Smith sends Miss Muscle to the Exo-suitioner's lair

Storyline Miss Muscle: A New Beginning
Characters Miss Muscle
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Once she returned at home, Jessica run upstairs to her bedroom and closed firmly the door. With care, as if it was a sacred relic, the teenager took out the pendant of her bag. With growing curiosity, she gazed the lines of the small rabbit carved in the strange material of the item. Sometimes, it seemed made of with a small emerald but, at the next second, it seemed carved on silver, and the second later…in other different material.

By umpteenth time, Jessica wondered how that item had fallen by accident on her bag. Obviously, it was one of the “mystery” section´s item of the exhibit and it should had happened during the fight against such a disgusting armored guy.

But, on a second thought, maybe it had been an accident. Rabbittowsky…Rabbit…Bunny…It was a strange coincidence, happened in a exhibit with unknown post-final battle artifacts.

As guided by an invisible hand, Jessica put the pendant on her left ear. Almost immediately, the teenager felt as a warm aura surrounded her voluptuous body. Her blue eyes blurred and her bedroom began to turn around her. Jessica felt sick, dizzy but, as fast as the aura had appeared, it stopped…leaving something behind of it.

Jessica felt observed by someone but, looking around on her bedroom, she was alone. Confused, she removed the pendant of her ear and, looking around again, she undressed and made her way to the bathroom to take a hot shower.

During long minutes, the brunette teenager felt the hot water sliding down along her curvaceous body, the slender and agile physique of a cheerleader leader. Her hands caressed her soft skin and firm flesh…her hard, perfectly sculpted 40DD mammary implants.

Finally, relaxed, Jessica left the bathtub and made her way to the large mirror of her dressing room. Then, the naked teenager screamed, startled by the view that was reflected on it. Close to her, there was a young woman, a bit taller, more voluptuous and athletic than her, but she could be her sister. In fact, it was the kind of woman that Jessica wanted to be…a sculptural, voluptuous fitness champion goddess as Denise Milani was.

“What´s up, Jessy?”.-Asked the mirror image, with a look of funny on her freckled face.-“Don´t afraid of me. I am you…as the same way you are me. I am what you wanted to be. I can give you this…and more if you want…”

Jessica was stunned, amazed, astonished, staring the dark, curly hair beauty in front of her. The teenager admired the stylized, defined musculature of her ‘twin’, her larger, firm breasts and felt her overwhelming charisma and self confident, much greater than hers. Images of her, dressed with a pink bunny costume, jumping agilely from rooftop and rooftop filled her mind with an incredible feeling of freedom.

Mesmerized, Jessica nodded, and the image of the mirror merged with her own reflex. Immediately, Jessica Rabbittowsky felt faster, agiler stronger. Guided by her ‘twin’, Jessica felt that a different teenager, Bunny Girl, had born into her.


Giana Killino admitted to herself that the bitch called Scarlet O´Brien was really resilient…really really resilient. The former heroine known as Red, after of 15 minutes of terrible agony with injuries that would have killed an ordinary superhuman in five minutes, was still alive, howling and cursing to her torturer.

The psychotic woman was really enjoying with the cruel torture against her defenseless opponent, inflicting deep and painful cuts all along her tied body. Miss O´Brien screamed in agony, cursing her torturer one time and another, but never begging for mercy. The terrible shock by the wounds inflicted finally send Miss O´Brien into  unconscious, with a grim of pure pain frozen on her face, bleeding by umpteenth deep cuts on her skin…a look that had made horny to Giana.

“You are a tough bitch indeed…but you are dead as your fucked sisters….It a matter of time my wounds kill you.”.-Muttered the assassin, transforming her crystalline-as-diamond form into the body of Julietta Kitalama, leader of SHADO.

Suddenly, she realized that her high-tech phone was ringing.  A large list of messages was on memory. Mesmerized with the torturing of Scarlet, she had realized of them. “Omega code.  Six casualties. Twenty wounded. Octo-King escaped. Brain-Maniac escaped. Poison Silt escaped. Psycotic Mantis escaped. Black Baroness escaped. Sniper Wolverine escaped. Miss Muscle escaped…”.-Read Kitalama/Killino with growing rage. Fucked useless, good-for-nothing bastards…. The muscle woman had escaped of her claws. Furiously, SHADO director threw her phone against the wall, breaking it in pieces.

“Someone will pay for this!!!”.-Yelled Kitalama to the dying Red, which, covered in blood, shivered spasms of agony.-”Do you hear me???? Someone will pay for this!!! I swear you!!!”.-Roared again Killino, making her way to the elevator, anxious to return to SHADO headquarter and get her vengeance against her useless subordinates.


Warren Thompson couldn´t believe her luck. He had just got his job as member of SHADO and worked with the famous Dr Klein in the enigma-level collections department. And now, a sculptural woman had leaded him into one of the office of the museum to ‘teach’ him an unforgettable lesson.

Warren had recognized her. That beauty woman was one of the teachers of the Newington School…. Miss Mervelleiux she called, the French teacher of the group involved into the incident. And, in fact, as her surname, she was really marvelous. Almost 6’ tall, long, sculptural legs, a long dark mane, fleshy lips, and a pair of magnificent breasts that seemed on the point to burst out her satin blouse…Immediately , Warren had felt seduced by that impressive woman, not only by her amazing body but also by her sweet voice, her French accent, her intense green eyes.

They had barely talked before she led him to that office of the Museum. Never mind. Words were useless in that case. He was horny as hell and it was called that French women were extremely passionate. Warren was unable to wait to verify that fact.

Miss Mervelleiux had pushed him over the office desk, removing his shirt fast, exposing his defined torso. Warren, in response, tried to make the same with the satin blouse of the French woman, but she grabbed gently but firmly his hands by his wrists, leading it over her breasts.

Never mind. The horny man was able to feel the warm, soft orbs of flesh through the sheer fabric of the blouse, and caress her erected nipples through it, due to she didn´t wear bra under it. After that, while her left hands caressed gently his nape, she slid down her right one to his pants, unzipping it.

His manhood throbbed out of control into a massive, almost painful erection. Then, she slid her hand into his underwear, caressing his moist cock. No one those soft fingers touched the tip of his enormous penis, Warren screeched in ecstasy, barely able to control the orgasm that grew into him.

Ms Mervelleiux then grabbed firmly his throbbing rod, sliding back and forth her long fingers with deliberated slowness. Warren´s body shivered in an unimaginable ecstasy. His blue eyes were trapped by the intense green eyes of his amazing lover, by her fleshy lips turned in a grim of lust.

Warren heaved in ecstasy, at the limit of the best orgasm of his life, expertise kept by that French goddess of sex.-“I love you…”.-Whispered Ms Mervelleiux with her soft, satin, seductively French accent, kissing him passionately while, at the same time, she led his extremely erected, moist manhood into her vagina.

Warren tried to scream in pure ecstasy but the mouth of his lover choked his voice. His body shivered out of control subjugated by the unbearable pleasure that scorched his body. But it increased when the French woman began to move her own pelvis back and forth with rhythmical, fast cadence.

Warren felt his cock on the point to explode. He needed to ease that unbearable orgasm that grew on him, but it seemed that Ms Mervelleiux was able to keep it under control, always at the limit of it.

Then, Warren felt as her tongue seemed to change into his mouth….now, it seemed a bifid one. Then, his mesmerized blue eyes saw as her green eyes changed its shape…as the eyes of a serpent. Somehow, he was unable to apart his eyes of them, as he was unable to remove his hands of her breasts…or exploded into an orgasm.

Seconds later, from the hand that was caressing his nape, he felt a pair of small jabs on it. In that moment, his cock exploded in the most intense orgasm that he had felt on his life. His body shivered in a incredible, indescribable bliss. Warren desired to screech, but the fleshy mouth of Ms Mervelleiux choked his scream. And those green, mesmerized eyes, staring his own eyes, as examining his soul…


His incredible orgasm lasted almost one minute. His athletic body fell flaccid on the desk. His hands left the marvelous touch with those firm breasts…but the French teacher kept kissing him, kept ramming him with increased intensity.

Warren felt as another climax grew on him and in seconds, his cock exploded again in a new, powerful orgasm. And a minute later, another one…then, after that another…and another…

Warren´s body was totally spent, jerked as a rag doll by the insatiable Ms Mervelleiux. But, his will and soul was also spent, submitted by the mesmerizing power of the woman. Mind power, sex and a bit of mystical serpent venom had become Warren Thompson in a puppet, an slave without will, at the service of the serpent people…at her service.

Finally, ten orgasms later, Ms Mervelleiux released her pray. Not only she had got another slave to her cause but also she had drained lifeforce enough to feel herself ten years younger…a twice stronger than a ordinary human.

Ms Mervelleiux stood over her feet, staring the shivering body of her new pathetic slave.-“Men are so predictable and weak….”.-Thought the avatar of the Serpent People.

"Ztand up, my zlave!!!!”.-Commanded gently the French woman. Clumsily, immediately, Warren obeyed to her mistress, falling on his all fours in front of her goddess.

"As…as you wish…my mistress. I…I obey.”

“That´z right.  You will give me the Emerald Egg, will you…?

“The Emerald Egg. Yes, my mistress. I obey.”.-Said Warren totally submitted to the will of Ms Mervelleiux.

“But firzt, you will clean my puzzy, zlave”.<o:p></o:p>

“I will clean your pussy, my mistress. I obey.”.-Said the man, sinking his head between the groins of the woman, licking vigorously her crotch.

Ms Mervelleiux felt as an orgasm grew into it. Returning from the hospital to the museum had been a great idea. Sliding between the security teams of SHADO had been piece of cake and seduce that stupid man had been a success.

The exhibit contained a sacred relic of the Serpent People, the Yig´s Egg, an artifact that was able to bring back her god, Yig, and his minions, the serpent men, to Earth again. Ms Mervelleiux, as avatar of Yig, owner of the Yig´s bracelet, had tried to get it during years, but the incident had given her a unique chance. Now, that the items were out of the exhibit, at the hands of the SHADO members, seducing one of him and command him to take, was an easy task.

Soon, the world would be submitted by the power of the Great Serpent God Yig and his worshippers, the rule of the Serpent was on the point to start, and nobody would be able to stop it.


Kate glanced one more time the powerful Sentinel that lied, became in a jumble of metal and wires and then her own body, heaving in surprise. She looked much bigger, not only in height (maybe 6’9’’) but also in muscular mass and voluptuousness. The golden ornament that, with her “normal” size was only able to conceal a small part of her large cantaloupes, now it was only able to cover her nipples and part of her aureoles due to they had doubled their already magnificent size.

Kate had never been interested in bodybuilding and boob stars. In fact, when she had discovered some magazines hidden on the bedroom of her son and stared the men and women that appeared on them, she had considered many of men and women a grotesque freaks. Men and women with enormous, muscles that obviously they hadn´t got only by training but with abuse of steroids, and enormous breasts only obtained by surgery.

But now, staring that titanic body, a mix of enormous, swollen, rounded muscles and titanic breasts, Kate felt as a goddess…She liked that massive, extreme body!!!. She was all of them merged in one, powerful, mighty body…a perfect body. Exultant, she emulated some bodybuilding poses, noticing as her huge muscles became even bigger.

Mr. Smith, the Thinker smiled. Though he had to analyze in detail all the combat data obtained by his Sentinel, the villain realizing that Miss Muscle or, at least the woman behind the mountain of muscle and boobs, had fallen in a euphoria syndrome, believing that she was better than she really was.-“Muscle is nothing,  my darling. Mind is everything….”.-Thought the man.-“Deceiving you to destroy Killino will be really easier, my  dear henchwoman….And now, as you have survived to my robot, it is time to continue with my plot…”


A minute later, Kate heard screams of fear, coming from outside the theatre.-“Mr Smith!!!. One of those bastards has captured him!!!”.-Thought the mighty golden amazon. Inmediately, the blonde titaness rushed to the main gate of the place, thrust by her thick, massive legs, feeling as her enormous pumpkins bounced wildly on her broad chest, because the tiny golden ornament was unable to hold those titanic orbs of flesh in its place.

In seconds, the massive mammazon reached the entrance. Out of the building, she saw another two of those enormous sentinels with the SHADO logo painted on their armors. One of them, had tied Mr Smith with a kind of energized wire. The other was escorted them.

Without a second though, Miss Muscle charged against the escort sentinel, flying to it as a missile with her fists first.

The impact of the massive heroine against the sentinel was terrible…especially for the robot, which, exploded in many sparking pieces as soon as the mighty golden goddess of muscle went through its armored chest.

The second bot turned its attention to the heroine. Its systems tried to evaluate the real menace level of that human that had destroyed its partner.


Taking advantage of that system error, Kate launched her right fist directly in the middle of its metallic chest. In her “normal” form, she had needed four punches to dent the neutronium breastplate of the sentinel. Now, with only one punch, to her surprise, she pierced not only the front plate, but also its back plate. Kate was exultant by the power of that form. Why the mask had transformed first into the weak form? Why not with the strong one?. In her frenzy, Kate emulated a fatality from one of the games of her son with the already defeated, defenseless sentinel. With her right fist, the muscular voluptuousness unleashed a hook just under the jaw of her foe, tearing apart its head with a rain of sparks. The second sentinel was finished.

Then, Miss Muscle turned her attention to her new friend, still tied with the energized wire. Taking it with both hands, the heroine broke it easily. Mr Smith screamed in real surprise.-“It…it is impossible!!! It was an energized duramantium wire!!! It is indestructible”.

Miss Muscle smiled with confident.-“I suppose that, but, obviously, it is not indestructible for me. What now? We have to leave this place. SHADO will send more sentinels. Though I am sure I can manage everything they send me, you are in danger.”.-Declared the heroine.

“You...you are right. I…I have another hiding place on the docks. Can...can you….?.-Asked the man, feigning shame.

“Of course, Mr Smith. Just lead me”.-Replied Miss Muscle proudly.

“John, Ms Muscle. You can call me Jack.”.-Said the villain with a smile of his lips.

“Well…Jack. Are you ready for a ride?”.-Asked Kate, taking him on her broad arms. Seconds later, Ms Muscle and his new “friend” was making their way to the docks by the night skies of Alpha City.


An hour later.

“So, you think that the guy that attacked the Museum, The Exo-Suitioner, have information about the SHADO tactics and technologies…information that could be useful for us to ruin SHADO plots…”.-Said Kate with doubt on her voice.

“That´s right. Though he is a criminal, but he avoided successfully the meta human alert grid of SHADO, beating a pair of SHADO operatives. Capturing him it is our best chance to beat them!!!”.-Replied Mr Smith.

“Our ‘best chance’ almost killed one of m……one student and a teacher. I don´t like it. He is an assassin. He should be in prison.”

“But you saved them, right?. Don´t worry about that. He will help us first. Then, he will pay for his crimes. “

“If you say that….Well. I will take him. This time, he won´t escape of me…”.-Said Kate proudly, making her way, with long strides of her massive, sculptural legs, to the exit of the secret lair of Mr. Smith.-“Well, at least, the night air will refresh me…”.-Thought Miss Muscle, jumping to the nocturnal air.-“…that place is so moist and dark that seems the secret lair of a villain…”.


Half an hour later

The massive, voluptuous golden maiden of might walked with confident over her bare feet along the abandoned subway station. Jack had told her that the Exo-Suitioner won´t escape from her.

“He is a perverted satyr. He won´t lost the chance to put his hands on your….well…your…”.-“My breasts? Well. He can try that. But I beat him once. I can beat him again…”

So, relying on her superior ‘Level 10’ power, Miss Muscle yelled him, challenging to fight, tensing her enormously swollen, massive musculature, pushing forward to the limit her titanic, firmly rounded 120XX bust.

“Come on, Exo-Suitioner!!!. Show your ugly face!!!! Or are you afraid of a woman?”.-Yelled the muscular maiden to the empty, dimness platform.

“So, you want a second round against me, yah?, Or maybe you are fallen in love with me?. Never mind. I will rape you and after that I will kill you…or maybe I will kill you first and then I will rape you. I have to decide it…..”.-Replied a voice, but Kate was unable to determinate his origin due to the echoes of the place.

Then, she felt as the armored fists of the villain hit her ribs. In theory, these punches would be able to pierce the plate of a combat tank. Somehow, Miss Muscle had barely felt them under her super form.

The heroine replied launching her arm in a ample arc behind her, but her powerful fist only hit air.-“Surprise!!! I am behind youuuu…”.-Jeered the man, slapping her rounded, chiseled buttocks with force.

Kate repeated her attack but she hit air again. It seemed that the Exo-Suitioner had improved fast the speed of his suit…and it was so difficult to fight against an invisible foe…

<span style=";" lang="EN-US">Then, the mighty maiden of muscle sighted a sheer blur rushing to her. With a smile on her lips, the platinum blonde golden titaness launched her fist against the incoming blur. To her surprise, the blur dodged her punch easily. Before the massive golden woman could react, the Exo-Suitioner used her enormous breasts as punching balls, delivering a dozen of wild punches against them. Then, more surprised and humbled than hurt, Miss Muscle tried to grab him in an unbreakable bear hug. Somehow, the villain, one more time, was faster than her, jumping and kicking her masked face with his armored boots.

Miss Muscle staggered back a few steps over her bare feet, confused.-“What is happening here? I am much stronger than a few hours ago…more powerful. How that insidious guy is able to avoid me in such a way?”.-Wondered the goddess of might with frustration.

Her sapphire eyes looked around her, trying to find again the blur…her mind worked desperately to find a way to counteract his invisibility and speed. But her eyes were unable to find him now and her mind was unable to find a solution to that problem.

Suddenly, a pair of armored gloves grabbed and squeezed her enormous boobs from behind.-“Ooohhhh. I love big boobs. There are soooo soft and tender…”.-Whispered the man to her hear, squeezing lecherously the massive mounds of firm flesh.

Again, Kate felt a sudden, overwhelming arousal, much more intense and scorched than she had felt trapped into the web of the sentinel, a few hours ago. An undesired pant of bliss left her lips, while her hands tried to grab and take away those perfidious hands far of her excited, sensitive breasts.

“Oh!!! It seems that the big woman likes this!!!!”.-Said the Exo-Suitioner, increasing the pressure of his hands.-“You are horny as hell, aren´t you?”.-Jeered the villain, hearing with rejoice as the 7’ feet, massively muscular amazon heaved and panted in response, trapped in an unbearable ecstasy.

“It can´t be!!!! It can´t be happening me!!!”.-Thought desperate Kate, feeling as the mighty strength of her muscular body left her in seconds. Her thick, bulged arms, deprived of strength, fell flaccid, motionless along her chiseled sides. Her heavy, sculptural legs, unable to hold her 500 lbs of pure muscle, folded useless. In four seconds, the most powerful being on Earth had become in a heaving rag doll at the armored hands of a second rate villain.

“Oooohhh, they are magnificent….MAGNIFICENT!!!!”.-Yelled the perverted villain, squeezing stronger and stronger the enormous pumpkins of the goddess of might.

Miss Muscle, totally defenseless, felt as her nipples grew and grew under her tiny ornament, thick, large, stiffened and hard as diamonds, menacing to pierce the golden metal. And worse, trails of her inner juices were now sliding down along her chiseled groins and thighs as a prelude of an explosive orgasm that grew unstoppable on her wombs.

Then, Kate understood what had happened. In fact, when she had summoned by second time the power of might, her physique and strength had increased. Somehow, that amazing transformation had a prize. The increment of her muscular mass had made her slower…and worse. Her breasts, already sensitive on their ‘natural’ 70HH size, had become extremely sensitive according with their augmented size. And the arousal for her super body meant a falling into a weakness state.

A few seconds later, Kate didn´t think any longer but she screeched deafeningly when the most powerful, overwhelming, scorching orgasm that she had experienced on her live hit her massive body. Her massive physique jerked wildly while her womanhood spitted as gunshots her cum.

“My god!! You are a really dirty girl!!!! A fucked bitch!!!”.-Howled the Exo-Suitioner, cumming into his own suit, squeezing and shaking wildly the muscular, panting rag doll called Miss Muscle.

A minute later, their screams ended as fast as they had appeared. Miss Muscle´s body relaxed, flaccid at the hands of her armored conqueror, which, though exhausted, still grabbed her muscular prey by her massive knockers.

"Ho, ho, ho!!!! It has been the best ride of my live, Muscle Milt!!!!”.- Howled exultant the Exo-Suitioner, still squeezing the massive, rounded twin peaks of the defenceless, flaccid, motionless goddess of might.-“I will milk your udders, Miss Milt. Do you want to be milked? Oh, I am sure you want to be milked, ha, ha, ha…”

Kate realized that the excitation that had drained in such a way her strength was vanquishing fast. Somehow, she felt every muscular fiber of her massive body numb...even her engorged nipples. Then, Kate felt terribly sick and dizzy, and a sharp, burning pain went through her body from her clit. The mighty woman howled in pure agony as the same way she had screeched in pure ecstasy a minutes before. Miss Muscle felt as if millions of sharp, burning needless would be nailed on every cell of her body.

Surprised, the Exo-Suitioner released her prey, which fell heavily on the dirty floor of the abandoned platform, shivering and mourning in pain. Slowly, clumsily, the large hands of the aching woman tried to reach and grab her burning, barely covered, moist vagina, in a attempt to ease the terrible pain .

“Oh! What pity, Miss Milt!!! It seems that you have feminine P.O.I.S….you are allergic to your own cum and maybe if I rape you, my cum would might kill you as a poison. What a ‘powerful’ heroine!!! Ha, ha, ha..”.-Said with scorn the villain.-“What will make with you now?”.-Wondered the villain, glancing as the massive, voluptuous body of Miss Muscle, shivering defenseless in pain on the ground. 

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