What has been going on inside of Black Widow's mind as she is inside the Bod-Mod tank?

by ESchorcho
Storyline Bimbotech
Characters Black Widow Emma Frost
Category Marvel Bimboization Body Modification Mind Control
Previous Chapter Follow Ms. Marvel as she is strapped into a BTI conversion chair and her reprogramming begins

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Natasha Romanoff opened her eyes and found herself floating completely naked in a pink haze.  She was unaware of how long she had been in this strange, otherworldly place and it came as a bit of a shock to her usually duty-first mind that she frankly didn’t care.  Any and all cares the redheaded Avenger had seemed to melt away in the pink fog that had become her world.  There was something in the back of Natasha’s mind that pulled at her sense of responsibility.  It was something about a mission that had gone wrong, but whenever her mind seemed to get a hold on it some unknown force purged it out almost immediately.  When that did happen, the Black Widow’s entire being was bathed in pure, carnal pleasure.

“My God, this is bliss!” Natasha cooed softly to herself.  She could hardly hear her breathier voice over the echoes of wanton female moans that first started out in the distance but then somehow came closer.  It was like this entire world was made of sexuality and a giddy smile tugged at the corners of Widow’s usual solemn mouth.  Whatever was happening to her, Natasha wasn’t fighting it.

As Natasha continued to float through the pink haze she closed her eyes and simply allowed the sensations of her new environment to overtake her senses.  It could have been seconds or hours between then and when Natasha finally took conscious note of her rose-tinted world again.  Time meant nothing to her here.  After what might have been an eternity, but was still far too soon for the dazed SHIELD agent’s mind, strong gusts of wind began to pick up all around her.  The stimulus on her sensitive skin made her eyes blink sleepily as she struggled to open them to see and try to make sense of what was going on around her.

The Avenger’s relaxed mind couldn’t tell what any of this meant, let alone this latest development.  She just continued to float along the pleasurable wind current as the gusts of air flew past her.  As time went on, Natasha thought she could hear a voice trying to break through the gale.  For the first time since entering this blissfully comforting realm Natasha’s brow furrowed in worry as the voice’s words escaped her understanding.  Suddenly, the wind blew harder in a loud, howling sound.  Yet, oddly, through this deafening noise the voice finally rang clear in the redhead’s ears.

“Natasha,” the voice called out in a seductive, feminine purr.  Natasha looked around for the source of the voice, but in her dazed mindset it seemed to sound like an intimate whisper, while at the same time was loud enough that it echoed all around her in the pink mist.

“Natasha…let me in,” the sweet, melodic tones begged.  Natasha couldn’t help sighing in reply as this time the voice caused a calming tingle at the base of her skull.  It was as if the words themselves were massaging her brain like the expert fingers of a masseuse.  At the same time those same fingers snaked their way around her body taking very delicate time and care to tease her naked breasts and bare sex.  The Black Widow let herself exhale a deep and sensual moan without care or thought, allowing the voice and the pleasure it gave her to consume her entire being.

“Yessssss!” Natasha purred in response, her eyes now half-lidded in absolute arousal.  With that simple word she had surrendered her will to whatever power was behind the voice, and instantly her body was flooded with what seemed like an eternity of mind-numbing pleasure.  Natasha’s breath caught in the back of her throat and her eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head.  She was being overwhelmed with so much pleasure that she could hardly make a sound.  It was just the soft cries and moans that could barely be heard over the whirling pink winds flowing past her.  Finally, she regained control of herself as sweat began to form on her forehead and frantic whimpers escaped her lips.  She was becoming overheated rapidly and in her fevered state she chalked it up to the barrage of euphoria that was assaulting her willing body and mind.

What Natasha couldn’t tell through her delirium, throughout all of this, was the space around her was becoming brighter and brighter as she became hotter and hotter.  As her level of arousal grew so did the temperature and brightness around her until the rosy hue of her world had given way to a molten-hot whiteness that had consumed her just as the pleasant pink fog had.  The bright light radiated with the same intensity as the heat of the gushing pussy juice between her slick thighs, but all this mattered not to the Black Widow.  By this point she was crying wantonly, her conscious mind completely crazed by the ecstasy pulsing through her with every beat of her heart.

Natasha had never felt so good and she finally felt the assault of pleasure and ecstasy was building to a crescendo.  Somehow she knew that her oncoming orgasm would change her, although she didn’t know how or why.  But to her dismay, something was holding her back.  It was then that somehow she knew what was missing and in her mind she called out to it.  She was instantly answered as the voice echoed around her yet again.

“CUM!  CUM FOR ME!!!!”

The mind-numbing orgasm tore through Natasha like a freight train.  She howled in rapture as the white-hot light overwhelmed her.  Her body shook violently as she screamed, drowning out the echoing winds.  Again, she didn’t know how long this went on, but she did know the pleasure never stopped.  She still sang out like a common whore as she noticed her body blending in with the light.  She and the light were becoming one, and a giddy smile spread over her face.

“Yes!  Yes!  YESSSSSSSSS!” Natasha cried out, and then she was gone, having been fully consumed by the light.


The scientist sitting monitoring her brain function sprang up from his seat, a combination of shock and panic on his face.  He looked around wildly for assistance at what he had just seen on his computer screen.  Then, he felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned to find Mr. Lorenz standing behind him.

“It’s Black Widow.  Her brainwaves just spiked in a way I’ve never seen.  That’s not supposed to happen.  Not in the Bod-Mod tank,” the scientist spoke, pointing at the screen, “This has never happened before!”

“Calm down, son.  We’re just trying something new,” Lorenz said, before gesturing to the Bod-Mod floor.  The scientist looked down and saw the big-titted, platinum-blonde bimbofied mutant sitting on the chair in front of the floating body of Natasha Romanoff sealed inside the Body Modification tank.  The technician saw that Natasha’s newly voluptuous body convulsed in the tank in obvious orgasm, which was something new for the normally sedentary Body Modification.  A smile formed at the corners of his mouth and he understood what was happening.

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