Miss Muscle beats the Centinel

by BigGuy
Storyline Miss Muscle: A New Beginning
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Kate was stunned- not by the Centinel's blows, although they were certainly punishing- but by how well she was standing up to them! This new body of hers was incredibly tough! As if to underscore the thought, the robot threw another punch, which she managed to dodge- it struck a concrete column behind her and shattered it! She punched out at the robot's midsection trying to remember everything she could from the self-defense classes she had taken years before. Unfortunately, those classes were about defending herself against a man- she doubted a groin kick would do much good!

The punch dented the metal plating, and sent the robot back a few steps. "Might as well try" she thought, and kicked hard at the robot's crotch. It sent the Centinel up into the air, and it landed on its back.


A whirring, clicking sound emanated from the robot. Kate remembered hearing (that very morning- had it only been a few hours?) that the Centinels were able to adapt their bodies for various foes, learning in the course of a battle. She knew she had to stop it before it -

The Centinel suddenly sped away on multiple ;legs that had sprouted from its body, and traveled out to the stage of the theater. A single bare bulb stood on the stage, casting shadows from the odd pieces of props and scenery left over from the last show to play here- a carousel horse, a long wooden table, some sawhorses. The robot scrambled up the back wall of the theater, disappearing into the shadows. Miss Muscle followed, her breasts bouncing in their metallic bra.

Kate looked, but couldn't see the robot. Suddenly, a flash, and she saw something coming down towards her- she tried to dodge, but it was too fast. She found herself encased in a net composed out of some sort of plastic. It wrapped itself around her body, tightening with every passing second. As it pressed against her breasts, she felt a strange sensation- she was getting aroused! And more troubling- she felt weaker, like her strength was being drained!

The net tightened, and she heard the Centinel skittering down the wall- she could just make out the glow of its red eyes in the dark. She would not let this metal monstrosity defeat her- no matter how horny she was getting! She concentrated, and tried lifting her arms. Nothing. Again- and a little give- just enough for her to move her hands up to the side of her huge, sensitive breasts. She resisted the urge to squeeze them, and flexed As she lifted the webbing from her boobs, her strength began to return- even greater than before. Another flex- and- the webbing exploded out from her! She was free!


A pair of flashes- Kate jumped behind the desk, missing one of the projectiles- but the other hit its target. On her breast was now on of the Centinel's hands, still attached to the body by a metallic cord. It squeezed, sending an erotic shock through her system. Then came other sensations- first warmth, as the hand began to heat up, then a gentle buzzing, rolling sensation, as the hand began to vibrate. She gasped, and felt her knees buckle. She could see the other hand skittering towards her, like a 5-legged beetle. she reached out and grabbed it. She held the robot hand, and tried to crush it- the metal bent, but she could feel it trying to escape. And she felt herself getting weaker every second from the oh-so-sensuous assault on her breast

This couldn't happen! What would happen to Billy? If it was discovered his mother had become- a superhero, his life would be turned upside-down! He had to protect her- and, if what Smith said was true, the entire country- the world- was in danger! She had to protect them! She had to!

Miss Muscle screamed out "BY THE POWER OF MIGHT!"

Again the golden glow infused her- Smith's cameras were overloaded, the image on his monitor, whiting out. She crushed the robot claw in her hand, and pulled the other away from her magnificent breast. With a tug, she brought the Centinel down from it's perch on the wall. Another tug, and it flew through the air towards the mighty amazonian warrior.


There was no retreat for the Centinel. Armor designed to withstand tanks shedded under Miss Muscle's assault. In the end, all that was left were scraps and wires, sparking impotently.

John Smith stood at the back of the theater, looking at the magnificently muscled figure on stage. Was it possible she was even bigger than before? And the robot said Level 10- that rivaled Graton and Amazon!

Smith smiled- it was not a pleasant sight
Julietta Kitalama- aka Gianna Killino- looked down at the bloodied, shivering form of former superhero Scarlett O'Brien. Over the past hour she had alternately cut and caressed the 44-year-old, using her superpower of being able to see exactly where and how to slice and caress to cause maximum pleasure and pain. The voluptuous redhead had screamed almost continuously for that time- screams that were music to Gianna's ears. Even more welcome was the effect her effort had taken in the last few minutes- she could see small flames running along O'Brien's arms, legs, and breasts- those oh-so-big breasts she had shown off in her tight little outfit back in her days as one-third of the sister superhero team Red, White, and Blue.

Control and creation of flame had been her power- the gift of a dying alien the sisters had rescued and cared for on their family's farm nearly 3 decades ago. But she had given up that gift after her sisters' death- instead of continuing her career under SHADO, she submitted to an implant, designed to prevent her from accessing the small device the alien had placed within her. That implant couldn't be removed without killing her- but there had been cases of the implants failing under enough stress. And it looked like this one had.

She had to be careful- if Scarlett concentrated hard enough, she could create a fireball that would consume the room. She shifted her body to her crystalline form, except for her eyes - she needed unimpeded vision to use her "nerve mapping". A slice with her razor-sharp hand, and Scarlett cried out- and she saw, clearly, as an impulse ran to a small area near the base of her skull, followed by a burst of flame ;from her hands. Gianna, naturally, had removed all flammable materials- it would require a lot more heat than that to hurt her in this form. And Scarlett was about to lose her chance to make that happen.

Gianna's fingers cut their way into Scarlett's neck, and through the bone of her spine. There it was- a piece of plastic-like material- probably a material not found on this earth. She removed it, and placed it in a metal container on the floor. The canister contained a remarkable organic material that could mimic anyone's DNA structure- it was, in fact, created from the catatonic body of Blobby Boy, shape-shifting member of the old Junior Justice. He had been Gianna's chief lieutenant when she got the job as Head of SHADO- and her lover. He was remarkable- not only able to be anybody she wanted, but able to take any amount of pain without complaining. Too bad he found out who she really was, the viral outbreak that had reduced him to mindless protoplasm had been a bitch to arrange.

Hopefully, the "blob-gunk", already primed to match Scarlett's DNA, would fool the alien implant, long enough for her scientists to study it- and for her to learn how to use it herself- or, perhaps, a loyal stooge would get the chance to become "super". These sort of things were rarely transferable- stupid alien tech.

She looked at Scarlett. it was unlikely she would survive another 5 minutes, with the new injury- Gianna couldn't be as surgical as she liked with that cut. But 5 minutes was still time to have some fun...

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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