Continue inside Black Widow's mind as a dream-version of Mistress Mindfuck restores a far more sexual Natasha Romanov and starts to influence the former Avenger's mind more and more

by ESchorcho
Storyline Bimbotech
Characters Black Widow Emma Frost
Category Mind Control F/F Marvel
Previous Chapter What has been going on inside of Black Widow's mind as she is inside the Bod-Mod tank?

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"Natasha," a low, seductive voice called out through the void.

The Black Widow's eyes opened and her breath immediately caught in her throat.  She had been restored.  Natasha Romanoff had no idea how it happened, but she again found herself floating naked in the same rosy-hued world as before the blinding white light had consumed her.  Yet, when she looked around she noticed that the once pink fog had taken on a more crimson tone.

"Hmmm, Natasha," the voice called out again.  This time it was more drawn out and sounded more like a sexual moan to the Widow's receptive ears.  The redheaded Avenger felt an excited thrill shoot down her spine and closed her eyes, welcoming the erotic feelings the voice was bringing her way.  It was just as before, but instead of feeling confused, this time Natasha relished the voice and haze wrapping itself around her and taking her to higher and higher plains of ecstasy.

The voice panted her name again, and the redheaded Avenger looked around frantically for the source of the voice.  Finally, her eyes narrowed on the sight of a ghostly figure taking shape just before her in the swirling hazy clouds.  Her lips parted and she gasped in confusion at the phantom-like figure, but any anxiety that would have been brought on by the other-worldly sight was soon washed away thanks to the sounds of frenzied sounds of some lucky slut getting the fucking of her life.  The labored breaths seemed to resonate all around her, and soon Natasha found herself roaming her hands up and down her shapely body.  Her eyed were half-lidded and she licked what seemed like fuller lips than what she was accustomed to, fantasizing of herself being the fortunate whore on the receiving end of a mighty, meaty cock.  The Black Widow never noticed the ghostly image wrap itself around her before settling itself directly behind the lust-crazed Avenger.

The Black Widow's eyes snapped open wide and she gasped in shock when she felt the strange sensation of an enormous, cushioned pair of tits pressing into her bare back.  A sexy smile danced across Natasha's face and the once self-assured and brave heroine submissively raised her arms in the air.  It was an unspoken act of surrender, and the mysterious figure behind Natasha wasted no time in slipping its hands around the Avenger's supple torso to cup her magnificent tits.  The redhead cooed helplessly at the onslaught of pleasure brought on by the talented, ghostly hands.  Natasha tried to to tilt her head from side to side in an effort to see who was groping her heaving chest, but was quickly distracted by the feel of pouty lips kissing her neck and shoulder blades.  Natasha closed her eyes and moaned in ecstacy, leaning back into her mysterious lover's touch.

"Hmmmm, how do you feel, lover?" the now familiar purr of a voice whispered in the Black Widow's ear, before giving it a quick lick.

"So fucking good!" Natasha sighed.

"Submit to the pleasure I'm giving you!" the voice urged, kneading, teasing, pinching and groping the Avenger's pendulous tits, "Submit and you will feel this fucking good all the time.  Better even!"

The stranger's hands moved from her tits to play with her sopping wet pussy.  Natasha whipped her head back, her mane of deep red hair whipping back with it, and wailed like a banshee.  The Black Widow didn’t think as she parted her thighs to give whomever was molesting her so wonderfully the best possible access to her aching snatch.  It was basic instinct.  The ghostly image wasted no time at all in fingerfucking the helpless and submissive heroine.  The Avenger had no idea how long this lasted, and frankly she no longer gave a shit.  All that mattered to her was the pleasure building between her thighs.  Finally, Natasha opened her eyes, and held back another desperate scream of pleasure.  Her pretty face took on a grin of wicked, sexual debasement and she knew she had made up her mind.

"Ahhhhrrrggg!" Natasha screamed, through gritted teeth, "Oh, yessss!  I submit!  Just...want to feel....so good!  So...fucking...good!"

The orgasm tore through her at her cries of acceptance, and for an instant Natasha fell back into the round, cushioned tits behind her.  To Natasha, though, it lasted only mere seconds.  Before she had time to react, the superspy was spun around so the dazed Avenger was now face-to-face with her mysterious lover.  Natasha's half-lidded eyes grew wide in shocked realization.  Even in the blissful afterglow of her orgasm and her softened mind, she recognized the statuesque platinum-blonde that was taking corporeal form in front of her.  It was the infamous mutant telepath, Emma Frost.  But the voluptuous woman with the impossibly large tits, narrowed waist and rounded hips and ass standing before her bore little resemblance to the model-like slim figure that once belonged to the female X-Man Natasha had been wary of ever since her days as a member of the Hellfire Club.

Before the Black Widow could study any more changes to Emma Frost, the slutty mutant pulled the Avenger in for a long, sensuous kiss.  Their tongues danced in one another's mouths, and Emma's mouth-waterinly enormous tits mashed into Natasha's smaller pair.

Emma finally broke the kiss and looked down at Natasha, who whimpered lustfully, "Hmm, Emma..."

Emma put a perfectly-manicured finger to Natasha's lips to quiet the bewildered woman, "Don't you remember our time at Bimbotech, sweetie?  The name is Mistress Mindfuck now."

"Bimbotech?" Natasha asked.  She had dim memories of sneaking into a building with the initials B.T. after something had gone wrong with Pepper Potts and Victoria Hand.

"Bimbotech, Natasha," Mindfuck purred, slowing tracing her painted fingernail down the redhead's throat.  The Black Widow trembled at the sensation.  She didn't know if it was Mistress Mindfuck or if it was this place, but her body was alive with pleasure, "Bimbotech helps women like us find their true place in life."

"And what is that, Mistress Mindfuck?" Natasha asked.

"A woman's place is on her knees, of course!" Mindfuck murmured, as a wide smile graced her heavily made-up face.  She gently cupped Natasha's chin and turned the heroine's gaze to the side and to the Avenger's surprise a scene revealed itself out of the mist.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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