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Note: This chapter is the chapter of the original Bimbotech storyline on the addventure site; as it was written by Escorcho, I felt I should give appropriate credit here. Having been in contact and collaboration with him and others on the previous version of this storyline, I felt that it wouldn't be an issue, I still, however, felt it should be noted.

*The concept of the BimboTech idea was originated by a talented writer named The Sympathetic Devil. There is a BimboTech yahoo group, so check that out.* Also, this is meant to be a fanfic.*

The bright Los Angeles sun shown through the large windows of the BimboTech building, as its CEO, Mr. Fink, walked through the front lobby. Mr. Warren glanced over to the three secretaries that looked like they were in a daze. They all had vacant smiles on their overly made-up faces, and big, blonde hair. To the casual observer, these girls could have been overly slutty triplets. They all had huge tits, and wore tight leather mini skirts. When he acknowledged them, they erupted in a fit of giggles.

He continued to the main part of the office, and was greeted immediately by his personal secretary, Tittiefuck. Before the buyout, Tittiefuck was a rather brilliant scientist that dealt with using subliminal to help people quit smoking and kick other habits. She was a proud, independent African American woman, and never felt the need to have a man in her life. Her career was the most important thing. Her company dealt with all sorts of pharmaceutical products, and the woman now known as Tittiefuck served as company president.

Now however, the brilliant woman was much different. Mr. Fink had stolen her products, her technologies, and her company out from under her, and turned it into the BimboTech Company, BT as it is known to the public.

To say Tittiefuck had been dumbed down would be an understatement. Now the only thing she was an expert in was being used as a fuckdoll. Tittiefuck bounced in front of Mr. Fink, not hiding her excitement to see her master. She now sported enormously fake boobs. Her tight, bright yellow mini dress with a plunging neckline. Her rock hard nipples could easily be seen through the thin fabric. Large plastic hoop earrings dangled from her ears. Tittiefuck’s makeup was excessive, to say the least. Her black, glossy hair was teased very high, just to add to her slutty appearance.

“Good morning, Tittiefuck,” Mr. Fink said casually, as the black bimbo sunk to her stocking covered knees, and began to undo Fink’s belt. “Before you begin, what is on the agenda today?”

“Good morning, Master!” Tittiefuck giggled, freeing Fink’s cock. “Um, today, you, like, have to meet with the business people about the sexy heroines! Are you going to make them happy like me?”

Mr. Fink smiled at this. It had taken a while, but he now believed that he had the technology to not only change women into bimbos, but also now women with superpowers. His investors were going to meet with him today, and he knew that if this meeting was a success, he was going to become a very rich man.

Fink started to relax, as Tittiefuck used her full, shiny lips to give her master head. He knew there was much to do today, and he wouldn’t have a chance to give this bimbo a proper fucking. He would have to alert all his scientists that they would have to explain how their operation was done, and there was another important manner to deal with.

Running his hands through Tittiefuck’s large hair, guiding the black bimbo so he could take advantage of all of her talents. Mr. Fink began to set his plans in motion “Tittiefuck, I want all the girls ready for when our guests arrive. Tell them that no one is allowed to touch themselves until they arrive, and I want them looking as slutty as possible. If this means that the salon needs to be opened early today, so be it.”

Mr. Fink knew today would be a success, and soon, he would have nothing standing in his way. Yes, soon, anyone that wanted their women to be a bimbo would just have to take her to BimboTech, and she would emerge a happy, airheaded, slutty sex kitten that would be forever devoted to her master.

But, he thought idly, it still left the question of just what was waiting out there....

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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