Diana gets the makeover of a lifetime

by CorruptionCentral
Storyline Wonder woman's hooker adventure
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A large, powerful, and sturdy man, Jake was afraid of very few things, but some of these hulking derelict industrial buildings that were so common in Hoochie Hollow really freaked him.  Once this was a thriving city of 350,000 residents called Holloway Halls.  Just across the county line and 15 miles from the great city of Metropolis, it was thought to be well on its way to riding high on the crest of its world renowned neighbor's economic tsunami, but the downturn of the late sixties put an end to that dream.  It seemed that Holloway Halls took all the hits while her larger neighbor continued to prosper.  By 1990, the railroad facilities and half the companies had moved on setting the stage for Lex Luthor to come in.  He promised renewed growth and jobs, but was met with torrents of ecological protests.  It was thought that his pulling out is what make this city a ghost town but Jake, as one of the first pimps to arrive, knew better.  Hoochie Hollow was the world's poster child for economic revenge!  Luthor made sure that every company fled his wrath.  He set up shell companies to buy up as many properties as possible and sold them at shocking losses to the dregs of Metropolis for them to set up shop here. Brilliant move actually if one thought about it. Lex becomes even more of a hero in the great city for cleaning it up while setting up a sleezy cesspool making Gomorrah look like the Vatican only a short drive away.  No authority in the state would come within a mile of Hoochie Hollow and risk incurring Lex's wrath; making this an absolute Hooker Heaven.

As Diana strode carefree and confidently through the decaying halls, Jake eyed every inch of the place cautiously. Rats scurried through the filth covered corridors and potential danger waited in every shadow.  He had heard things about some of these buildings.  A few of them were known to be human 'roach motels'!  Hos and johns go in and never come out! Is favorite theory was Luthor had set up some really nasty labs in here.  Made perfect sense after the millions he tossed to destroy the city. As they came to what appeared to be blood stained, steel reinforced security doors, the Amazon slut roared "We're the ones that engaged your services. You can cut the holograms now.  Nice job, but it takes more than rats and fake blood to scare me."

Suddenly, the doors and the area immediately around them visually shifted until an almost austerely sterile scene appeared.  Jake looked about in awe as the he eyed the boundary, crisp as a razor's edge, that separated the real appearance of the facility from the horror movie set illusion most people saw.  The hair on the large man's neck stood up as the double doors unlocked and opened on their own.  As he and Diana walked through, they discovered the inside of the large former 'clean room' was even more different.

The area looked like an odd combination of alien equipment, Gothic punk culture, and tattoo parlor.  A rumbling voice boomed from the shadows "Your soul has honed steel in it woman!  Most run in fear long before getting to that door. We usually cater to rebellious souls you call supervillians. Ones who want to express their dark souls on flesh harder than diamonds. What brings a lowly bitch and her leash holder to our doorstep?"

Diana purred back "You can come out of the shadows.  I've dealt with Khunds before!"  Three hulking men with pointed ears and bright pink skin strode confidently out of the shadows.  Diana smiled wickedly as she continued "Poor dears... Stranded after the invasion I take it.  I see Dominion, Psion, and Thanagarian tech added to your own.  But you should have enough tech here to make a space worthy ship to head home if you want.  What keeps you on Earth?"

One of the creatures looked up from his device to answer "What can we say?  We were the tech support for our fleet and, as noncombatants, treated like slaves.  When our ship took a few hits, we convinced our foolish leader that it was doomed and he, quite predictably, left us to go down with the ship while he and the 'heroic soldiers' fled to another warship.  There is a fully functioning and quite highly upgraded Khund ship on these very premises, but we use it only to travel off world for supplies.  You see, here we are feared and respected far more than we are at home.  We like this place.  Now, tell me, what brings the great and powerful Amazon champion, Wonder Woman, to our humble establishment?"

The sultry vixen strode erotically to the alien leader as she replied "Amazon? Yes.  Champion? Once. Wonder Woman? Never again!  I've retired gentlemen.  I've hung up my bracelets and tiara in favor of some well earned happiness as a cheap, wanton, sex crazed, whore! I have to say, boys, it feels fucking great to through off the chains imposed by others and be who we really want to be, doesn't it?  Problem is, all I want is to be as irresistibly attractive as fuckmeat can be, but that same Amazon physiology that lets me fuck like a mad weasel for days on end makes it impossible to get sexy tattoos, piercings, or even a really great trashy 'slut for rent' hairdo.  Tell me, baby, what's whore to do?"

The three imposing giants from a race of galactic warriors exchanged glances for a minute before they all bellowed in laughter.  The leader put a gentle hand on Diana's shoulder as he chuckled "Please... Do not take this the wrong way.  On our world, we were what your people call geeks or nerds; always humiliated while the alpha males built their success on our efforts.  Not only do we find that here we are sought after and respected by Earth's most feared and foul, we also discover that the female that *humiliated* the elite of Khund warriors was really forced to shun the life she desired to perform the duty she hated; a duty, I might add that made her the most feared female in Khund history!  It is so incredibly... delightful! We would have gladly given you *anything* simply for what you did our military oppressors, but now... Please allow us the *honor* of participating in your quest for *greatness*! We will accept no money from our most esteemed liberator as we help you become and remain the most irresistible harlot the galaxy has ever seen!"

Diana smiled wickedly as she replied "Aren't you boys just the best."  She held his gaze as she lowered herself down to her knees "But if you won't accept cash, then your favorite harlot has other ways to motivate you." The Khund techie stood stock still as the Amazon temptress took his long shaft into her willing mouth. He had plenty of things to show his customer for her new look, but he and his quickly stripping partners were in full agreement that they could not be so rude as to turn down the Amazing Amazon's gracious hospitality.


Lex Luthor watched the coverage of Lois's complete betrayal of the alien.  He almost felt sorry for that poor speed bump of a fool, Kent, in all this mess. Too bad the bumpkin's humiliation couldn't be piled onto the Kryptonian as well, but we can't have everything.  Still it was disappointing that Lois hadn't chosen him, but throwing marriage away after a six month affair with a low life biker thug she chose to run away with?  Absolutely BRILIANT!

Lex watched a dozen separate interviews simultaneously as every media source from Internet to carrier pigeon pumped the tawdry details out as quickly as they could be uncovered... or made up.  On one screen, the owner of the Dew Drop Inn told how he recognized Lois the second she showed up at the bar as it was a favorite place for the reporter to get her dirt.  He went on  to say the couple made out for several minutes at the bar within 10 minutes of her arriving and that they spent the rest of the evening in a booth playing tonsil hockey with a side of extra X-rated heavy petting before they left together. 

On another screen, a digitally masked man claiming to be one of Mr's Bigg's team mates and close friends claimed that before Bigg kissed her the first time, he bet her a blow job that she not only was going to go home with him, that she would be back the next night to beg to be his live in girlfriend. The next night she responded when she walked up to him at the bar and, without so much as a word, dropped to her knees to suck him off for all to see.

Another screen showed a second digitally hidden mobster telling how the informant didn't let a little bit slip at the party, he told everyone there where find the whole mess of information in one easily accessible spot. Lois never tried for it until 3 days before she went to press.

Another screen showed a trashy looking woman who claimed to be Lois and Bigg's neighbor and best friend.  She explained that, as the walls of the cheap apartment were thin as tissue, she heard Lois confess her identity after her third orgasm. By her fifth the reporter swore she wouldn't pursue the story further if Bigg kept fucking her.  After Lois moved in and the friendship grew strong, the reporter confessed everything to the woman. She went on to say that Lois shared everything with this woman from there on including the fact that the unsolicited information of the location of incriminating files was the first she thought of the investigation since calling her editor to say she was undercover, to when when Biggs quit the gang, to when after weeks of thought she was going after the files as a stalling tactic until she and Biggs could plan their escape together.

Each screen told a different story and they all messed together with the precision of a Swiss watch.  Where every other soul on the planet looked at the coverage and rightfully believed that no one could possibly fake all this data, Lex knew in his unparalleled mind that the undeniable weight of facts proved that it was all lies!  As Lex continued to enjoy a deceptive artistry that impressed even him, his office phone rang.  The touch screen displayed a message he didn't think possible; the call was from an untraceable encrypted phone line.  Lex picked up the phone and growled "I'm unused to uninvited interruptions but I must admit a certain interest in your accomplishment even getting through to me.  You have 30 seconds.  Make it good."

The man on the other end of the phone rumbled amicably in an Eastern European accent "I would not disturb you without something of interest.  My comrades have problem with blue boyscout. Were we to bring our conflict to a place only known to a... motivated person, would that be interesting enough?  Entertaining perhaps?"  Luthor smile evilly as he informed his secretary he was not to be disturbed.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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