The Plan Is Set

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline The Anti-Diet
Characters Absolutely Everyone
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    "WHAT?!" Wonder Woman shouted.  "What do you mean you can't do anything about this?"

    SHIELD agents Maria Hill and Amanda Waller traded worried looks.  "I mean just that," Hill said.  "We have no evidence of wrongdoing, other than he's using every superheroine and supervillainess on the planet, along with a few choice military women such as myself and Waller and a few civilians, as a mental template for these starvation diets."  

    "There has to be something," Captain America said.  "These diets will kill those women if they keep it up!"

    "Our physiques are a result of our powers or years of training and combat that would kill most mortals, or both!" Wonder Woman said.  "They cannot be achieved normally!"  

    "As far as anyone can tell, including the psychics, the women are all doing this voluntarily," Hill said.  "The only mental programming is our body images being planted in them as a goal."  

    "Never thought I'd be mad about losing all the weight," Waller muttered, looking over her trim figure.  "At any rate, we can't do anything unless people start dying."  

    Hill sighed.  "So unless everyone on that imprint list is willing to get fat, and I mean REALLY fat, belly hanging over the waist fat, to counteract the mental programming he's set, we're in a waiting game."  

    Wonder Woman folded her arms.  "Well, why don't we?" she said.

    Captain America, Maria Hill, and Amanda Waller stared at her.  

    "Excuse me?" Hill said after a long moment.

    Wonder Woman, there as the representative of the Justice League, frowned.  "We have a duty to save these women from wasting away because of this madman's wicked diet plan.  Certainly I am not pleased with the idea, as I do have some pride in my looks.  But if it comes down to maintaining my figure or letting women starve to death over a body image even I can admit is unrealistic, then I will gladly sacrifice my slim figure."  

    Waller smirked, impressed with the Amazon's gumption.  

    "I..." Hill stammered.  The idea was just way too weird, even with what she's seen as a SHIELD official.  

    Wonder Woman quirked an eyebrow.  "If you're worried about losing your position in SHIELD, Maria, I'm certain that they have programs to help you stay combat-viable even with added girth."  

    "No, that's not it, I..." Hill rubbed her temples.  "Can I think about this?"

    Wonder Woman nodded.  "It's your choice," she said.  "I have but one request.  Spread the word to everyone on the list and let them make a choice as well.  Waller, what of you?"  

    Waller shrugged.  "Sure, why not?" she said.  "Following my diet was a pain."  

    Wonder Woman nodded.  "I intend to hit the buffet table," she said, turning and starting to fly off.  Captain America grabbed her arm gently.

    "Are you sure about this, Diana?" he asked, visibly concerned.

    Wonder Woman smiled, cupping his cheek.  "Ever the gentleman, Steve..." she said.  "And yes, I am.  An Amazon does not back down from an opponent."  

    She flew off.  Captain America watched her go and sighed.  He saluted the two women and left as well, heading for the sky cycle he had used to get up to the Helicarrier.  

    "Christ..." Hill said, rubbing her temples.  

    "Makes you wish Fury were here, don't it?" Waller teased.  

    "To hell with Fury and whatever undercover shit he's doing right now," she muttered.  "This plan... plus, we're probably going to have to fund it, since not everyone has enough money to get foods that will fatten them up quickly..."

    Waller snorted.  "It's not like we can't afford it," she said.  The dark-skinned woman hesitated, did some quick calculations in her head, and nodded, certain she was right.  

    Hill bit her lip.  She called up the list, and got into contact with each of them, telling them about Wonder Woman's plan.  She sat back, deciding she'd go through with it if she got a majority answer agreeing to the plan.

    It took an hour to get a response from everyone on the list.  And to her amazement, there was universal agreement across the board.

    "Wha..." Hill said softly, baffled.  

    Waller snorted.  "Of course they agreed," she said.  "We're promising parole to the villainesses, and promising to fund the women in their growth.  Plus, everyone's seen how skeletal those women are becoming.  The idiot isn't monitoring them actively, so we can put on weight and get them to put it on as well."  

    Hill rubbed her temples.  "Well... Hostess is going out of business, maybe we can buy off their remaining stock and use that in the plan..." she muttered.

    Waller snickered.  "There you go," she said.  

    Hill huffed.  "But I want at least a dozen boxes of Swiss Rolls to my self," she said.  "If nothing else this past week, I'm certain we've got Oracle out of our systems."

    Waller laughed.  Hill's head hit her desk.  "She's still in, isn't she?"

    Waller snorted.  "She's one of the Bat's people.  She never LEFT."  

    "Now I really need those fucking Swiss Rolls..." Hill muttered.

    And everywhere, women began to prepare.


    "...Are you sure about this, MJ?" Peter Parker said softly.  "You know I'll love you no matter what and still find you attractive, but I want to make sure you're set on this."  

    Mary-Jane Watson sighed.  "I'm sure, tiger," she said.  "Those women are hurting themselves, and if what SHIELD said is true, I'm one of the ones causing them to starve themselves.  I... I have to do something to fix this."  

    Peter hugged the slender redhead tightly.  "You couldn't have known he'd pick you," he said.

    Mary-Jane smiled weakly.  "I've been a model, Peter.  And a famous one.  I have the body image girls look up to," she said, sighing.  "Besides.  I found out there's a job coming up in a few months for a large plus-size models.  I figured I can fit into a size twenty-five by then..."  

    Peter nodded.  "And I'll help you," he said, kissing her.  

    Mary-Jane smiled, blushing.  "Maybe we could make something romantic out of it?" she said.

    Peter nodded.  "Candlelit dinner for three, plus something for me... Giving you a nice, relaxing tummy rub while I help push delicious food down your throat..."  

    Mary-Jane chuckled weakly, shivering and looking down at her slim belly.  Soon, it'd be soft and bulging with fat.  She'd need new clothes...

    And then Black Cat showed up with pizzas.

    "Felicia?!" both Peter and Mary-Jane shouted, startled.  

    The ex-thief smirked.  "I figured you might have accepted this stupidity," she said.  "So I figured I might as well keep you company."  

    Mary-Jane scowled.  "Felicia..."

    Black Cat shook her head.  "MJ, let's cut through the shit here," she said.  "Do you really want to gain alone?  I mean, yes, you have Peter, but not someone to talk to who's going through the same thing."  

    Mary-Jane sputtered for a moment and shook her head.  "No... I don't want to gain alone..."

    Black Cat stepped into the house, setting the five pizzas down on the chair next to the bed and plopping down on the mattress next to her.  She hugged the redhead tightly.  "So you don't have to gain alone," Black Cat said, removing her domino mask and setting it next to the pizzas.  "I don't want to either.  And you two, pathetically enough, are the closest thing I have to friends right now."  

    "Felicia..." Peter said softly.  

    Black Cat scoffed.  "I'm fine, really," she said, grinning, but inwardly glad at Peter's concern.  "So here's the deal.  I'll move in, help pay the bills and all that.  MJ and I will eat and get fatter, and Peter can play romantic feeder with you."  

    MJ blushed.  "...He can with you as well," she said.

    Peter gagged, looking visibly shocked.  "MJ?!"

    Black Cat gave her an amused look.  MJ huffed, blushing.  "Oh, come off it, Felicia.  I know that stalker you and Peter helped bust last week had made copies of my journal, and that you read all of them.  Especially the parts where I admitted I sometimes fantasized about being in a threesome relationship with you and Peter.  This is as good an excuse as any to indulge it..." she said, trailing off into an embarrassed smile.  

    Black Cat grinned like the cat who just cornered the canary.  "Well well," she teased.  "Looks like it's all set, then.  What do you say, Spider?  Ready to make our amazing asses grow even bigger?"  Teasingly, she hugged MJ to her buxom frame, turning herself and Mary-Jane so their tight, round asses were emphasized.  

    Peter desperately tried not to think of the phrase 'Parker luck,' as he was sure that would jinx it and cause Sandman to attack or something.  And he was probably sure he'd beat ol' Sandy to death if he did, as his wife and his ex-girlfriend, two of the hottest women he knew, were offering to be in a threesome relationship with him.  

    "Hell yes I'm ready," Peter said, grinning widely.  


    "...So we just gain weight, and we get a parole?" Poison Ivy said from her cell, frowning.

    Harley Quinn nodded cheerfully.  "Yepyep!" she said.  "We don't even have to put an effort this time!  We just outgrow our costumes, and they'll LET us walk out!"  She giggled.

    "Talk about your jokes," Ivy said.  Still, security had been tighter lately, making it difficult to move anywhere without being watched.  Indeed, only the Joker had been able to escape the new Arkham facility recently, her own efforts stymied at every turn.  If stuffing her face until she became a butterball was her way of getting out and back to her beautiful gardens...

    "Will ya do it, Red?" Harley asked, frowning.  "'Cause I know I am.  It'd be a damn better use for pies adding them to my waist than lacing them with acid and throwing them..."

    Ivy shook her head, chuckling.  "Fine, fine, fine," she said.  "Might as well.  How often does a girl get a chance to just let go and stuff herself?"  

    Harley clapped.  "Yaaay!" she said.  "They should be bringing us our first meals soon."  

    Ivy smirked at her.  "You sure that YOU are okay with this?  You won't be as acrobatic for a while once you get up enough weight."  

    Harley sighed.  "...Red, at this point, I don't really care.  After Joker showed me that pit of dead Harleys, I started wondering whether or not I was really Harleen Quinzel, or he just made me believe that.  I NEED to do something silly like this.  And I want to do with with you, Ivy.  I know I can trust you."  

    Ivy blushed.  It was true she was fond of the clown, but to hear the normally chipper Quinn doubting herself so much...  It felt weird having this need to comfort her.  But it would make the gaining easier, to have someone putting on weight with her.  

    "Listen to me," Ivy said.  "It doesn't matter what the Joker may have done to you.  You're better than him in every way.  Hell, you're better than me in every way."  

    Harley grinned, cheered up.  "Aw, that ain't true, Red!"

    "I became a killer by choice," Ivy said simply.  "You had to be brainwashed."  

    Harley smiled.  "Well, maybe we can do somethin' better with our lives once we're big fat hogs," she said, giggling.  

    "Maybe so," Ivy said.  She had been contemplating retirement from villainy.  With all the big 'names' in Gotham, the Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, and the like, she was feeling more and more like a minor 'gimmick' pest that Batman had to swat sometimes.  Maybe she could give being a good girl a try once she and Harley were paroled.

    If nothing else, she wasn't worried about not being seductive.  She was dead certain she could make fat sexy.  Plus, she could always fall back on her pheromones...


    "'Want a night with the Gammazon?  Then bring enough food to fill me up!  Whoever can feed me enough to make me say stop gets a night with She-Hulk and get to ride the gamma wave!'  Good lord, Jen," Ms. Marvel said, shaking her head at the personal ad She-Hulk just posted.  

    She-Hulk sighed.  "I have a Hulk's metabolism," she said.  "It'll take more to actually make me fat than it will for all of you."  

    Tigra purred.  "Still, even I'm not THAT blatant," the catwoman said.  "And I freely admit to having more sex than you do."  

    "Which is saying something," She-Hulk teased.  She sighed, and said, "I'm just making sure that I actually WILL be able to gain weight.  I want to help as much as the others, but my hyper metabolism is actually a disadvantage for this one."  

    "She has a point," Black Widow said between mouthfuls of muffin.  "If we're all to gain sufficient weight to break the mental templating, some of us will have to compensate for the metabolisms superpowers may bring."  

    "True..." Ms. Marvel said.  "Red She-Hulk has an even stronger metabolism than Jen's because of her heat powers... And that X-23 girl over at the Hero Academy has a healing factor, so she'll need to practically be forcefed twice as much as the others to fatten up..."

    Tigra blinked.  "I thought it was the X-Academy," she said.  

    Black Widow shook her head.  "Recent developments that you weren't around for.  The Avengers and Justice League admitted that neither group had done much for the mutant community, so they agreed to fund Xavier's school and make it open for young non-mutant heroes as well as mutant ones."  

    Tigra looked thoughtful for a moment and nodded.  "Okay, yeah, I thought I heard that."  

    "Where are the others, anyway?" Ms. Marvel asked.  

    "Mockingbird and Hawkeye returned to their apartment to try and make a romantic situation out of it.  You know, having your lover help you grow and all that.  Luke Cage and Power Woman have done the same.  Wanda and Zatanna are working on magical ways to speed up our weight gain.  And as for Janet... well, look at that donut on the table," Black Widow said, pointing and smirking.  

    Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Tigra turned to look at where Widow was pointing, noticing for the first time the tiny woman laying up against the partially eaten donut and groaning, rubbing her bulging gut.  

    "UUURRRP..." Wasp moaned, licking her lips clean of glaze.  

    "And what are you doing, Janet?" Ms. Marvel asked, she and the other Avengers women smirking at her.

    Janet belched again and grinned playfully at them.  "Cheating," she said, pulling off another bite of the donut and shoving it in her mouth.  


    "How did they even know about us?" Soranik Natu said, the magenta-skinned Green Lantern frowning as she and the others gathered on the abandoned rock.

    "Whoever this Diet Guru is," Carol Ferris said, "He's a wicked genius.  To know the names of prominent female Lanterns in all Corps..."  

    "Not gonna let them," Larfleeze muttered.  "Won't let my female Orange Lanterns eat my food.  It's MINE.  Just like THEY'RE mine!  This rock we're on?  I've just decided it's mine too."

    Hal Jordan rubbed his temples.  "We need you to cooperate on this, Larfleeze.  Both of your female avatars were listed as body templates."  

    Larfleeze glared at him.  "MINE!"

    Indigo-1 touched Larfleeze's shoulder.  Her indigo lantern-staff flared, and Larfleeze started to feel his maddening greed lessen.  He looked up at the slender Indigo Tribeswoman, who just nodded to him.  "Perhaps a compromise, then?" she suggested.

    Larfleeze snorted.  "Explain," he muttered.

    "Your female avatars are constructs, yes?  So make construct food for them," Indigo-1 said.  "Or just make them fatter outright.  They ARE yours, so their shape is yours to command.  Yes?"  

    "Yes..." Larfleeze said softly.  "I suppose that makes sense... Plus, it's more of that nice 'helping' thing..."

    Atrocitus snorted, rolling his eyes and stroking Dex-Star's fur, the Red Lantern cat purring softly in his master's arms.  "All of the frustration of arguing with him and a simple trick is all it takes..." he muttered.  

    Hal Jordan shook his head.  "It's better than nothing," he said.  "And with him being cooperative, we can focus on finding out where Diet Guru gets his information."

    "And fattening us up," Lyssa Drak said, the dark blue skinned Sinestro Corpswoman smirking.  She idly leafed through the book she was bound to, shaking her head.  "So interesting to see all these women overcoming their fears of getting fat just to save the lives of some idiots..."  

Across the world...

    Heroines across the globe and some beyond it, to various degrees of amusement, began gathering food and lovers to help them, as villainesses reluctantly agreed to stuff themselves to break Diet Guru's hold on the women.  While the Diet Guru, with thousands of women in his dietary thrall, remained confident, unaware of the thwarting he was going to receive over the next few months.

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