Miss Muscle reaches her rendevous

Storyline Miss Muscle: A New Beginning
Characters Miss Muscle
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The sky over Alpha City grew dark while Kate Spencer flew free, following the direction that the device was marking for her. She had lost the robe a few miles ago and the wind hit the tanned, satin skin of her muscular, voluptuous physique with force. But it didn´t matter for her.  She felt plenty of energy…exultant. That feeling of freedom and power was intoxicating her. No matter that she was flying totally nude but the golden mask that had given her such a power. Her natural modesty and chastity had disappeared. She felt as a goddess…the goddess of might…the goddess of muscle

Minutes later, Kate landed on the rooftop of an abandoned theater, just in the middle of the area called as Wasteland, an area on the outskirts of Alpha City that hadn´t been rebuilt after the Final Battle. From that place, Kate glanced that ocean of collapsed buildings, burned vehicles and splintered trees. Even today, the Wasteland was a dangerous place by the remnant artifacts and energies of the Final Battle. Also, it was said that among the ruins and into the basements and underground, mutant creatures lived and spawned…But it was only gossips or at least, Kate hoped that it would be that…

The sun finally disappeared on the horizon. It seemed that SHADO boys hadn´t pursued her, entangled with the criminal called King Octopus?....Octopode King?....Never mind. It was time to meet her benefactor.

Kate made her way into the building. Her bare feet led downstairs till a large, dusty dressing-room. To her surprise, there was light on it. On her way to the stage (the device aimed in that direction), the new maiden of might placed her eyes in a large mirror. The woman that Kate stared her from it was simply….impressive… A masked, platinum blonde, six feet of large, defined, rounded muscles titaness, endowed with a large pair of firmly rounded 70HH breast. Though large and perfectly defined, muscles and breasts were well proportioned to her frame, giving her, at the same time, an aura of femininity and power.

Kate admired with amazement her sculptural arms and legs that seemed sculpted in marble, her magnificent, firm boobs, her long platinum blonde mane. The woman can distinguish clearly every imaginable muscular group. But her eyes wide opened when she saw her belly. Her pudgy abdomen had become in an incredible washboard…Her eight-pack abds were clearly visible, deeply carved on her flesh.

A sudden wave of modesty hit her. Though she felt as a goddess, deprived of any feeling of shame about her perfect body, she was a teacher too…and a mother for god shake!!! Go around showing to everybody, children included, her womanhood and those magnificent breasts were disturbing for her.

Suddenly, in response to those thoughts, the mask began to melt. Small trails of golden metal began to slide down along the ample chest and deep cleavage of the super woman. The large mask that, at the beginning, covered totally her face, now just only covered her eyes and nose, revealing her defined cheeks and jaw…and her fleshy lips.

The rest of the metal, ductile and malleable, covered a small part of her large bust as an intricate ornament, covering chastity her nipples and cupping the ample, rounded bottom of her cantaloupes. As the same way, her womanhood was covered too…but barely. There wasn´t metal enough to cover her defined, rounded large buttocks.-“It seemed princess Leia´s bra on ‘The return of the jedi’…but with much less fabric!!!!”.-Thought Kate with a smile on her lips, pushing forward her chest.

With another thought, the golden metal that covered her bust and vagina returned to the mask, recovering her original appearance. Then, Kate repeated the transformation of her golden “attire”, changing the appearance of her “bra” and taking some power poses of super heroes and super heroines that she had seen on TV. But finally, Kate decided to take the “Leia´s bra”. By the moment, it would be useful…though she was sure that could be arrested by indecent exposure, wearing “the bra” or not.

Suddenly, Kate heard footsteps behind her. Startled, the muscular amazon turned back to the origin of the sound.

“So, you finally came, Miss….Muscle?...Well. Why not. It is an appropriate name for you. I see that you got to escape from the claws of those fascist of SHADO…with my help, of course…”.-Said a middle aged man in front of her with a sight of lust on his face. He was one of the scientist which she had crossed during the tests on the SHADO labs.

“Yes. Thanks for your help Mr…”.-Replied Miss Muscle, becoming suspicious to the man in front of her.

“…Smith. John Smith. At your service Miss….Muscle”.-Answered the man.

“Well, Mr…Smith. You helped and guided me here. I suppose you want something in exchange…”.-Said the Maiden of Might.

“In fact, I am offering you answers, Miss Muscle. Answers, warnings and advices. SHADO Initiative it isn´t what it seemed. Under the excuse of the superhuman control, the organization gathers powerful artifacts and recruits superhumans…as they tried to do with you.”

“That it isn´t a secret. Control of superhuman activities and recovering any kind of meta-artifacts is the reason of the SHADO Initiative.”.

“That IS the public reason. Really, the artifacts found are studied to develop new technologies and gun as the Multi-Rod. But these knowledge and profits are not given to the society. Only SHADO member have access to these items. Think of this, Miss Muscle. All the high tech is used by SHADO, no other people can use it.”

“Well. I think that no all the technology recovered should be used by everybody. Some items can be dangerous in wrong hands…”

“Knowledge is power, Miss Muscle. And SHADO have Terabytes of Knowledge on its servers. Besides, the recruited superhuman are, sooner or later, brainwashed, becoming in loyal servants of the organization…as Miss Willows. I know that because I worked for them during years. Finally, I couldn´t resist the remorse and the infamy of working for them. Since that day, I have been pursued by Kitalama´s henchmen…because I know the true. I know what Julieta Kitalama is making with SHADO. She is developing and army of super humans and a legion of ordinary humans armed with super guns. They will be unstoppable if we don´t stop her. I need…DAMNED!!! A Centinel!!!!”

Suddenly, the ceiling over their heads collapsed and seven feet, enormous black bot appeared with the SHADO logo emblazoned the metallic breastplate. Still hovering a few feet over the ground, the unique red eye of the metallic titan emitted a red ray that scanned them.


“NO…YOU WON´T CAPTURED ME!!!”.-Screamed the man, running away into the building.

Miss Muscle stepped back a few yards, unable to decide what to do. That black armored titan seemed really tough and she wasn´t a fighter at all. Her new body seemed powerful but…would be powerful enough to beat the SHADO Centinel?.

The Centinel decided for her, rushing its enormous frame against her. [NEUTRALIZE AND CAPTURE. NEUTRALIZE AND CAPTURE. NEUTRALIZE….]”.


John Smith reached the control room of his mobile secret lair and stared the monitors of it. His plot had worked perfectly. Convince her that SHADO Initiative was the bad guys would be easer for him.-“Big muscles and big boobs but little brain…”.-Thought Mr Smith, glancing as the blonde, muscular, unskilled amazon fought against HIS Centinel.

It would be a good test to learn about the real power of the Sacred Mask of Aurum. If that ‘Miss Muscle’ died, he would find another pawn against Julieta Kitalama…-“But if she survives…Gianna Killino is doomed…”.-Muttered the man, naming the secret identity of the SHADO director.-“It would be ironic to use one of the ‘recruits’ of Killino against her. If I am right, Killino and all her SHADO puppets will not rival for the owner of the Golden Mask of Aurum.”.-Thought with a crocked smile on his lips John Smith, though he liked much more his criminal nickname…The Thinker.


“Chief Newhouse. We have a problem…”.-Said the Investigator Finn.

“Is the Queen of Ice here, Maxine?”.-Grunted the man to her red haired assistant.

“No, chief Newhouse. Miss Kitalama is isn´t here….Thanks god. But we have learned that maybe our friend the Exo-Suitioner could have also kidnapped a civilian.”.-Replied Miss Finn.

“Exo-Suitioner? A civilian? Explain yourself Maxine!!!”

“Eurocops had info about our friend on its database. Nathan Murdock, A.K.A. Exo-Suitioner; Mercenary, assassin and perverted. A few years ago, he made ‘a tour’ along Europe. Europeans want to catch that bastard.”

“Eurocops want to put their hands on the Exo-Suit. I am sure of it. Mr. Murdock doesn´t matter them. And the civilian?”

"Kate Spencer. She is a History teacher from the Newington High School. She is missing since the incident.”

"And nobody said anything till now?”.-Asked Newhouse with incredulity.

“Nobody but her son…William Spencer. He is one of the students that we are interrogating now.”

"Great! More good news. Anything else, Maxine?”

“Well, Dr Klein and his team are analyzing the cameras and phones of the students, but the quality of the images and videos is not quite good. It will take time to get some info of that…and….”.

"And? Maxine!!!!”

Investigator Maxime Finn smile ironically.-“Your ‘girfriend’ miss Stander and her big mammaries implants is out here with a legion of other anchormen and women. They want to know what have happened and why…”

“Miss ‘Slander’ is here. What a surprise. All right. I will talk with the media. Meanwhile, try to get more information about that miss Spencer. I want to know what have in common and ex-superheroine as Scarlett O´Brien and a boring school teacher to be kidnapped by the same criminal. And talk with Dr Klein. I want answers about the artifacts of the collection in one hour. I want to know how and why that musclegirl appeared. At least, she is in our hands now…”

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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