Wonder Woman continues to degrade herself before the doctor.

Storyline Prison for Meta-Powered Women
Characters Wonder Woman
Previous Chapter Wonder Woman is told she must blow the Doctor or her fellow inmates will suffer

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"What in Hades is wrong with me???".-Wondered again Diana when, feeling the throbbing cock into her mouth on the point to explode in a orgasm, her tongue, as if had a life on its own, slid around the moist phallus tip of the man, increasing his bliss, enhancing his climax.

"Oooohhhh Yes....yes...ooohhh...You are a really wonder whore!!!!".-Howled the doctor while his throbbing cock began to download massively its load into the mouth.

Totally confused by the contradictory feelings that hit her mind and soul, Diana, stunned, was only able to gulp the inner juices that the large manhood of the doctor poured into her mouth as a hose.  Amazingly, the quantity of cum spitted by his cock soon became too much for the former princess mouth and began to ooze out from her closed fleshy lips. 

"Gulp...Gulp whore...gulp....".-Heaved in ecstasy the man, grabbing her head and pulling it closed and closer to his pelvis.

But finally, the fallen amazon, unable to drink more of his disgusting juices, began to cough, choking by his cum. The doctor kept her head a few seconds more against his pelvis but finally, he released his prey. Immediately, with long trails of cum sliding down from her lips,  Diana could breathe again.

"Maybe I made a mistake with you. You are not so wonder as I supposed...".-Jeered the doctor, shaking his large, throbbing, dripping cock in front of her face.-"...or maybe you have a contagious disease that we have been unable to detect...an amazon disease.  I will need to check out  your body a bit more....".-Mocked the doctor.

"Nnno...nnooo...I...I am...good....I...I am....".-Stammered the amazon, looking for his cock with her long fingers, ready to a blow or a hand job.

"You?...You are nothing. And I am the doctor here. I command you and you obey.  You know the consequences of your insubordination...".-Roared the abruptly doctor. 

Tamed, the former proud amazon, lowered  her head..-"And know, lie back on the examination table...NOW.".-Commanded the doctor. 

Slowly,  weakened by her shame and flattened by her new enormous 120XX balloons, Diana stood on her bare feet, and body and, staggered, she made her way to the examination table. The doctor roamed his lecherous eyes about the athletic, extremely voluptuous body of the amazon, mesmerized by the heavy swaying of her titanic orbs of flesh, larger than pumpkins or beach balls. Her knockers had always amazing, only beaten by Power Girl´s boobs. But now, after the "special treatment" of the Body Doubles, they were simply...bizarre. Somehow,  despite of that, they turned him on.   

With a smile on his lips, Doc approached to the table were, lying face up, with tears on her eyes, Diana awaited her  new examination. 

Doc slapped a few times her left rounded breasts that, firm as a rock, raised from her chest. Then, he repeated his "exam" on her right humongous mound of flesh. 

 "Apparently, they seems...correct. What do you think about that? Any discomfort? Any pain?".-Asked with irony the doctor, feeling as his libido grew again.

"Nnn...No...Doctor....".-Replied Diana, close to sob.

"Then, there is a problem here. I must to proceed to make a closer examination...What do you say, prisoner?".-Said the doctor.

"What...what do decide. You...you are the doctor here...I..I..am only...a prisoner.".-Answered Diana, fearing the nature of that new examination.

Then, Doc  jumped over the table and sitting over the flat abdomen of the surprised amazon, placed his growing cock deep into her cleavage . Then, his hands cupped her unmanageable boobs, pulling them  firmly against his cock 

"Now, when the examination starts, you will say what you feel. Are you understand, prisoner?".-Asked doc but, immediately the man began to ride her wildly, back and forth, sliding his cock along her cleavage.

"What...What...what do feel?".-Asked the man a minute later. With her abdomen flattened by doc and her lung by her mammoth mountains of flesh, Diana was barely able to speak, just heave desperate. Somehow, to her surprise and shame, the amazon felt excited, hornier and hornier with the fact of that hard, large cock sliding between her titanic bust, pouring  his warm load along it.

 Doc, somehow, got his answer, seeing as the nipples of the former heroine grew and grew, first stiffened as thumbs, then large as fists. Doc would have bet that such a thing was impossible but, he was staring them at inches of his eyes.

"Well, after all, it seems that there is no trouble up here, but I will need a final test to affirm such a thing...".-Declared the lecherous doctor, grabbing her titanic, hypersensitive  nipples with force. 

A deafening, long moan of ecstasy left the throat of Wonder Woman when an unbearable, unstoppable climax scorched her athletic, pinned body. 

"That´s sounds good...".-Jeered doc, whose virile member was spitting cum again, flooding her deep cleavage.-"Hold on, prisoner. I have almost finished...".-Said the doctor with a crooked smile on his face. 

Releasing  his prey, doc also removed his throbbing rod from her grand canyon. Then, raising him a bit over the amazon, the man began to use his cock as a club, beating her enormous nipples with it, tearing long screeches of bliss from the lips of Diana.

"That´s better....".-Said doc.-"...Now I am sure that you are right...But  I will keep the treatment a few minutes more..or so...".-Finished the man, keeping his cock assault and pouring his seed all along her breasts and face.  Finally, five minutes later, doc finished his treatment. 

"Well, prisoner. You are right. I am sure of it now. You can back with the other prisoners...".-Declared the doctor with a mocking smile on his lips. Slowly, totally broken, Diana left the table...just to succumb by the enormous weight of her massive airbags. 

"Thanks....Thanks....doctor...".-Said Diana on her knees, trying to get over her bare feet in vain. Somehow, she was only able to drag her body and boobs over the floor. 

"Prisoner. You seems weak. Maybe you need an stimulant. What do you think, prisoner?".-Asked doc, staring with lust the pathetic attempts of the hyper busty amazon to arise.

"I...I need....I need...an stimulant.....please...doctor...".-Answered Diana, unable to imagine the kind of stimulant in which the doctor have in mind.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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