Diana brings her big payday home to Jake

by CorruptionCentral
Storyline Wonder woman's hooker adventure
Previous Chapter Ivan orders Diana to go back to Jake

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The very air about her felt like it would spontaneously erupt in flames from the sheer erotic heat coming off the Amazon vixen.  The closer she got to the van, the more she felt compelled to present her pimp with her most ardent offerings; sinful money, fervid devotion, zealous loyalty, her wicked body, and her willing soul.  When Diana opened the back door of Jake's van, she smiled wickedly at the scene before her.  As Jake stood counting a large roll of cash, Sammie knelt before him and worshipped his cock.  The sexy blond looked hot in Wonder Woman's uniform, especially while she was getting her cheek lollipoped by Jake's big dick.  Diana's voice dripped with erotic need as she purred "Oh... Master! Do I get to do that while you count my earnings?"

Without looking up, Jake growled "What the fuck are you doing back so soon?  You have three more hours to work! You better fucking have the $1500 too or I'll beat your skanky ass like a Salvation Army tambourine!"

The sultry vixen cooed "I had more than that in the first two hours, master.  I will *gladly* go back to the strip, but I thought that I should secure what I have already before I risk it going for more. That and... I needed to thank you.  You saw what I was too stupid to see and made me discover my true greatest desire.  I am forever grateful master." 

Jake and Sammie stood stock still as the shock of what they just heard pasted through them.  Even Jake could not believe the proud Superheroine would have completely surrendered so very quickly.  The only motion coming from petrified couple was Jake's dick falling out of Sammie's open, slack-jawed mouth.


Lois moaned as she slowly fought her way back to consciousness. The back of her head felt like she had been hit with a black jack and thick cloying dullness slowing down here thoughts meant either she had a concussion or someone had used drugs on her.  Her ears hummed with a moderately loud noise that sounded like someone mixed the voice of Charlie Brown's teacher with Boris Badenov. For the life of her she couldn't make out what was being said but somehow it was compellingly erotic. she couldn't help but think 'Mmmmm, Mix that with a hot bubble bath and a glass of Merlot and I could like it a lot.' As her eyes began to focus, she realized that she was sitting in her own passenger seat as someone else drove her car down an interstate.  She looked the large muscular man over but could not recognize him.  With a little effort she managed to push past her grogginess and ask "Who... Who are you?"

Ivan smiled as he replied "So, you finally find the will to awaken.  I began to worry you were hit to hard perhaps.  It is good.  We have need of you anyway. Answer the questions the iPad."

Lois's head snapped to the device on her lap as if drawn to it by an irresistible force.  There on the display was a chat window with several questions.

Home apartment passcode:
Home PC Username & Password:
Home voicemail passcode:
Daily Planet Account password:
Daily Planet PC Username & Password:
Daily Planet voicemail passcode:
Any other account information used in your investigations:

The Ace reporter was shocked how she supplied the information requested without hesitation.  Even though her hands were zip-tied together she had no difficulty using to touch screen to betray her private and professional accounts in a matter of a couple minutes and send them to the unknown person on the other end of the Internet.  Lois glared at her driver and growled "Who the hell are you!"

The biker laughed "For so celebrated a reporter you waist much time asking what you already know.  You are not as bright as I thought perhaps."

As if possessed, Lois spoke words she that baffled her "You're voice is the voice of my Master.  I must obey you in all things without hesitation!"  Lois gasped in horror.

Ivan let out a deep laugh "Yes! You are much smarter when you let Master do your thinking." A thousand thoughts crossed her mind.  She should hit him and try to escape...  She should grab the emergency brake...  She should hit the Onstar emergency button... She should waive her bound hands in the window for the trucker next to them to see... No matter what she thought, she couldn't even attempt them.  It was like her mind and body wouldn't talk.  There was only one hope; one person that would hear her cry for help.  Lois took a deep and yelled... Nothing!  She couldn't remember his name; none of them. If fact, as she sat there dumbly with her mouth wide open and a look of total confusion on her face, she could not remember the name of anyone, hero or civilian, that could help her. Ivan snorted in amusement "Poor reporter.  Having trouble remembering things about your hero lover?  You have noticed nice sounds in your ears perhaps?  You are being programmed, silly slut.   Already you can do nothing to harm me. In fact, you love to obey Me.  Allow Master to demonstrate please.  Do not sit with your gaping mouth empty.  Put something useful in it!"

Lois was horrified as she undid her seatbelt and leaned over to the bikers lap.  Unhesitating hands quickly undid Ivan's belt and pants.  To her shame, Lois's revulsion was quickly overshadowed with desire as she unsheathed her conqueror's 15" trouser python. Lois felt like an adulterous slut as she licked every square inch of the man's glorious hardon; not because he commanded it but because she wanted it.  All she had to do was suck, but she wanted more.  She wanted to play with the massive shlong.  She wanted to savor the experience of pleasuring him.  She wanted him to want to ask for more.  She had no idea where this was coming from and she didn't care.  He was her master and she wanted him to be happy she was happy to be his slut.

Ivan smiled as Lois's head eagerly bounced up and down on his huge dick. He taunted her "Mmmmm, you do that well slut.  Far better than a faithful wife I think.  You go well beyond my request and enjoy it so much!  It is good you will soon be streetwalking whore.  You will like it better I think.  Mmmmm, there is a rest stop 10 miles ahead, my happy little slut.  Would you like to stop there and let Master fuck your whorish twat and sinful ass for anyone to see? I think this you would enjoy, yes?"

A precum string hung heavily from Lois's tongue to Ivan's dick head as the smiling vixen pulled back far enough to purr "Oh *yes* Master! I want everyone to see me fuck you long and hard."  She licked his cock like a popscicle and continued "If I'm good, can we go to a motel too? I'll do anything to please you, Master darling!"

The biker's gaze tightened on the enthralled woman as he asked "And what of your husband?  Do you care that you betray him with me so wantonly?"

Lois laughed "Him?  He means nothing to me.  It's you I'm in love with.  I love only you!"  As Lois returned to her enjoyment, Ivan thought 'That blow to the head has scrambled her thoughts I think. She takes this far beyond what has been programmed. A few days observing her in a motel would be good I think.  If she snaps out of this fantasy my Bl├╝dhaven pimp friend will still be there and we can use this to make her believe she left her husband for me.  That guilt alone would break her. If the fantasy doesn't break in a week it never will and there are better ways to use her I think.


Jake pounded the Amazon's wicked pussy for all he was worth as he growled "And Lucifer's Legion wants to be your regulars? The whole gang? Holy fuck that's a lot of money!"  The pimp couldn't hold it another second as he creamed Diana's cunt good. As the former heroine looked at her pimp an abject devotion he thought about her tale of how she changed and how much she loved this new life.  Of course, he couldn't care less about what she felt, but this bitch was a gold mine and having the most beautiful and famous Amazon as your abject sex slave was never going to get old.  As the brunette bombshell cleaned his cock, her pimp continued "Well, I'm glad I followed up on your requests lasts night.  I found places that can do the piercings, tattooing and hair for you no problem."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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