Queen Jan starts to take over the Avengers

by Anzaleth
Storyline The full Hucow Database
Previous Chapter Janet, the new Queen Bee

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Natasha squealed as Queen Jan paddled her disobedient slave's ass.

As Jan did so, she thought of the other Avengers. 

Of course many should be turned into her bee drones, slaves utterly dedicated with serving their queen in every way possible, especially in feeding her delicious nectar and fucking her, pumping their queen so full of seed that she lays eggs full of her beautiful, beautiful children.

But as she was royalty, Queen Jan felt she deserved other things as well. She deserved some handsome horses she could ride and who could pull her chariot. She deserved loyal dogs to guard her and a royal kitten to sit on her lap. She deserved a menagerie of strange creatures that she could have all sorts of delicious fun with.

Yes, which Avengers should be her drones and which her pets? Decisions, decisions.

"UHHHHH, my queeeeen!" Natasha shrieked as the Queen Bee continued to paddle her spider's now bright red ass. 

* * *


Daisy moaned as she lay on the bed, being fucked in every hole by her handsome pack.

This felt soooo nice.

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