The Fantastic Four are struck by the blue light transforming while at a conference.

by Gorel
Storyline Marvel Wendigos
Characters Fantastic Four
Category Marvel Growth Transformation Mind Control
Previous Chapter At a 5 star New York resturant, Mr. and MRS. Parker sit down for dinner...

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Susan Richards sighed in boredom as she sat at her seat at the table with her husband and friends, the Fantastic Four. They had been invited to a conference of research and sciences here in New York and so far by looking at the drawn faces of Ben, her brother and even her husband none of them wanted to be there... Well now at least. Reed was ecstatic when he and the others were given the invitation but now that they've been here for over an hour it looked less like an unveiling of new inventions and more like the hot air blowing of old stuffy university professors talking about their glory days.

“Hey Stretch, remind me to bring a magazine to these things next time they ask us up.”

Laying at the table with his arms crossed under his chin like a pillow Johnny tried for the life of himself to keep from yawning as the 70 year old man at the microphone went on and on... And on. “I have to admit I feel kind of jipped, why did they even invite us anyway?” Stifling a yawn of her own Susan leaned back to stretch her tired arms and answer her husband. “Because we went to the same university this blow hard works at.”


Just when they thought they'd fall asleep four blue lights shot out from the ceiling and began circling the hall room, hundreds of people panicked as the glowing spheres hovered over people before moving on, as if looking for something. “Reed! What are those?” Looking up with his glasses resting on his nose the man took out a small hand device in his pocket to scan the energy whipping over their heads. “I don't know Susan, its not showing up on the scanner, oh my...” Looking up as the four balls of energy stopped dead in the air, the Fantastic Four felt worried when they centred right over them. “Uh... Reed?” Before anyone them could react the four blue lights shot straight into them, causing a mass panic in the crowd as the Four squirmed and checked themselves over for anything injured or burned.

“Are you OK Susan? Guys?” Checking herself over and sighing in relief Susan slumped back down in her chair with Ben and Johnny doing the same seconds later when they felt nothing wrong. “Damn well gave me a heart attack there.” Looking up at the podium Ben started laughing. “Ha the mook is still talking, what is he blind and deaf?” Laughing right along with him Johnny looked over to the Thing and stopped when he noticed something odd. “Hey Ben did you change your hair?” “What hair? You know I don't have any... What?” Raising his stony fingers to his scalp, the blue eyed Thing found long blonde locks of hair growing out of his head. “Hey guys I've got HAIR! Speakin of hair, when did you and Reed go platinum Suzy?”

“What do you mean Ben?” Combing her fingers over her hair to pull it in front of her eyes Susan looked back in confusion at the silvery white hair between her fingers, looking at her hand she felt even more confused when she noticed the same coloured hair growing off her arm, her fingers sporting long black nails to go with it. Feeling a sudden rush go through her Susan Storm arched her back as her dress felt tight on her, looking down she yelped when a button popped off her dress, giving her expanding bust more room to expand. “Hey whats going on?” Worried Johnny as he looked down at his furry arms, his skin going chalk white as the seams of his suit burst around the shoulders and back, making way for his growing muscles. Leaning forward the Human Torch grimaced as a tail shot out from behind him, whipping back and forth like a cat's as the rest of the Four when through their own growth and changes. “What's happening?” Growled Ben as his stoney exterior softened, no longer covered in rocky skin he now had orange skin and hair over his nine foot tall stocky frame, his own tail accidentally smacking a woman in the back of the head behind him.

“Feels like I'm burning up, this can't be natural!” Standing up from his chair Reed held his sides as his coat and button shirt tore off him in rags, his pants tearing apart as his limbs swelled with muscle and power, now over eight feet tall himself he looked over to the panicking crowd as he and the rest of the Fantastic Four had been transforming before their eyes. Susan moaned as her hips grew wider, her chest heaving as her breasts nearly doubled in size, pulling off what was left of her ill fitting dress the beast woman growled as she felt her arms bulge with muscle, four new breasts plumped out from under her original pair, giving her six tits to squeeze and fondle as the others out grew their own clothing.

“So hungry all of a sudden, can smell... Everything around me, guys we gotta...We gotta.. We... Wendigo!!!” Howling together with their leader the Fantastic Four had transformed into a pack of monsters, tossing their table away like it was a child's toy as they looked to the crowd of people scrambling at the door. “Heh... Look at that, the idiot is still talking up there.”

Smiling to reveal a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and fangs Reed looked to the others “Well then lets give him reality check.”

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