The two search for Spider-Man.

by nameless
Storyline She Venom
Characters Black Cat Mary Jane Watson Spider-Woman She-Venom
Category F/F Corruption Transformation Rape
Previous Chapter MJ/She-Venom forces Felicia to accept the full bond.

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The two black clad hosts swung out through the night searching for Peter.

"This is amazing" She-Venom laughed. "It was one thing when he carried us while he swung across the city but to do it on our own." She Venom landed on a rooftop with Venomess following behind her. "If our other made us into this, why would Peter ever deny it." She Venom said unable to imagine life with out the symbiote.

"He's misguided like we both were.But once he sees the new us he wont be able to reject it, no one would." Venomess said striking a sexy pose.

She Venom's snake like tongue flicked out licking her lips and she grabbed Venomess. venomess joined She Venom's embrace and their tongues coiled around the other's. Digging her talons into Venomess' ass She Venom was ready to reform her cock, when Venomess reluctantly broke the embrace. She perched on the edge of the building and pointed as a car speed around a corner, police trailing behind.

"That will get his attention. We'll have to finish later sister." Venomess said shooting a line of symbiote to swing off with.

"Yesss but it'll be worth the wait." She Venom hissed.

The car lost the police in some alleyways but not the two women. Sitting in the darkness ready to pounce the women watched as the man got out of his car and ran. A figure in the shadows rushed in and knocked the criminal back through the air making him land unconscious on the pavement. With anticipation and adrenalin at extreme level's She Venom struck from the shadows descending on the figure, knocking them down pinning them to the ground. Venomess felt something was wrong and jumped after She Venom landing beside her.

"There's two of you freaks?"

"That's not our Peter!" Venomess hissed.

"No I'm SpiderWOMAN now get off of me." SpiderWoman said unable to break free from the super strong grip of She Venom.

"We were too hasty." She Venom said.

"It's okay sisster we were too high up to be 100% sure." Venomess replied.

"What do we do with her, the avengers are looking for our other, we can't let them take it from us." She Venom asked.

Venomess eyes wandered over SpiderWoman's body able to see her fit physique and magnificent breast through the tight costume. She felt the same warm sensation she felt when she spread Venom to Mary Jane. Through her bond she could feel the same thoughts growing in She Venom. She noticed the symbiote bubbling on She Venom's crotch eager to burst into a cock and take the woman.She shot She Venom a toothy grin that unsettled SpiderWoman.

SpiderWoman trashed about trying to break free,but the two women were on her faster than she could react, their claws quickly tore away at her costume leaving SpiderWoman exposed. large cocks emerged from each woman's symbiote and they forced Spiderwoman to her hands and knees. She Venom plunged into her from behind rocking her forward and her mouth around Venomess' cock.The two symbiote infused women grunted in pleasure pounding into the beautiful heroine. As they had their way Spiderwoman tendrils sprouted around their crotch and began entangling themselves around Spiderwoman's face and groin. Her muffled cries for help were silenced as her face was completely encased.Venomess and She Venom  could feel their bond grow as the symbiote took root inside Spiderwoman they could feel eachother's cock entering Spiderwoman just as well as they could feel their own, as the last bare spot of Spiderwoman was assimilated by the black goo they could feel what she felt being penetrated, the new amount of pleasure was to much and the two roared in pleasure cumming together.

"I need it." Spiderwoman moaned grabbing her skin trying to push the symbiote on her tighter. "Take me too, please." She pleaded her reason obliterated by the pleasure she had just experienced

"Yesss that's it embrace the bond." She Venom moaned pressing her body against Spiderwoman's.

"Give in to the pleasure." Venomess cooed joining She Venom in fondling Spiderwoman.

"Yess." Spiderwoman shouted the chaotic blob of symbiote taking her shape conforming to her curves.

"Welcome sissster."She Venom and Venomess moaned in unison as the transformation finished.

"We are reborn we are Blight the transformed Spider Woman declared triumphantly speaking in a double voice.

(Was trying for another venom themed name but couldn't think of any good ones, fenom female venom? spider woman venom? any way if you think of a better one feel free to change it in next post if not oh well :P)

"it's amazing sisters with each additional one the joins our bond the pleasure is magnified." She Venom said rubbing against her sisters.

"We've felt it too." Venomess commented.

"Even more pleasure?" Blight moaned " We should spread let our sisterhood grow."

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