Diana is drugged

by ESchorcho
Storyline Wonder Woman: Reign of the Rubber Queen
Characters Wonder Woman
Category DC
Previous Chapter A Wonder Woman walks into a fetish club...

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Diana knew that she had to stick out like a sore thumb in the fetish club, and that meant that she would have to work fast.  She needed to find some evidence that government secrets were being traded in this club.  She knew from the second she walked into the place that her conservative style of dress was not going to fly with the patrons and that it would only make her job that much harder.

From the entrance Diana looked into the club and surveyed the scene before her.  She couldn’t believe the bad information she had been given by the supposed elite government agency she worked for.  They had told her this was just your common, every day nightclub.  Had she been dressed for a fetish club she could have blended in much better, but in the meantime she would just have to observe things from afar.

Things went on in the club much the same as they did when Haley first left her.  The patrons danced, drank and some were engaged in more sexual activities in the dark corners of the club.  Diana turned her noses up at the mere sight of the rubber-bound patrons, but duty did call and she would just have to put up with it.  Her attention shifted from the corners of the bar where the lewd escapades were going on and back to the bar.  That was when she thought she caught sight of a familiar face.  She had never met the short man but she did recognize him from the agency.  Well, he never wore rubber pants at work but Diana knew at this fetish club she was as far away from the regimented life the agency offered as she could be.  If memory served Diana he was a pencil pusher, someone who specialized in ciphering through information and had never seen a second of field-work.  Could this be the mole in their operation?

She kept watching the man who despite his rubber-clad appearance seemed uncomfortable and out of place in the club.  He kept tugging at the tight pants, as well as fidgeting whenever a man or a woman would brush past him.  Diana thought this was odd, but was soon interrupted when she felt the hand tap her on her shoulder.  She spun around, flustered at being caught starring into the main portion of the club, and looked down as Haley looked her over.

“I knew that curiosity would get the better of you!” Haley murmured, handing the glass of wine to Diana, “Here, considered it on the house.”

“Thank you!” Diana smiled, taking a drink from the glass.

She looked back at the bar and saw that her potential mole had vanished.  There was a twinge of disappointment at this, but it was cut short when she felt her entire head buzz as if electricity were being sent through her body.

“Are you alright, Miss?” Haley asked, with a knowing glare.  The look on her face had shifted from cheery and welcoming to conniving and sinister.  She stepped closer to Diana and took the taller woman’s hand with the wine in it.  “Perhaps more wine will clear that head of yours.”

"Mmmm, my name is Diana,” The tall Amazon groaned, complying with the latex-clad girl and raised the glass to her lips and took a long drink.  The buzzing in her head continued but she was beginning to feel so much more relaxed.  This did nothing for her balance as she almost fell over, but caught herself at the last minute.  “Oh, Hera!  That wine is so good!”

Haley chose to ignore that Hera remark and continued, playing along with the drugged woman, “And the phone you requested, Diana.”

“Phone?  What on earth would I need a phone for?” Diana asked, her cover story had quickly been erased from her mind.  Subconsciously, Diana began to gyrate her hips to the hard, throbbing music.

“It must be my mistake.  How silly of me.” Haley cooed, seeing Diana’s eyes turn glassy and her body start to respond to the loud music.  The tall raven-haired woman couldn’t help but turn her head to the dance floor.  Haley’s thickly painted lips curled into a knowing smile.  She was well aware how the drugs were having the desired effect on Diana’s resistance, sapping it away into nothing.

“I see you seem distracted by our dance floor,” Haley purred, slipping her arm around Diana’s waist and pulling the tall woman close.  Diana kept looking at the dance floor with a new sense of longing in her gorgeous blue eyes and nodded slowly.  Haley smiled at this and continued, “It’s just a shame you’re dressed like a spinster coming out of Sunday mass.  Or else you could go out there and join in the fun.  If only you fit in here, Diana.  If only you were like the rest of us.”

“Fit in here,” Diana sighed, now fully enraptured by the patrons on the dance floor whose clothes clung to them like a second skin.  Her pussy had began to beat in time with the music, “Be like you…”

“Oh, Diana you poor thing.  If only you were dressed from head to toe in shiny, sleek, skintight rubber.  What can we do?” Haley sing-songed, tapping her front teeth with a long black fingernail and looked like she was in deep thought.  Her hands then slipped down to grip Diana’s firm round ass and they continued to rise up the tall woman’s body until they were firmly cupping the tall raven-haired beauty’s large breasts.  A wanton moan escaped Diana’s lips as she gyrated her hips back into Haley’s latex-ceiled pussy.  Haley grinned at this, knowing full well that she could get Diana to do anything at that moment.

“You know, Diana,” Haley purred, now dancing lewdly with Diana at the front of the club, “If you were nude, I’m sure you could fit right in.  It might be a bit of stretch for some of our more hard-lined enthusiasts, but with a little coaxing, they may accept you.  You would like, that wouldn’t you, Diana?  To fit in?”

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