondragon passionately kissed, each one caressing the other’s bald head as their tongues duelled inside their mouths. This was the first day of the rest of their lives, a life that they would be showing together, a life full of love and joy. A life where they would entertain themselves with all the amusing toys that populated the world.

The joining of the two in unholy matrimony created such an upsurge of psychic energy that they were able to reach out and make some more very important tweaks in the minds of those around them. In particular, Malice reached deep into the minds of her two children, Franklin and Valerie. She knewthey would love being McEvils. Her two gorgeous McEvil children….

·       * * *

A week later, Malice and Moondragon were enjoying their honeymoon in Atlantis with their devoted slaves.

“Joanni, grape me, boi,” Moondragon said.

“Yes, Mistress,” said the former Human Torch, naked except for his gold collar, tinkling golden bangle jewellery, chastity cage, and buttplug. He bowed and carefully put a peeled grape into Moondragon’s open mouth.

Behind them, Jen-Drax and Gam-Drax fanned the two lounging women with palm fronds. They were content. If there was one thing they liked more than fucking, it was obeying their mistresses.

“Namor!” Malice snapped her fingers. “Get your ass here!”

“Yes, mistress.”

·       * *

Katherine Pryde adjusted her spectacles and patted her silver bun.When sitting in as headmistress, she had to tone down her finery a little. Simply some diamond earrings, a pearl necklace, and some diamond rings. Her shiny blue blazer was buttoned over her huge heaving breasts, the nipple bumps making it obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. The perfect combination of academic sophistication and raw lust, the perfect look for the headmistress of Madame Pryde’s School for Wayward Boys.

“Mmmm, that’s it,” she cooed, lighting a cigarette as she squirmed a little in her seat.

Storm was in a place of honour, crouched under Madame’s desk, licking her big dripping pussy, as she worked hard.

“Yesss, A+, my little man,” Madame Cougar cooed. Storm was probably her favourite stud, just like Petey Rasputin was her favourite boi –besides little Kitten of course. “Now suck my clit for extra credit.”

·       * * *

Matti Murdock clacked at the computer with his long red nails. He was feeling very confused. Somehow, working as a secretary here didn’t seem quite right. Nor did his tight red dress-suit or his big red-tinted glasses that he was totally blind without.

Something was strange… wrong.

“Hey, Matti!” The former Mary Jane said. “Shake your ass into my office for some dick-tation.”

“Yes, ma’am,” chirped the secretary, still trying to figure things out.

·       * *

Charlize Pryde skipped down the hallway, dressed like the cutest schoolboi around with his white shirt, tie, cute tartan skirt,knee-socks, and shiny platform mary janes with their big gold buckles. Of course, even with the shoe’s platforms and his masses and masses of blonde hair, he was still such a petite little boi!

He licked his big red lollipop and hummed to himself. He knew things were different, that Madame hadn’t always been his mommy, but he also didn’t care! He’d been so miserable before and now he didn’t have a care in the world! It was great!

Where was Mags? Things were always funner when Charlize was with his BFF!  

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