Nami uses the Note on Sanji.

by blarnibus
Storyline Lust Note
Category Anime: One Piece
Previous Chapter Sanji uses the note on Nami.

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    Sanji was in his own personal nightmare.  He felt that he had raped one of the most beautiful women that he knew.  "Nami, I am so sorry." he said with tears running down his face.  A worried Nami replied "Why are you crying Sanji-kun?  Was I not good enough?".  Sanji slowly pulled out the lust note and said "It's not that at all Nami, It's that I used this to force you to want me.  Now you're feeling things that this book put there instead of what comes naturally.  I essentially raped you."  A shocked Nami replied "You didn't force me to do anything, I came to you because I wanted to.  Not because of some stupid book.  I love you Sanji, and nothing changes that."  Sanji replied "I wish that were true Nami, but in my heart I know that this book made you love me and that I didn't earn it."  Tears in her eyes Nami cried "Don't say that Sanji, I would do anything for you."  Resigned Sanji stood up and go dressed "Please Nami go to your room and act like nothing has happened while I try to fix this."  Feeling dejected Nami quickly got dressed and headed to her room.

    After Nami had left Sanji grabbed the ingredients he needed to make dinner and started preparing the meal.  Thinking while he was cooking, he tried to figure out a way to reverse the damage.  "Maybe if I use the note again and specify that she will forget her love for me and forget what we did today everything will go back to normal." he mused to himself.  "Afterwards I can throw that book into the sea and try to forget this whole ordeal."  Deciding that he would do just that Sanji worked as fast as he could so that he could find a private place to change Nami back to the way she was.

    Meanwhile Nami had headed down to her quarters that she shared with Robin as per Sanji's request.  Upon entering the room she was overwhelmed by the smell of sex.  Looking around Nami saw Robin splashing cold water on her face at the sink.  Robin glanced at Nami, flushed, and said "I'm sorry you saw this, I'll clean this up in a bit."  With that Robin rushed out the room in search of the note.  After her room mate  left Nami shut the door, took a seat at the table, and pulled out the lust note she had stolen from Sanji while he was getting dressed.  After reading over the rules and the previous commands she stared at the book for a minute while thinking.  After a while she finally spoke.  "I don't care if this book made me love sanji, It feels like real love to me and I'm not giving that up for anything.".  Having come to her conclusion Nami thought about how to fix Sanji's issues.  "If this book caused Sanji his problems, then maybe it can fix them." she thought to herself.  Not wanting to change her lover too much Nami wrote a new command into the book.  "Sanji will have sex with Nami, afterwards Sanji will lose all inhibitions about using the book and will enjoy his new found life."  Smiling to herself Nami Closed the book and prepared herself for Sanji's arrival.

    Up in the kitchen Sanji had just laid out the last of the meal he prepared for the crew and was heading to the door to call for them when the books power slammed into him.  With a groan he stumbled and caught himself on the wall.  Images of his love Nami were flashing through his head.  Fighting the arousal that was flooding his body he checked his pockets for the book.  After several seconds of frantic searching he realized that Nami must have taken it before he sent her away.  Desperately Sanji fought the book's power while he raced to Nami's quarters.  Nude images of her were flashing through his head faster and faster consuming all thought.  When he reached her door instead of knocking he threw it open.  His eyes instantly locked on to the book on the table.  Like a drowning man clawing for a life preserver Sanji slowly stumbled towards the book.  He got halfway across the room when he heard a voice that went right to the pleasure center's of his brain.  "I'm over here my love."  Nami purred.  Ever so slowly Sanji's head turned towards Nami's Naked body lying on the bed.  Once his eye's had drunk in her form Sanji let out a small sigh as all resistance left his body.  Nami Only smiled as he tore off his cloths in the blink of an eye and leapt on to the bed with her.  The bedroom door closed on its own as soft moans once again were emanating from the girl's quarters. 

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good chapter GAV. This chapter made me curious if Babs will join the harem or not.
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Interesting zig zags at the moment, GAV. Will she, won't she... be in the harem.
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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