Janet, the new Queen Bee

by Drake G. Reaper
Storyline The full Hucow Database
Previous Chapter Natasha continues her induction of Jan into a queen bee.

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Awakening from her trance Jan feels the changes to herself and her mind. "Nat could you be a dear and get me some honey."

"Sure thing Jan I'll be right back." Natasha replies.

"That's your Majesty you pathetic little spider." Jan says arrogantly.

"Of course your MaJesty." Natasha says bowing.

Watching the insignificant spider leave Jan goes to her wardrobe putting together an outfit that's a combination between 18th century royalty and leather dominatrix. Looking herself over Jan is wearing a black and yellow Victorian era dress made of leather, that's open at the front showing off her legs which are encased in black and yellow thigh high boots with a 6-inch heels. Natasha returns with the honey seeing Jan's new outfit.

"Kneel before your queen you pathetic spider!" Jan yells at Natasha.

"Yes your Majesty." Natasha says  kneeling in front of Jan in fear.

"Tell me you inferior spider who do you obey and where did you obtain this database?" Queen Jan asks.

"I obtained it from Mistress Daisy your Majesty." Natasha answers.

"I see and just who is this Mistress Daisy?" Queen Jan asks.

"Mistress Daisy is my mistress she gave me the database to have the Avengers and SHIELD under her control in exchange I hope Mistress Daisy will make me a sex kitten." Natasha tell Queen Jan.

"I see unfortunately I decide what you will be you are my slave as you are an Avenger and the Avengers are mine. Now pledge your loyalty to me or I will punish you quite severely" Queen Jan informs Natasha  pulling out a paddle to punish the disloyal.

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