As above but they are discovered while having sex.

by Regret
Storyline She Venom
Characters Black Cat Mary Jane Watson Spider-Woman She-Venom Carnage symbiote Mystique
Category F/F Corruption
Previous Chapter The two search for Spider-Man.

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"We should spread our gift to others." The newly corrupted Spider Woman said.

"We will sister, but there is no rush. You've yet to truly enjoy our union." MJ replied. Black Cat wrapped her arms around Spiderwoman caressing her body with sharp claws.

"Yes, no rush" Spiderwoman moaned in agreement at Black Cat's touch. Her symbiote skin moved at her mental command forming a black cock. MJ smiled at the sight and embraced Spiderwoman. She wrapped a leg around both Spiderwoman and Black Cat, pushing herself onto Spiderwoman's cock. Spiderwoman dug her talons into MJ's ass and thrust herself deeper. Black Cat grinned mischievously and sprouted a symbiote cock of her own. Black Cat plunged into Spiderwoman from behind matching her thrust with MJ. Moans of pleasure and monstrous grunts echoed in the seemingly empty alley. What the three symbiote clad women didn't know was that they were being watched.

Unless they knew what they were looking for most people would have missed the small crimson blob just barely peeking over the edge of a nearby drain. A month previously Cletus Kasady was taken down by SHIELD, they had taken him to a top security lab in order to purge the carnage symbiote from him once and for all. While the operation was successful in removing their near perfect bond Carnage had a back up plan. Hearing the SHIELD team coming he removed a decent sized blob of the carnage symbiote and sent it into the sewers while he had his fun with SHIELD. The symbiote was laying low in the sewer waiting for its chance to rejoin Kasady, until it heard the commotion the She Venoms were making. It had watched Mary Jane and Black Cat infect Spider Woman and came up with a new plan. "Why should Venom have all the fun" It thought as it slunk back into the drain.

The three brides of venom changed positions and continued pleasuring each other completely ignorant of their visitor's departure.

The Carnage symbiote slithered through the sewers. As it traveled it heard the sounds of sirens and decided to follow them hoping for a superpowered host of its own would be near. When it emerged it quickly found the source of the commotion, government building burning while Blob and Pyro fight off police with Mystique leading the two. All three choices appealed to Carnage so it silent crept closer for a better look. Pyro blasted a opening for the three to make their escape but before they could Rogue flew  in, so fast she looked like a blur, and slammed blob with a punch. The punch took him by surprise but Blob quickly recovered and grabbed Rogue by the leg and tossed her into a building. Pyro turned to the crater she left and lift his arms to fire before being struck with a beam from cyclops, as he and the rest of the X-men charged in to give Rogue backup. The symbiote recoiled in anger losing its chance at its potential hosts. As it began to slip away it noticed, by sheer luck, Mystique take the form of one of the unconscious cops and try to slip away while the X-men were distracted with the others.

Mystique slipped into a empty store and slammed her fist into the wall retaking her original form. "Damn them!" She spat. "I'll make them pay for this." She gently lifted the blinds to a window and peered outside,she left out a sigh of relief and sat down. "No one in sight just wait until morning and I"ll be clear." She said to herself.

Carnage had followed right behind her and slid up to the ceiling directly above her. With Mystique's guard down Carnage let go of the ceiling and dripped on her all at once. Mystique let out a muffled scream from underneath the crimson blob engulfing her face, but like she had just seen for herself no one was around to hear her. Carnage quickly spread down the blue mutant's neck, its tendrils binding her arms and legs to stop her from fighting.

"Give into our bond." Carnage laughed manically inside Mystique's mind. "Let us use your body, have our fun and you'll get the power you need to make them pay." Now a thick tendril wrapped around her hips and the end plunged into her pussy.

"Get off of me!" Mystique yelled in her mind. 'I don't need your help."

"No? Too bad Venom is causing some mayhem and We want in on it." Carnage flashed images of the X-women on their knees pleasuring a symbiote clad Mystique, while the tendrils continued thrusting into her.

"Mmmh" Mystique moaned intrigued by the thoughts.

"Yes give in." Carnage laughed. By now her body was almost completely consumed by the symbiote.

The mental and physical barrage by the symbiote had worn down most of Mystique's resistance, when one final image flashed in her mind. Mystique sitting on a symbiote throne while former heroines now broken and subservient crawled on their hands and knees around her completely bare except a symbiote leash around their necks that lead to her hands, while her daughter Rogue stood beside her grinning the same mad carnage smile as Mystique. "YES!" Mystique screamed in orgasm, "Take me, make me yours. I want this power."  With that the last of her resistance disappeared Mystique had become twisted into the image Carnage wanted. Her body covered head to toe in the red and black second skin. Her desires now thinking only of spreading Carnage. Where the Three Venoms wanted to spread for the pleasure, Carnage thought only of control.

"Yes" Carnage laughed. "Now lets go pay our daughter a little visit."

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