With a new look on life Sanji claims the lust note again.

by blarnibus
Storyline Lust Note
Category Anime: One Piece
Previous Chapter Nami uses the Note on Sanji.

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    Robin was worried.  She couldn't remember much after the note's power had hit her, and as such when she arrived on the deck to where she was studying she was more than a little dismayed to find that her things were missing.  If she had paid a little more attention to her surroundings she would have noticed her books, minus the note, were stacked right by her quarters, which in turn may have sparked her memory of Sanji.  In her distracted state though Robin charged right on by them.  With a grimace and a sigh Robin went in search of her crewmates to see if any of them had found the lust note.

     Sanji Grunted as he gave his Nami the dicking she craved and deserved.  Animalistic need fueled his actions and as such he reached climax far sooner than he would otherwise have wanted.  Sighing he pulled out, laid next to his love while he lit cigarette.  Nami who wasn't finished yet pouted at Sanji and instead of bothering him pleasured herself while staring at his physique.  After a couple of minutes Sanji finally spoke.  "Nami, what do you think of being part of a harem?".  Hurt that Sanji would want other women Nami heatedly responded "Sanji, why would you need a harem when you have me?  I'm pretty sure that you would be disappointed with whatever anyone else has to offer."  After a slight puff on his cigarette Sanji spoke again.  "You misunderstand Nami, what I meant to say was you're joining my harem and will gladly do so because you only want to see me happy.  In fact you'll do your best to find new women to join you in your new found heaven."

   Inside Nami's head everything was being re-arranged.  All thoughts of self centered-ness were quickly being erased and even her preferences for men was only becoming a distant memory.  
Thinking about Sanji she started to understand that he needed all women to love him, not just her.  Nami's thoughts, wants, needs, and even self identity were crammed into a tiny box and put in the back of her psyche where it could only be heard as a whisper.  All the room that was left over flooded with the overwhelming need to make her master happy.

Sanji glanced over at his new slave when he didn't hear her respond.  Nami had gone cross eyed and was breathing rapidly.  After a few moment's her eyes un-crossed and the spark of intelligence had slightly dimmed behind them. "Oh Sanji" she quietly said while rubbing her clit "When can we recruit Robin to our cause.?"  "Right now." was his immediate reply.

Meanwhile Robin was rushing down to her cabin.  After not finding the other member's in their rooms she realized they must be eating.  Once she had reached that conclusion she headed to the dining area hoping to find everyone there acting normal and being raucous.  Instead she found Nami and Sanji were missing.  Worriedly she asked if anyone knew where they were.  Franky responded "Nami was with me earlier, but then she started acting really strange and headed off in search of Sanji."  Robin remembered leaving Nami in their cabin and rushed off to see if she knew where the note was.  Upon arriving to their room she quickly opened the door while saying "Nami have you se... oh no."  Sanji was sitting at the at the table and, smiling, he looked up from what he was writing. 

     The moment his pen stopped its work Robin's world exploded in need.  Her eyes were drawn to the creature that lay naked upon the bed.  That beautiful perfect being.  Every inch of her body ached to explore Nami's flesh.  With a shuddering breath Robin fondled a breast with one hand while disrobing with the other.  Rubbing herself she approached the bed and offered Nami a finger that she had soaked in her wet slit.  Smiling Nami accepted her gift, sucking on it while she stared into her eyes.  Once she had cleaned the digit Nami grabbed Robin by both sides of her head and
probed Robin's mouth with her tongue.  Smiling at the taste of her own juices Robin finally got on the bed and turned over so she could get to work on her lovers snatch. 

     While all this was going on Sanji stared with a blissful smile on his face, masturbating to the best show he had ever seen.

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