Sanji uses the note on Nami.

by blarnibus
Storyline Lust Note
Category Anime: One Piece
Previous Chapter Sanji saw the whole ordeal.

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Meanwhile, Nami was in Franky's work shop looking at an odd assortment of items sitting in one of his bins.  "You're sure you have something down here that will increase the potency of my clima-tact?" she asked.  Franky replied while striking one of his many poses "Of course, I've seen what your staff does and I'm sure one of my SSSUUUUPPPEEERRRRR inventions can increase it's output five fold.".  After a small sigh nami replied "Alright, show me what you have and I'll decide if I can use it."  Arms crossed she waited impatiently while tapping her foot as Franky started tossing random objects out of his bins and on to the floor.  After several minute's of watching franky do nothing but toss random items around the room she reached the end of her patience.  "STOP WASTING MY TIME" Nami screamed.  She took a second to recompose herself and then resumed "If you find anything useful come and see me, otherwise you can just...."  Nami's voice wandered off while her eyes unfocused for a split second.  "You can just..." she tried again only to not finish.  Something felt off.  Trying one last time to finish her sentence she shook her head "You caaaannnn jjjjuuuuusssssssttttt, oh god"  Upon hearing the last sentence franky stopped what he was doing and looked over at his crew mate.  Nami was leaning with one arm against the wall stooped over.  "Do I need to get chopper?" Franky quickly asked.  With one arm already on the wall Nami took her remaining arm and held it out in a stopping motion towards franky.  Her hair was hanging down over her shoulders and her face looked like she was sick.  "I don't understand what's happening." she whispered to herself.  Her body shook once and her eyes were clenched shut.  "No." she whispered.  Her body shook again and her arms were shaking.  "NO." she said more loudly. Once again her body shook, this time a little more violently.  "Oh god." she whimpered.  Her body started shaking again and She arched her back to stare at the ceiling with wide terrified eyes, a silent scream on her lips.  As franky watched her body flushed and he saw her nipples poke through her top, he also saw a damp spot form on her crotch.  Looking back at her face he saw her eyes were losing their scared quality and were quickly changing, becoming heavy lidded.  Nami's head slowly came back down and a blissful smile crept on to her face.  "I'm sorry Franky, but I have to go see Sanji.  We'll talk later." Nami said in a purr.  "Are you sure you're alright?" Franky asked with an incredibly worried tone in his voice.  He was about to run to get the doctor.  Instead of responding Nami turned and started walking up the stairs with an extra sway in her hips.  "I'm perfectly fine." she called over her shoulder as she ascended the stairs "It must have been something I ate.".  Still worried Franky watched her go, but did nothing to stop her.
    Sitting in his kitchen Sanji was staring at what he had written in the lust note.  "Nami will have sex with Sanji, afterwards she will realize that she loves him more than life itself and will gladly do anything he says."  "what have I done?" he whispered to himself worriedly.  "I need to fix this somehow." He read over the instructions to see if there was some way to nullify a command.  He was looking for another hidden page when the door slammed open.  "SANJI, MEAT."  Luffy screamed.  His heart racing a mile a minute sanji gave luffy a bewildered look.  "Now isn't the greatest time Luffy.  I have an important matter I'm working on."  Luffy screwed up his face in an angry scowl.  "I'm hungry, I want meat."  he said while plopping into a seat at the table.  Sanji, Knowing that he couldn't work on the book while luffy was there pocketed it and stood up while asking.  "If I make you a snack will you take it outside and leave me alone for a while?"  Luffy got a big grin on his face and replied "Of course Sanji, Meat tastes just as good outside as it does in here."  Sattisfied with his captains response Sanji went to the fridge and got what supplies he needed to make a quick snack for Luffy.  You never rush food, but if you are under time constraints you can prepare quick meals.  A couple of minutes later Sanji handed luffy his plate and gently shoved him out the door.  Realizing that if Luffy could easily find him then Nami could too, Sanji decided he needed a secluded hiding spot.  With some quick thinking Sanji decided that the fridge would be one of the last places the crew would look for him as long as he latched the door.  So, steeling himself for what could be a long stay Sanji walked into the fridge and latched the door behind him.
    After he locked himself in the fridge Sanji walked to the back and sat on a pallet while he looked over the book again.  Having found no instruction's on how to nullify a command Sanji attempted to rip the book in half, to no avail.  Nearing panic he grabbed for his pen to see if scratching out a command to stop it from being.  However he realized belatedly that luffy's interruption had caused him to misplace his writing tool.  Steeling himself to the fact that he was going to have to break down the fridge door Sanji folded the book and put it back in his pocket.  As he stood however he heard the soft click of someone pulling the latch.  Thinking quickly he threw himself behind a shelf in the hopes that no one would see him in there.  His hopes were dashed though when he heard the voice of his dreams purr "There you are you silly boy.".  Slowly coming from behind the shelf Sanji put his hands up protesting.  "You're not thinking clearly Nami." He said "We need to fix you.".  Smiling Nami closed the door while slowly walking towards him.  "I know exactly what will fix me Sanji."  Was all that she said while she undid her top.  Blood ran out of Sanji's nose and all coherant thought flew out of his head the moment he saw those glorious orbs.  Shortly thereafter he Fainted.
    Sanji felt wonderful.  Cold, but wonderful.  He didn't know what was happening, all he knew was that for some reason he was in heaven.  Eyes closed he was smiling.  "mmmmm Nami-swan." he moaned quietly to himself, thinking of his favorite woman.  "mmmm Sanji-kun." came back the unexpected response.  Upon hearing Nami's voice Sanji's eyes snapped open and reality slammed into him with tremendous force.  Looking down he saw Nami's naked form bouncing up and down on him with wild abandon.  Shocked, Sanji tried one last time to stop her.  He grabbed her by her waist and went to remove her.  The second his hands touched her waist though she gave a little sigh and climaxed.  Afterwards she slowly collapsed onto his chest and whispered into his ear.  "I love you Sanji.  No one but you."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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