"...how we can best serve and please you?"

by aspiringactor
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters Ms. Marvel Spider-Man
Category Body Modification M/F Nudism Female Dom
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"...how we can best repay you," Captain Carol said innocently. Understandably, Peter had his doubts as to whether or not this was actually happening. Here he had not one, but five Carol Danvers floating outside his window, each with an exposed bust. If it wasn't for his experience with MJ, who was a supermodel, he would have already blown his load. 

"I think I know how to repay him," Binary Carol said with a smirk as she began to toy with her breasts, "Anyone else got the same idea?"

"I think I do," Civilian Carol said as she moved to the window. With one hand, she broke the anti-theft lock and entered rather casually, as if this was her own apartment. She threw off the remains of her shirt, which he recognized as the jersey she had been wearing when he asked her out on a date. The other four Carols soon piled into the room through the open window. 

"Don't worry Peter,"Original Carol said with a light, devilish smirk as she seductively removed her outfit. "We'll pay for the window. And for these....gifts. In more ways than one."

"Or five," Classic Carol cut in as she removed her sash. Peter's heart began to race as he pinched himself. 'God,' he thought, 'if this is a joke or a dream or some twisted game, then you're a complete asshole. Got it?' His train of thought was cut off by Binary Carol picking him up from his chair and bracing him against the wall. He recovered quickly from the jolt in his body, namely due to the fact that she was rubbing her hands all over his body as Original Carol removed his clothes. Classic Carol and Civilian Carol helped each other undress, while Captain Carol moved towards his computer. Which alarmed him slightly, given that his hard drive had several nude pictures of her, and an amateur video starring a woman dressed in her classic outfit.

"...wait..." he moaned as Binary Carol's right hand teased his crotch. "You might not-"

"I know about the pictures," Captain Carol replied as Peter watched her open up the Master PC program. "We own the site. It's a nice source of income. You actually paid for the outfit I'm wearing."

"Just another thing we have to repay you for," Original Carol whispered into his ear seductively. 

"Then what are we waiting for?" Classic Carol smiled as she waltzed over, completely nude, making it slightly harder for Peter to not blow his load. 'This could be an Olympian sport,' he thought as Original Carol ripped his jeans off. 

"Sis, you're going to miss all the fun," Civilian Carol said as she draped her arms over Captain Carol's shoulders. "I know you want a go at him too. Stop playing on the computer and let's all take him for a ride."

"We can each lift over a hundred tons with one arm," Captain Carol replied, "I think one of us alone could break every bone in his body without trying or by accident. I'm just altering his invulnerability and healing abilities so that no one kills him. I don't think anyone wants that."

"Well hurry up," Classic Carol said as she began kissing his neck, "I'm soaking already."

"Carol....Carols..." he said with a moan as he felt three pairs of hands roaming his body. "I don't want to force you to-" he began. 

"But we want to," all five Carols replied in unison. 

"Done," Captain Carol said as she began to remove what remained of her clothing. "with a few...adjustments," she smirked as she faced Original Carol. Peter looked down, only to see that his erect manhood now stretched to a full eight inches. He figured Captain Carol had done that, and maybe even adjusted his libido, as he felt himself becoming even more turned on. If that was even possible with five post-supermodel bodied women standing naked in his room. 

Suddenly, he was pulled from his place on the wall and thrown onto the floor. Before he could react, Civilian Carol (at least he thought it was her. They would need to figure out some sort of system so that he could tell them apart.) sat on his face with such force that proved he had been altered in some way. As Civilian Carol began to grind him, he felt something wet trace across his balls as someone slid underneath his ass. He shifted his gaze to the side and saw the two Carols with the shortest hair splitting off from the group and entertaining themselves. Then came the biggest jolt of the day. He felt something warm wrap around his enhanced manhood. gazing just past Civilian Carol's luscious left leg, he saw Binary Carol moving up and down his reproductive organ.

"Come on, Pete," Civilian Carol smirked as she continued to grind his face. "Show us how 'amazing' you really are!" Not one to disappoint, he moved one arm up to fondle Civilian Carol's breasts as he slipped his other into her snatch, which was soaking wet. He saw her eyes light up with pleasure as the tiny barbs that allowed him to cling to walls worked their magic on her insides. He felt her vagina begin to heat up as she rhythmically bobbed up and down, panting as she did so. The wet feeling on his balls changed to a caressing one. And he felt Binary Carol lift herself off his penis, only to begin a blowjob, as Classic Carol began to toy with Binary's pussy with her free hand. 

"Oh Peter...oh Peter....OH PETER!" Civilian Carol screamed as hot liquid sprayed over his face. He felt her legs twitch and she shot upwards and backwards, crashing right into the computer, which still had the Master PC program on.  

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Evva, of course Babs is going to be Dick's harem lover. The real fun is in getting her to beg him to make her one.
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The Legends of Belial is a universe created by Demon-man. They've got a forum that will have all the info you need it's an 18 plus forum so you need to register. https://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/index.php?login=1
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good chapter GAV. This chapter made me curious if Babs will join the harem or not.
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Jtreat :) really liked how the story started :)
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Interesting zig zags at the moment, GAV. Will she, won't she... be in the harem.
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Posted another chapter, please leave feedback.
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
Gorel - 5/13/2018 9:40 PM
There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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