A Wonder Woman walks into a fetish club...

by ESchorcho
Storyline Wonder Woman: Reign of the Rubber Queen
Characters Wonder Woman
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Diana Prince stood at the doorway of the fetish club and took it all in.  The place was enormous, and to the naked eye looked like a typical nightclub.  It had different levels and areas, a bar, a stage with two stripper poles and a large dance floor located at the center of it all with bright colored lights flashing this way and that.  Diana normally shied away from these kinds of places but tonight duty called.

And tonight things were definitely out of sorts.  She took in the clientele and it made her strong Amazonian stomach turn.  The large room was full of men and women dancing, drinking, kissing, talking and relaxing.  They all wore skin-tight rubber, leather, latex or PVC outfits in mostly black but a few other colors were thrown in here and there.  The sexual outfits were all glossy and shiny and when they caught the light Diana could see how it clung to their bodies like that of a second skin.  Her striking blue eyes behind prudish glasses darted from left to right and saw that long, dramatic heeled boots with sharp heels were the norm for the women as they thrust out their swaying asses and breasts as they strutted around to the sound of the hard, throbbing industrial music.  Diana gasped when she noticed that some of the patrons, both men and women alike, were being led around like pets.  Some on leashes and others being stroked like a cherished kitten.  The dominant looking fetishists reclined on cushioned couches and divans being attended to by those that served them who wore glossy slave collars.  Some rested their feet on the backs of their charges, while most were being fawned and fondled by those standing around them.

Diana’s conservative mind couldn’t believe what she was watching was real, and it made her stomach turn with disgust.  Out of the corner of her eye, Diana saw a figure approaching her.

“Well look who’s not in Kansas anymore.” Came the breathy voice of a young woman with a messy platinum blonde bob hairstyle.  She wore thigh-high black latex boots with seven-inch heels that increased her petite height, red latex hot pants and a black latex tube top that encased her straining large breasts.  The slutty girl wore a rubber collar around her neck to complete her fetishized look.

“Oh, you must mean how I’m dressed.  I do admit that I look out of place here.  I’m sorry but my car broke down, my cell died and I was hoping to use your phone to call Triple A.  But if there is going to be any trouble…” Diana lied, but was quickly cut off as the girl held a two-inch black fingernail up to Diana’s full lips.

"No trouble at all, sweetie.” The girl gasped, “Of course you can use our phone.  Let me take your coat and please wait right here.  I’ll be back shortly with our phone and a drink on the house.  I can tell you’ve had quite the night.”

Diana managed to work up some fake tears, smiled warmly and thanked the girl.  She was surprised at how welcoming the girl was, especially with how conservatively she was dressed.  A white belted sweater, black pants, a long designer trench-coat with her hair pulled tight into a bun and her conservative glasses that made up her disguise as the human Diana Prince was about as far from the sexually changed outfit of the girl and the patrons as she could have gotten.  It helped her blend into Men’s World, as opposed to the more daring look of her true identity of Diana of Themyscira, known throughout the world as Wonder Woman.

‘I’m going to have a word for Steve Trevor and his staff when I get back to the office tomorrow!’ Diana thought, as the full-figured girl stepped behind her and helped her out of the long coat.  Diana felt a twinge of anxiety pass through her when she could have sworn she felt the girl’s dainty hands brush over her backside.  The fact that a girl dressed in a latex fetish outfit would be overly familiar with a total stranger didn’t surprise Diana after she thought about it for a few seconds.  She must be a complete exhibitionist!

“Here, have a seat at our entrance.  I don’t think you’ll be bothered here and I’ll be back shortly.  What kind of drink do you want, Miss?” the girl asked.

“It’s Diana, and I’ll have a Chardonnay if you don’t mind.  A drink is exactly what I need right now.” Diana said, smiling warmly as she watched the girl nod her head and then strut away.  Her ass swayed dramatically to the music pumping throughout the club.

Diana sat with her arms folded in front of her and looked around for a short while.  She needed to check for security cameras, bouncers or if any of the patrons were looking at her.  When she realized her presence at the club was being completely ignored she stood up and started to study the interior of the club.  Diana saw a hostess station where she first walked in and began rummaging through some of the papers to see if anything felt out of place.  When that didn’t turn up any results, she turned to look at the club again.  She hoped to find anyone who looked like they were out of place or was guilty of shady behavior.

‘Good work, Diana,’ the tall Amazonian chided herself, ‘You’re the only one here who stands out like a sore thumb and by Hera, there is so much shady business going on in this club to send all of these people straight to Hades!’

As Diana walked closer to the short flight of stairs that would lead her to the main portion of the club, the platinum-haired girl stood watching her from across the club.  She tapped the small Bluetooth headset on her ear and spoke.

“Am I serving you well, my Rubber Queen?” She breathed wantonly into the phone, her eyes growing lidded with desire.

“You are doing so well, my sweet Haley.  Play along with Agent Diana Prince and soon she will be my slave just as you have become.  Pour the drug into her drink and you will start Diana on her path to serving me at my side.  You do this for your Rubber Queen and I can assure you will be rewarded, my darling.” The low, feminine voice of the Rubber Queen spoke into the headset and wrapped around Haley’s body like that of a skilled lover.  The girl closed her heavily painted eyes, tilted her head back and sighed as a trickle of her juices gushed from her shaved twat and got caught in her skintight short-shorts.

“Yesss, my Rubber Queen!  Your will be done.” Haley hissed as her head snapped forward and she focused her attention on Diana.  The bartender handed Haley a vile of clear liquid and she licked her lips slowly as she poured all of it into Diana’s glass of wine.

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