The Body Doubles have trouble getting the prisoners to their new uniforms

by LesLes
Storyline Prison for Meta-Powered Women
Characters Batgirl II (Casandra Cain) Power Girl Scarlet Witch Body Doubles
Category Body Modification F/F Female Dom Growth Marvel and DC Prison Mind Control
Previous Chapter Wonder Woman continues to degrade herself before the doctor.

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Karen's head was swimming. She must have fallen asleep during the psych eval because she could remember almost nothing after the first few questions. She shook her head to clear it. Before she could properly get her bearings she was grabbed by the hair and pulled out of her seat.

"Move it, bitches! We haven't got all day!" Bonnie yelled as she grabbed the Scarlet Witch next and pushed her towards the door of the psych eval room where the prisoners were beginning to form a ragged line. Even as the blonde Body Double released her hold on Karen's hair to punish the next tardy prisoner, Karen's cunt was screaming for attention.

I will become aroused whenever I am punished.

Karen knew it was wrong, but it had felt so good, so very very good, to be punished by the gorgeous guard. She had to do what the guards said, she had to obey them. If she didn't she'd deserve to be punished. It would be so hot to be punished more by Bonnie, or Carmen, or any of the Amazons. But wrong. Disobedient and wrong.

Confused by the contradictory thoughts racing through her mind Karen found her place in the line. It was hard keeping her balance when her huge breasts wanted to tip her forward onto her face. Nonetheless she did her best to swing her ass as she walked and folded her arms beneath her huge hooters to draw attention to the soft mountains of flesh topped by hard pebbles.

I am an exhibitionist, I will become aroused by showing tits and ass.

Karen felt a weird sense of disappointment that the Body Doubles weren't paying attention to her. Maybe if she just pushed her hips out a bit more... Some part of Karen's mind she wasn't consciously aware of realised the two assassins couldn't see how ready for action her cunt was.

I will secretly desire to submit to the sexual acts of the guards.

Karen moved her feet apart a bit and thrust her hips forward as well. Her conscious mind only registered her feeling a little more comfortable, despite the weight of her boobs. But the Body Doubles still weren't paying her any attention. Instead they had turned their attention to Wonder Woman.

"Not you, Wonder Whore!" Carman commanded as she struck the princess in her sexy Amazon ass with her baton, "The doc needs you for some 'special tests'. Go with him and do whatever he tells you to do, got it?"

Karen watched in concern as her colleague in the former Justice League docilely followed the greasy looking man out the door back to the medical exam room and its painful instruments. Diana was strong. And so beautiful. Karen watched her sweet ass shimmy as the door closed behind her and tried to decide whether Diana's tits were tastier normal sized or ballooned in deserved punishment. Diana was so sexy and yet so commanding and authorative.

I will secretly desire to submit to the sexual acts of the other prisoners.
I will only fantasise about lesbian prison sex.

Karen's pussy was getting hot again as she imagined Diana in the showers. Karen would carelessly drop the last of the soap, they'd watch it disappear down the plughole. Before Karen could react Wonder Woman would have slammed her into the slick broken walls of the shower room, ice cold water sluicing over their bodies as the raven-haired superheroine smacked her careless ass and brutally fingered her.

"Stand-up straight, bitch!"

Karen was torn from her reverie by the sound of baton striking flesh. Maria Hill was doubled-over, dry-retching into her ball gag. Bonnie wasn't showing any sympathy as she yanked the former Shield agent upright. Hill wasn't the only one looking ill. Beatriz, Sue Storm, Doreen and Janet were all looking distinctly queasy too. It must be a reaction to the parole board's test, Karen reasoned. Maybe the flashing lights. She was lucky she wasn't affected.

Karen was nude apart from her glowing green kryptonite collar. The other superheroine prisoners were naked too, except for the shackles, manacles and power dampening collars necessary to keep them from escaping. Cass Cain was nervously stroking her bare basketball-sized tits, a sigh of mixed pleasure and pain escaping her lips everytime her hand passed over her eraser-sized nipples. She didn't even seem to realise she was doing it.

"Try that again and I'll send you back to the showers so Darkholme can take care of you," Carmen sneered. She pushed Hill's back into the wall, and with a knee against the Shield agent's belly pulled her nipples as if to force them to grow. "Or maybe I'll punish you more first and then send you to Mystique."

Karen remembered why they had been punished with these huge tits in the first place. Knockout had strode naked into the showers the superheroines were using, the flame-haired Apokyliptan's body gloriously naked, with her gang and picked a fight. Knockout had found Karen and held her against the wall with her right shoulder while her left hand violently squeezed Power Girl's breasts. Karen's tit had been their normal size then, but Knockout had mauled them till they were red from the abuse.

I will secretly love having my tits groped, especially if they're super-sized.

Karen no longer found it strange how aroused her body was. Imagining Knockout doing that to her again to her scientifically enhanced tits, super sensitive to stimulation, was too hot for her to take. It was wrong to disobey the guards and it was wrong to want a villainess to grope her melons and slobber on them while Power Girl futilely begged her to stop. So wrong. So impossibly hot.

I will be ashamed every time I am groped by a villainess, but I will still crave their hands on my boobs.

Power Girl's cheeks burned with the same red as her tits after Knockout's wonderful forbidden attention of them. She couldn't stop herself as one hand found a nipple and the other began to stroke her clit. The chain between the manacles on her wrist had just barely enough slack to allow her to reach both, as the cold metal slid over her huge hooters and stimulated the over-sensitive tits even more. Tears welled in her eyes, as her secret desire to submit to the sexual acts of her guards and to have her enormous tits groped overwhelmed and shamed her in front of the other superheroines. They'll never respect me again, she thought with despair, as the first whimpered moan of pleasure forced its way out of her lips.

Carmen was still shouting obsenities into Maria Hill's ear, but Bonnie turned to find Power Girl masturbating. She smiled triumphantly and pointed her black baton at the finger-fucking female.

"Tits too much for you? Better shrink'em down. They're a punishment after all. Time to shrink you all."

I will do anything to keep my lovely new boobs.

"Leave her alone, you bimbo sluts," the former Batgirl turned homicidal killer screamed at Carmen as the surprised assassin gave the gagged Maria Hill's big tits a final swat with her baton before turning attention back to the rest of the prisoners.

I will do anything to keep my lovely new boobs.

Cassandra Cain launched herself at the Latina babe. Batgirl had the element of surprise and her ability to read her opponent's moves before they made them was the result of training, not superpower. But she was still carrying boobs each bigger than her own head. A swipe that should have sent Carmen flying backwards tore the buttons from her uniform's shirt instead. A follow-up blow somehow tore the Body Double's bikini bottoms off instead.

I will do anything to keep my lovely--

Cassandra Cain collapsed, spasming, involuntarily rubbing her freakishly sensitive tits against cheap prison carpet as electricity coursed through her body.

"Stupid bitch," Bonnie declared as she sent another jolt sparking from the collar through the petite Asian. "With good taste," she added as took in Carmen's dishevelled state. Carmen's pussy was still wet from the lapdance Bonnie had given her early.

"Fuck you," Carmen replied to her partner. Her words were angry but without venom. That was for another target.

Once the shocks stopped, Cass Cain had simply turned over on her back and lay their gently stroking her magnificent boobs. The electricity and friction against the cheap carpet had made them even more sensitive. She knew she should stand, try to defend herself, but she was so afraid she just couldn't stop stroking her new marvellous melons. "Breasts, boobies, titties, hooters," she gasped quietly as her back arched with each stroke of her hand.

Bonnie pushed a button and prongs at the tip of her baton sparked with its own electricity. She turned it down and then jabbed it into Batgirl's crotch. Karen didn't know if it was agony or orgasm that made Cass scream.

"Why did you do that?" Bonnie asked conversationally as Carmen satisfied herself with a kick into Batgirl's side.

Karen knew she should come to the young woman's aid. Instead she fed two fingers into her dripping cunt. Her imagination was going wild at the idea of her being in Batgirl's place, about to be brutally punished. Tora was watching Karen in horror, too sensitive to other's suffering to look at what was happening Cass Cain. Knowing how she was humilitating herself made Power Girl want to die of shame. She pumped her fingers into her pussy like an out-of-control piston.

"Had to save Hill," Cass whimpered.

"Why did you do that?" Bonnie replied with the same conversational tone. Beside her Carmen was beginning to smile, as if she'd just figured something out and liked the result. Bonnie's baton sent another jolt into Cass's hips and the young woman screamed even louder. Karen understood it really was an orgasm now.

As Karen's frantic shameful self-fucking brought her close to her own first humiliating orgasm, she noticed Wanda Maximoff was staring in arousal at Bonnie punishing a naughty prisoner. The Scarlet Witches hand began to circle her clit as her eyes filled with tears and pleaded with Power Girl to look away.

Bonnie's baton sparked with actinic light again, but Cass's reply came before it reached her.

"Had to keep lovely new boobs," the Asian Batgirl whispered into silence broken only by the low groans of the Scarlet Witch and the louder and faster gasps of Power Girl.

I will be ashamed of my desire to keep my boobs, but I’ll still want them.

Carmen nodded and stepped over the former vigilante to get to the door. Bonnie's baton was quiescent, pressed lightly against Cass's labia lips. There was a brief pause and then Cass's hands finally ceased stroking her enormous breasts. They grabbed the baton and as her gyrating hips pushed up, pulled it into her tight cunt.

"Don't let them watch," she pleaded. "So ashamed. I'll be a good girl. Make me stop."

All the black baton that would fit was in her cunt, stretching it and filling it even as she tried to force it deeper. Defeated she slid slowly off it.

"Don't let them watch," she wailed. "So ashamed. Still virgin. Fuck so good."

Bonnie had an awed expression on her face as she let Cass Cain push the baton slowly inside her again. She hadn't realised that any of these sluts could be virgins too.

"Make me stop. Fuck my virgin slit."

Karen came with a long drawn orgasm as she realised that she was going to see the Body Double's take Cassandra Cain's virginity. Karen knew she was a disgrace, she'd never been worthy of the name superheroine. She stood here debasing herself, instead of saving a woman in trouble she was getting off on it. Humiliating herself. Power Girl fed another finger into her cunt trying to stretch it as much as Batgirl's.

With the hand she'd been using to play with her titanic tits, Karen grabbed the Scarlet Witch and forced her head into the space between her pendulous boobs. Wanda's head practically disappeared in the depths of Power Girl's Pym particle created cleavage, but when she surfaced she began to lick and suck Karen's breasts as she fingered herself with even more enthusiasm.

I will secretly desire to submit to the sexual acts of the other prisoners.

"What are you doing, Wanda?" Karen weakly demanded, a pathetic attempt to transfer the blame. "Stop, oh fuck, do that again, you slut."

Carmen gave the Scarlet Witch's bobbing ass a playful swat of her baton as she passed on her way to the door. She leaned her head out the door, looking round outside.  The small punishment was all it took. Wanda came as she pinched her clit and nipple simultaneously. She orgasmed even as she sobbed into Karen's tits, mouth full of soft flesh which silenced her pleading for the guards to stop her.

"Come here, Io,", Carmen ordered, spotting another guard, her voice still sounding off with fury that was quickly being coloured with other emotions.

Io was an Amazon and blacksmith. She had once been a loyal friend of Diana's before the upheavals of the last few years. More than that, she had loved and desired her princess. The powerfully-muscled brunette with short-cropped hair had once been surprisingly shy and gentle too, before the Warden had decided that some of the guards need a psych eval programs of their own.

I secretly desire to submit to the sexual acts of my superiors. I am ashamed by these urges, but I still crave them.

Carmen's anger only made Io more eager to hurry over. She still masturbated in the dark to the memory of Carmen fucking her in a supply closet at the end of a boring shift together. Deserting her post, squealing and pleading, it had been her first real misconduct. She still burned with the shame despite how sexually satisfying it had been.

I secretly desire to make prisoners roleplay my sexual fantasies. I am ashamed by these urges, but I still crave them.

But the few cell inspections she'd had alone with Renee Montoya, forcing the Latina bitch to dominate her like Carmen... That was real misconduct. If anyone found out she'd be fired and disgraced forever. She couldn't stop. She didn't want to stop.

Io's jaw fell open as she took in the guard's half-dressed state. Carmen had been a pornstar, she didn't care who saw her naked. She shrugged off her damaged shirt and her shoes so she was dressed in only a pair of stockings. and a tiny yellow bikini top. It was like a sex dream come true, seeing the Body Double's smooth full tits and shaved pussy.

"Take these prisoners to get their new uniforms."

Io hid her disappointment. It anyway disappeared quickly as she realised her luck. Scarlet Witch and Power Girl were mashing their massive breasts against each other. Wanda's oversized double-Ds were dwarfed by Karen's watermelons, the combined size so great they couldn't kiss but only wiggle their tongues against each other.

Io also managed to restrain her curiosity about Wonder Woman. Her every erotic dream had featured Diana for years. Gentle kisses leading to shy undressing and a slow loving exploration of each other's bodies. Now the word was Wonder Woman was one of the current batch of prisoners. Io was going to start by riding the princess's pretty face and work through every frustrated fantasy she'd ever had from 'a' for anal sex to 'z' for the zips of her gimp suit.

"Yes, ma'am. You heard the woman, super sluts, march!"

"Starr, Karen. Cain, Cassandra. You stay here, Bonnie and me think you need some special lessons. Like fucking subtlty. Maximoff, Wanda, I'm sure someone else can deal with teaching or, you know, punishing you!"

I will become aroused whenever I punish prisoners. I will never feel ashamed of these urges, but I will still keep them secret.

Io grinned wickedly as the Latina assassin gave her a suggestive wink. Bonnie had already shrugged off the pencil skirt of her uniform to reveal a yellow bikini bottoms identical to those that had just been torn from her partner. It also revealed the wet stain of arousal soaking through the bikini bottom.

"Everyone else, back to your normal cup sizes. And don't make us punish you again." Carmen pushed some buttons on her baton and pointed it at the departing superheroines one by one. She paused at the Scarlet Witch, still crying and mastubating and shaking. Wanda was practically staggering as she turn first one way to hide her shame and then another to display her body as conflicting urges surged through her mind more quickly than fingers into her red-fringed cunt. "This one's up to you," Carmen told Io as she shrugged and left Wanda's breasts doubled in size and just as monstrously sensitive. "Now get them moving."

Io would have loved to stay and watch but she wasn't going to risk losing her seven new playmates. In turn the heavy breasts of Fire, Ice, Wasp, Maria Hill, Squirrel Girl and the Invisible Woman shrank back to their normal size, the woman immediately straightening in relief. They regarded their latest jailer with trepidation as they filed past Io out of the psych eval room.

I secretly desire to make prisoners submit to my sexual acts.

Io led the way to the changing rooms. She had a half-dozen double-dildos hidden under one of the benches. She'd made them herself out of steel at her forge, carefully casting the molten metal with smooth ridges ribbed perfectly for her pleasure. They'd be cold now, but they'd soon heat up in these hot bitches even hotter snatches.

"And no matter how much she's gagging for it, don't take off Hill's gag."

Carmen slammed the door of the psych evaluation room behind her.

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