Marvel Wendigos

by Gorel
Storyline Marvel Wendigos
Category Marvel Mind Control Transformation Growth
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Hovering over the shores of New York city the SHIELD heli-carrier cleared the landing of one of its transport shuttles as it came back from the city below with a special passenger, stepping out once they touched foot on the flight deck a robed man and several guards made their way into the massive flying ship. “This way Sir, Director Fury is waiting for you in the containment cell.” Nodding with a smile the man followed them inside, travelling down elevators and hallways to a heavily guarded room locked up in such a way he wondered if the hulk could get out. Standing with his back to the guards and visitor Nick Fury waited as Doctor Strange approached.

“Hello Mr. Fury, for what reasons have you come to my aid? Don't tell me one of your men has run a fowl of some terrible voodoo.” Swiping an access card over the vault door security scanner the massive metal doors ground open. “No I've asked you to come to help deal with a problem we finally caught on the Canadian border.” Stepping into the room the magician gasped at what he found. Bound and gagged on a stretcher with its limbs connected to powerful restraints at all four corners of the room was the savage Wendigo, the mindless man-eater snarling as it tried to free itself from the manacles that held it. Stepping around the white furred creature to get a better look at it Doctor Strange flicked a finger over the shackles binding its limbs. “Pym and Banner designed this place just in case the Hulk went on an uncontrollable rampage, believe me the Wendigo is NO Hulk!” The creature's limbs were pinned by a powerful magnetic field pulling his arms and legs taught with incredible force. “So if you have it properly contained why am I here?”

“The Wendigo wasn't a genetic accident or a fluke in radiation poisoning, its a shamanistic curse that's done quite a bit of damage, now that we have him I want you to lift it once and for all.”

“A challenge then? Well how can I refuse such? This will take some considerable skill... Give me five minutes!”

As the monster growled and snarled at the master magician Doctor Strange began muttering his incantations, gesturing with his hands as his spells began taking effect, pointing towards the monster it suddenly lurched as if in pain, arching its back as a blue light began to leech out of its chest. Chanting louder as the air began to churn from some unknown winds more light was pulled out of the Wendigo, and as more was leeched out the creature began to shrink. In a few seconds the massive 10 foot tall beast was shrinking down to half that size, its fur receding and falling out as the tail, horns and claws retracted and disappeared. Its roars and growls grew weaker as its savage sounds were being replaced with the exhausted moans of a man. By the time the blue light had fully been pulled out of the man it hovered above Doctor Strange's hands like a glowing basketball. “Done.”

“Wha... Where am I?” Asked the man being pulled up by the magnetic shackles on his arms, his tired eyes looking everywhere and widened when he found he was naked, right before a guard put a rescue blanket over him and shut off the restraints. “Paul Cartier? Congratulations your free of the curse.” Smiling at the confused man as he was helped to a chair to sit, Doctor Strange held the ball of blue energy in his hands and kept it there. “What's the problem Strange, shouldn't that go away or something?”

“I'm afraid not Commander Fury, the curse is incredibly powerful and ancient, although if I put some more effort into it I could weaken it to the point of...” Using his magic powers Strange made the attempt to destroy the curse, the sphere of blue energy crackled and sparked as it slowly broke up and splintered into smaller versions of itself. “NO!” Losing control for a brief second the dozen or so little balls of blue light shot out in every direction out through the walls. “What the hell happened?

“The curse couldn't be destroyed... I managed to weaken and divide it but it couldn't be destroyed, I'm sorry Fury but in my attempts to free a man from being a monster I may have in turn cursed a dozen or more to be so...”

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