Harley tricks Wanda into casting a spell upon herself

by LesLes
Storyline Harley's Willing Wanda
Characters Harley Quinn Scarlet Witch
Category F/F Marvel and DC Transformation Bimboization Corruption
Previous Chapter Wanda Maximoff has a change of mind and scenery

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Willing Wanda's whole body still surged with enough chaos magic to remake a universe. Her skin tingled with the power and pleasure as it continued to change her and mould her to her wish: "No more sadness!"

The Wanton Witch's already magically enhanced breasts grew another cup size. The same enchantment that rendered them supernaturally pert allowed the few scraps of taffeta and lace ballgown that struggled to conceal the newly humonguous hooters to still squeeze them together and form a deep cleavage. Wanda's waist shrunk and her hips flared as every blemish on her smooth skin vanished.

Harley Quinn wolf-whistled as she watched the stranger continue to transform in front of her eyes. "Hubba hubba, lady," she whispered to herself as she oogled a body which screamed SEX as loud as it could.

"Yes, let's be best friends forever!" Wanda cried enthusiastically. "I'm Willing Wanda."

Her wand sprayed more sparkles and hearts as she waved her arms wildly. The dumpster beside her, already transformed with a perfect rainbow paintjob, suddenly filled to overflowing with a variety of sex-toys. Dildos and nipple clamps and a variety of exotic lingerie tumbled out of it onto the immaculately clean ground of the alley.

Harley Quinn had trained as a psychiatrist before she'd found her true calling in villainy. She had some suspicions about what might be on Wanda's mind.

"Sista, you're lucky I'm interested in your kind of crazy," Harley vamped. Ivy probably wouldn't mind. Especially if she didn't find out.

Even as the Fairy Godfucker giggled in delight at gaining a new pal, her boobs jiggling happily along, the magic continued to swirl in her mad mind. Self-recrimination, in the lonely nights pondering her actions and what had happened her, grieving and scheming had only made her miserable until her mind had cracked again and again.

Thinking! Thinking had made her miserable. And the magic in her would take away all her sadness. With every giggle a little more of her intelligence leaked away, transforming her into a blissfully happy airhead.

"I like fucking!"

No longer caring who saw, in fact enjoying being watched by a sexy costumed women, she began to search for a way under the hoops of her lacy taffeta skirt. Her clit needed rubbing, her pussy needed fingering and a dildo could fit delightfully in her ass.

Through the growing haze of nymphomania she could still spare a breathy "oooh" of delight as her new black and red clad playmate came cartwheeling over to stand behind her with a final acrobatic flip, flourish and dramatic bow. For a moment their breasts bumped together, spandex to taffeta. The "ooh" from that was pure pleasure.

Willing Wanda clapped Harley's gymnastic performance with enthusiastic glee, her wand trailing sparkles and hearts in the air as it flashed back and forth with each clap. Wanda jumped into the air with delight, and as Harley's jaw dropped in surprise, failed to land. Instead translucent fairy wings erupted from her back and beat slowly.

Wanda executed an accidental flip of her own as the weight of her breasts tipped her forwards, before momentum and some briefly feverish beating of her wings, righted her again. Harley Quinn appreciated an even better view of the Willing Witch's cleavage and then a flash of leaking pussy unconcealed by panties beneath the taffeta ballgown.

"Steady there."

Harley Quinn had finished gawping and impetuously grabbed a titanic tit in each hand. It was to steady the flying... What the hell! Throwing caution to the wind, the Cupid of Crime gave each huge hooter a good honk. To her alarm scarlet flame erupted from the breasts, engulfing each and the hands squeezing them before spreading to Wanda's crotch.

"Wanda titties make her happy!"

Luckily for the crazed clown Wanda's wild magic was still directed inward. Willing Wanda, the Fairy Godfucker, loved being groped and the magic reacted at once. Her breasts became more sensitive, her nipples as erogenuous as her clit, her pussy tighter and always wet. The result was a tidal wave of an orgasm that convulsed her with ecstacy.

"Oooh, you're a good friend!" Wanda moaned through the lesser orgasms that followed, wiggling in mid-air to encourage Harley to grope every inch of her sensitive titties.

"So, how's it work? "Your magic? Zatanna's gotta say her spells backward," Harley asked, resuming her fondling as the magical flames extinguished themselves as suddenly as they'd appeared.

"That sounds really hard!" Wanda exclaimed, going a little cross-eyed as she tried to figure out what 'fuck' was backwards. After a moment she gave up, and continued, "I just make a wish and wave my wand and everyone is happy!"

"So all ya gotta do is say 'Willing Wanda is Harley's happy helper' and wave a wand? That's it?!"

"Uh huh," Wanda cooed cheerily.

A crazy thought crashed into the mad clown's head.

"I don't know, that sounds a bit... Easy. Are ya sure?"

"Uh huh."

"Nuh huh."

"Uh huh."

"Nuh uh."

Wanda drifted down just close enough to the ground to stamp a foot.

"Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh."

Harley wasn't entirely sure if Wanda was disagreeing with her, or just getting close to another orgasm.

"Well, prove it then."

Sparkles erupted from her wand as she waved it over her head and proclaimed triumphantly, "Willing Wanda is Harley's happy whore!"

"Close enough," Harley told her new toy.

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