At a 5 star New York resturant, Mr. and MRS. Parker sit down for dinner...

by Gorel
Storyline Marvel Wendigos
Characters Spider-Man Mary Jane Watson
Category Marvel Growth Transformation Mind Control
Previous Chapter Panic at the X-Mansion

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Peter was having the night of his life, all the money he saved up for tonight had gone to a fancy diner with his wife Mary Jane. Walking into the restaurant hand in hand the couple were led to a table for two and were offered drinks while they waited for their meals. “You look gorgeous MJ, that dress is just painted on you.” Showing and posing in her chair MJ smiled as she lavished in the backless black dress that showed off her bust and legs. “Thanks Tiger, can't wait to dig in.”

Waiting a few minutes longer for their meal to arrive Peter suddenly felt his spider sense go off, the feeling of intense danger railing in his head just as a pair of bright blue lights flashed through the window of the restaurant. The group of patrons cried out in surprise as the two orbs floated around the large eatery before stopping over the couple at the corner booth. In a flash both orbs of energy shot straight into Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, shutting their eyes they prepared for the worst, after a few seconds they opened their eyes to find nothing wrong and nothing harmed.

“I wonder what that was about, you OK Petey?” Checking himself over the man looked around and shrugged his shoulders, even his spider sense had stopped ringing, so he assumed all was well. By the time their food had arrived everyone had gone back to eating and talking, with the couple eyeing their food anxiously as it was set in front of them. “I don't know about you Tiger but I'm feeling starved.” taking their utensils they started on their prime steaks, diving into their plates they ate like they hadn't eaten in days, practically inhaling their meat and potatoes Peter called a waiter down to get seconds while MJ drank down their entire pitcher of water.

As they waited for another round of food, both began eyeing the tables next to them. Licking their lips they were starting to lose patience when Peter caught something strange when he looked back at his wife. “Hey MJ... When did you dye your hair platinum?” Caught off guard from the question the woman pulled her long hair forward to look at it and blinked when she found her ruby red hair changed to an almost silvery white.” Looking up she gave him a funny look. “Me? Look at you, your hair is grey.” Confused at the strange development they were lost in thought until they heard a distinct ripping sound. Looking over his shoulder Peter found his suit jacket had burst open from behind, his sleeves following seconds later as his arms out grew them. “What the hell?”

Standing up in shock MJ looked down at herself as a sheen of white hair began to spread down her body, followed by her muscles growing bigger and stronger. By now the entire restaurant was staring as the two began to grow right out of their cloths, sprouting fur over their bodies as their muscles expanded. MJ gapsed in releif as her dress snapped open, falling to her clawed feet as she grew taller as well as stronger. “Feels like I'm burning up!” Grabbing hold of the table with her clawed hands to support herself the now 8 foot tall beast woman moaned as a tail grew out from behind her, whipping back and forth like a cat's as her chest heaved to make room for two extra pair of breasts swelling under her original pair. Peter had it the worst as he started changing differently from his wife, free of his shirt and jacket the man moaned in discomfort as four extra arms started pushing their way out of him, lining down his sides until he had six arms in all. Licking his blackened lips he winced as his incisors grew into dripping fangs. “Wha... What's happening... Wha... Wha...WENDIGO!!!!”

Calming down from the changes both Spider Man and MJ looked around the restaurant and smiled as they eyed the tables and the people sitting terrified around them. “We're still HUNGRY!”

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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