It turns another female into a devoted Peter sex-slave

by aspiringactor
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters Ms. Marvel Spider-Man
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Across New York, Susan Storm-Richards sat at her desk, going over a series of papers when a wave of arousal washed over her body. She suddenly had no more lust for her husband, instead her affections fell on a certain wall-crawling vigilante. Not wanting to wait, she rushed to her room and grabbed the dildo she kept under her bed and began to vigorously masturbate.

Peter's Apartment

"It's not broken," he said to the assembled Carols. They where all still naked and drenched with sweat and the smell of sex. 'I got lucky there,' he thought as he put the computer back on the desk. 'I should make it so that it can't be broken. Or accessed by anyone else....except them,' he thought as he remembered the changes Captain Carol had made to his body, which had probably saved his life, and would save his life in the future. And not just from the wild sex, but also maybe from bullets and knives.

"Thank god," Original Carol said as she wiped her brow free of sweat. "It'd be a shame if that thing got broken or stolen or something."

"Which is why," Peter said as he keyed in a series of commands in the program. "I've made it indestructible. And so that no one else can access it, except you five or me."

"That's one of the things I love about you," The Carol he assumed was Classic Carol, "you're so smart," she sighed as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. "I wish I could stay here with you...and me's forever."

"Well..." he said as he stood up and looked at the drop-dead gorgeous group of women before him. "Four of you can," he said as he turned to face Captain Carol, "seeing as there was only one of you this morning. Unfortunately," he began, only to be cut off by Captain Carol.

"I get it," Captain Carol said as she caressed his cheek with her palm. "I'll need a new outfit," she smiled, "and seeing as my site's best customer is well...no longer going to be paying me...."

"We can fix that," Civilian Carol said with a smirk. She was the only one who had begun to re-dress herself. Albeit only in an old shirt of his, which barely came down to her belly-button, a sight which he enjoyed thoroughly. she proceeded to move past him and typed in a command. With a tiny POP! six separate outfits appeared around the room. One for each occupant, including Peter. He watched as each Carol slipped into her respective outfit, smirking at their seductive movements.

"I'm gonna need you to keep up appearances with the Avengers," he said as he sauntered over to Captain Carol. "But if I can make it up to you..."

"You are," she whispered into his ear as she smiled. She turned and made her way towards the window, flaunting her defined ass as she did so. "I'll be back in a few hours. Don't run yourself dry while I'm gone." She said before flying out the window. A pair of soft hands wrapped around his body, and he turned to face the remaining Carols. Binary Carol sat on his desk chair, with Classic Carol sitting on the floor to her left. Original Carol stood in the corner of the room. At his side was his favorite of the little Harem, Civilian Carol. She had begun to stroke his flaccid penis, distracting him slightly as he realized what else he could change with his computer. His apartment was to small, especially for six people to live in comfortably. And he knew he couldn't afford to feed them all. He would need a new place to live, and money. Lots of it. And he knew just how to get it. 

He moved to the computer and began to type. The first thing he changed was the fact that no one aside from himself or the Carols would notice something was different. Everyone would just accept that Spider-man had his own personal army of super-heroines. But he made sure that no one would know that they where all the same person, that they where Ms Marvel. He then made it so that he was even richer than Tony Stark and Norman Osborne combined.

With his new money, he bought out the Daily Bugle and Oscorp in less than a minute. He also bought out the largest penthouse in the city, one that was twice the size of Tony Stark's. He contemplated using the computer to move his belongings to his new place, but realized it would be a waste of time, given that all members of his harem could fly and lift tanks. And speaking of his harem.....

"Have fun," he said as he motioned to Civilian Carol, indicating that she could make any changes she wanted. 

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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