Hope waits for Gambit

by extreme1
Storyline Gambit's Affair
Characters Gambit Emma Frost Jubilee Hope Summers
Category M/F Corruption
Previous Chapter Back at the mansion, someone is suspicous of Emma and Jubilees's recent behavior.

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The Mansion
Hope grinned as she realized that, with Emma gone, she could sneak into Remy's room and she could convince him to help her figure out what was going on.
He was obviously just as confused as she was, and he would be perfect to get inside Emma's plans.
Emma could seduce many people, but, Remy was so in love with Rogue that he was invulnerable to her charms.

The Club
Remy looked at Emma and smirked.
She had corrupted him totally, leading the man that was once desperate for redemption back into depravity, and he wanted to thank her for it in the best way he knew how.
He motioned for her to sit on his face and get eaten out by him.
Emma straddled his face and sighed as she felt his tongue enter her, while his hands found her clit.
Remy's skills were incredible and Emma knew she had made the right choice for King.

The Mansion
Hope entered Remy's room and looked around. His room was very sparse and was obviously only a place to lay his head when he wasn't at his Apartment.
She worried for a second that he might go there instead of come back to the mansion, but she reminded herself that he had been staying at the mansion quite a bit lately, so she decided not to worry.
Now all Hope had to do was play the waiting game and she hoped he wouldn't take too long.

The Club
Emma sank down on Remy's dick, and took a moment to enjoy her handiwork.
She had turned Jubilee from a girl who spitefully wanted to prove Logan wrong, to a woman who was totally loyal to the Hellfire club.
Remy had been questioning his entire life, lately, but now, thanks to her, he was ready to lead the Hellfire Club into a new age of glory.
She began to ride him as hard as she could, while he ate Jubilee out.
Life was good for the trio.

The Mansion
Hope was getting a little tired, she looked over at the clock and realized it was quite late.
She laid back on the bed and decided that she could take a brief nap before he showed up.

The Hellfire Club
Remy furiously jerked off as Emma and Jubilee knelt before him.
He was so close to finally cumming and every stroke was bringing him closer.
This was the ultimate show of power for him, two gorgeous subservient women kneeling before him as he marked them.
He would soon be doing that to every one of the X-Men, a sign that he was the most powerful person on Earth.
That thought pushed Remy over the edge.
Suddenly cum flew from his dickhead and onto the faces of the two women in front of him.
He covered their faces with the biggest load he had ever shot.
Remy felt like a God in that moment, there was nothing he couldn't do now and what he planned for the X-Men would prove that to be true.
He collapsed onto the stage to recover from his orgasm, while Emma and Jubilee licked the cum from each others faces.
They had to clean themselves up thoroughly enough so that Wolverine wouldn't be able to tell what they had been up to.

The mansion
Hope dreamed of Remy, she had become infatuated with him due to Scott (and Cable, and Rogue and Magneto and Emma) constantly telling her to stay away from him.
She dreamed of winning him over and becoming his lover, perhaps even more.
Those dreams ended, when she was awoken by the sound of someone gently rocking her awake.
Her eyes opened and she saw Remy LeBeau staring back at her.

A few minutes earlier
Remy entered the Mansion and felt like a new man.
Emma had decided that it would be best if they had all come home separately, not wanting to tip anyone (especially Hope) off that Remy was involved with Emma's plans.
Remy in turn had given Emma the orders to 'convince' Scott to send Logan into a Hellfire Club trap and for Jubilee to start seducing Storm, a task that she was more than up for.
Remy walked to his room and noticed that the door was slightly opened.
He peered in, worried that someone had found out about Emma's plans.
Luckily for him, it was Hope, asleep on his bed.
Remy grinned as he realized that she had come to him for help with something, not knowing that he was planning on seducing her and bringing her into the fold.
He woke her up and, upon hearing her groggy first words ("Emma's up to something, can you help me stop whatever she's planning?), realized that Logan wasn't the only one about to walk into a Hellfire trap.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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