Headline News... Lois Lane runs off with biker lover. Scandelous truckstop video at 11:00!

by CorruptionCentral
Storyline Wonder woman's hooker adventure
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As the familiar opening theme played in the background, the news anchorman greeted his audience "Good Evening America." The rolling scene shots of Metropolis major players and key locations faded into a high tech news studio.  The camera zoomed in on the man at the center of the anchor table as he continued "Oscar Asherman here from the GBS anchor table and this is the GBS Action News Late Evening Edition.  All through the day, a shocking story has been developing that especially touches all of us here in the GBS headquarters in Metropolis.  It all started with a shocking video going viral when most of us were just driving to work.  Let's go to Cindy Miles for the details."

The scene shifted to long shot of the Daily Planet main entrance.  A lovely woman with light brown hair looked seriously into the camera as she replied "It all started as a normal day for most people. The same could be said here at the Daily Planet, a place where normal includes covering alien invasions and fetes of heroism from people capable of juggling mountains.  But about the time most of us was getting our first cup from the office coffee pot, that began to change very quickly."

The scene changed again to the back parking lot of a nameless truck stop somewhere off an unknown interstate as Cindy continued "Around 8:15 AM, news of a video that was quickly going viral hit the AP wire. A real life 'caught in the act' video that, although powerfully pornographic, was far more shocking than anything seen to date.  Those of you offended by graphic sexual acts should take appropriate action now.  Even though this video has been 'cleaned up' for network viewing it is still quite revealing."

The video started from the inside of a nondescript car in the parking lot aimed at a yellow sports car.  In the background of the video two men whispered.

"I'm tellin ya, she's gonna boink the dude right here in the open."

"Get outta town! You're always making this *bleep* up."

"I'm tellin ya, *this* is *it*. I'll bet you a... Wait, she's getting out... HOLY ***BLEEP***! She's naked as a jay bird!"

On the picture a shapely nude woman ran around the sports car and opened the driver's door.  She dragged the huge driver out of the car and planted a fiery kiss on his lips.  As they slowly turn, his pants fall off and from the 'censor blur' it's obvious that his dick was out well before the door open.  While one observer made quiet cat calls, the other stated "I have to get closer." The amature cameraman moved quickly through the nearly empty parking lot as the amorous couple settled roughly on the hood of the now shaking car to ply their passions in earnest.  Soon the ardent sounds of the couple grow quickly.  The cameraman, in a move far more daring than smart, moved within ten feet of the lovers.  The woman turned to the camera and cooed "Look, baby, we're video stars."

As the camera zoomed in tight in the smiling woman, one of the observers said "Holy *BLEEP*! Do you know who that is?  It's LOIS LANE!"

The video stopped there as Cindy miked over "That's right.  Lois Lane.  Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for the Daily Planet.  Frequent reporter and anchor here at GBS. Wife of world renown author and reporter for the Daily Planet, Clark Kent."

As the video resumed, Lois replied "That’s right.  Wanna autograph?"

The cameraman jumped in "Lois Lane, you're married aren't you... and not to him."

Suddenly Lois's lover growled in an Eastern European accent "And what is this to you?  Will you tell her mommy perhaps?"

Lois looked deeply into the eyes of the burly man who continued to drill her without missing a beat and purred happily "Yeah, I'm married.  So what?  It’s a worthless piece of paper people pay to get and pay more to get rid of.  I'm the woman of a Lucifer's Legion biker now! That commitment overrides any piece of paper.  It's written on my soul!  Right Baby?"

The large man growled "It is as you say my dear.  You are my woman now.  You belong to me!"

The scene cut back to Cindy in front of the Daily Planet "That is all of the video.  Unfortunately it was the original videographer that applied the censor mask over the face of the mystery man.  One would guess that, and the fact that he submitted the video anonymously, were the first smart decisions of his day. In any case, that was just the opening of the crazy events.  Police, believing that this was a case of mind control, had Lois's home and work PCs confiscated for analysis in the hope of finding her abductor.  Her husband, Clark Kent even provided encryption codes and passwords to assist in the search.  What they discovered was far more twisted than anyone could have suspected."

The background shifted to pictures of known crime lord Anthony Mannetti as the reporter continued  "Six months ago, Lois Lane began an investigation of Anthony Mannetti.  According to her notes, she went undercover to the Suicide Slum bar known as the Dew Drop Inn.  There she met a man working in Manneti's gang she would only call Mr. Bigg in her notes.  By her own admission, there was an instant attraction from the first moment they met. They flirted, shared one drink, and then this mystery man took action and 'claimed her with a fiery kiss' that she described as 'melting my resolve and judgment' in a matter of minutes.  She spent that night with Mr. Bigg... and the next when she returned for more information.  The next morning she called Mr. White to say she was going deep cover lasting weeks and maybe months.  What her notes say is she moved in with Mr. Bigg and never once asked him a thing about his boss or job.  She did however write about daily sex marathons and attending many gatherings with him as his woman.  It was three weeks before she actually found anything remotely related to the story she was after and it came from a 'loud mouthed fool' he worked with.  Four weeks more of remaining Mr's Bigg's oversexed live in girlfriend later, she had the information she needed to go after the entire Mannetti organization, but she held off. She stayed 'undercover' for an additional month before coming forward with her story and in her own words 'As long as Mr. Bigg was working for Mannetti, I would never betray him by publishing this story, but after he moved on to another job I can act'.  That note was made 3 weeks before she went to press.  Three weeks she remained adulterously living with her thug lover."

"Even after she returned to her regular life, Lois was drawn to her lover like a moth to flame.  She claimed to be researching the infamous Lucifer's Legion gang, but her notes betray her.  She was using this simply to cover her time with the man she loved until they could make their move to be together."

Ivan turned the motel TV off as Lois snuggled close to him in their bed.  He smiled as he thought 'Those fools and their camera proved most useful. Snake's hacker friends did magnificently as well in forging her adulterous betrayal by using her most secret notes to concoct the magnificent air tight web of lies. 

Lois cooed "Enough TV, my love.  I don't need a reporter to tell me our love story.  I was there!"  Ivan was pleased with her progress and drew her into a passionate kiss.  He knew that the last year and more had already been wiped from her memory from the shot he gave her last night.  Her 'memories' of their 'love story' was simply her mind using the news story to fill in the ever expanding gaping hole in her memory. In two days her marriage would not even be a memory.  All she would remember is being his woman.

Lois aggressively rolled on top of her man, mounted his hard cock cowgirl style and began to ride him, but this woman looked little like the reporter he captured last night.  She glared erotic heat at her lover with a sexy sneer intensified by her dark eyes covered in thick smoky mascara and eyeliner.  Her almost black lipstick with the Camel 100 smoldering almost defiantly added to her dark powerful lust spell as well.  Her hair was dyed midnight black and styled in an angry bob with long side swaths up front that angled back sharply until it met the back at collar length.  Her D cup boobs bounced invitingly as she showcased her new nipple rings proudly.  Her new tramp stamp was echoed over her thoroughly dick stuffed pussy, but anyone that knew anything about Lucifer's Legion knew that these were no trespassing signs.  At the center of each stamp was the crest of the gang and the name of her lover.  The 'wreath' of the stamp was actually Mkhedruli letters spelling out the Georgian phrase "Ivan's Mistress".  He marked this woman as his and she would remain so for life.

Ivan smiled as his groping hands found the slight bump left from the shot he gave her just an hour ago.  It was another of his concoctions guaranteed to make a woman ovulate within an hour.  She was his woman now and she would bear his children.  Of course he still had every intention of taking her to his friend in Blüdhaven to work the streets, but now his friend would guard and protect her as is fitting for Lucifer’s Legion woman. This was not a problem as he had frequent business in that dark city.  He would have a part time life with her for a few days a month without interfering with his regular life with his gang.  All is well now, just as he promised sweet Lady Obsession.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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