Faceoff time at casa de Gordon

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Babs Gordon, Guardian of Latex Land
Characters Batgirl
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"And who are you having that conversation with?" Selina smiled

"Guess..." Babs got in the elevator and waited for Selina.

"Face of time at casa de Gordon?" Selina asked.

"Something like that.  If my dad knows, then I have to resolve the whole Batgirl thing on top of everything else that has come to light in the past few days," Babs sighed, "I am not looking forward to this.  But I know where and how to keep it from getting out of control."

Selina smiled.  Babs reached into the heavy rubber trench coat and pulled out her personal cell phone.  She stared at it the looked at the elevator.  Deciding to wait, she tucked it into the coat's outside pocket.


Jim was exsusted, it had been a roller coaster of a day, and it was already well past midnight.  Grundy was caged for now.  The bats were on their way back to their cave and all that was left was paper work.  Jim thought about calling that Jason Blood and seeing what he could do about bringing his Babs back.  But then he thought about how much trouble she was in.  Pregnant, Engaged, and to ANOTHER VIGLANTE!  Sarah might have had Jim looked up if he ever breathed a word about the Wayne family being the Bat-belfry, but he was a detective still.  And his gut told him... His musing were cut off by his cell phone.  A text message flashed across his screen; "Devils food Cake, alone or Mister Wiggles gets it."  That was defiantly Babs. 


The Down Home Dinner was two blocks up the street from the apartment, and everyone knew who Jim and Babs were.  Upon entering the waitress just pointed him to the booth that she was waiting at.  

"Babara Gordon," as happy as Jim was, he was still pissed, "You have a lot of explaining to do."

"Why did you marry mom?" Babs kept her face stone cold.

"What?" Jim was taken back.

"Why did you marry mom?" Babs repeated the question.

"I loved her very much," Jim conceded, "And she loved me."

"And why is she in New York?" Babs asked, still stone faced.

"As much as she loved me, she couldn't take being married to the job," Jim breathed sadly.

"So why are you married to Sarah?" Babs shot off the next question.

"We were just able to deal with being married to the job I guess," Jim was trying to take back control of the conversation.

"What did Two Face use to call THEM?" Babs didn't wait for her father to finish his thoughts.


"What did Two Face use to call THEM?" Babs repeated herself.

"Cops with Capes," Jim breathed.

"You and Sarah are together because you both can handle being married to cops?  You married Mom becaused you loved her?  And the family?  Was that love, and commitment?  Or just bored on a Saturday night?"

"Babs, your mother and I had wanted a family for a while," Jim tried to start.

"I Love Dick," Babs dictated with the same stone faced expression, "Dick loves me, we love each other enough to want to get married and spend our lives together.  When I told Dick that I was pregnant he got on his knees right there are proposed to me again.  Right then and there.  If you are worried about me 'being married to the job', guess what I already learned how to do that from you.  If you are worried about me being married to a 'cop with a cape?'  Guess what," Barbara quickly popped open the torso of the trench coat revealing the silver bat emblem in the chest of the armored latex suit, "I already am one.  Now the only way you can stop me is to act on those warrents for our arrests."

Babs put her wrists together and held them out for her father to cuff.


"I know what I am doing," Babs was fighting but she kept her poker face, "I love Dick, he loves me.  We want to have this child.  We want to be married, and we will be married on equal terms, one cop to another.  I know that the realities of having a child are going to change how I work for my department, you should be happy to know I will be transferring to a desk job of sorts as soon as I talk it over with the chief."

Jim was crying.

"Dad, I don't want you to leave my life," Babs' lip was quivering, "But I need you to accept it for what it is."

"Ok," Jim took off his glasses then pointed his finger right at Bab's nose, "But two things.  One; you are still in hot water for your squirrel tattoo!  Two; you are not naming my grandson Dick junior!"

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