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This is more a Story and only posted here because the Story Side isn´t working  but still you can follow it if you want. But I would like it if you let the Chapter " Next Chapter " free for me. Thank you very much 

Manuel Cole wasn´t the stereotypical super villain. He hadn´t any Superpowers or was so incredible rich that he could build a super Armor like other Super powered Fighters. He didn´t even had enough money to have a own home. He had a small apartment in Metropolis and was working in a little Office as part of the great Lex Corp. He was only a small light in this giant Corp and still he knew he was born for something real great. He had always felt it and he wasn´t stupid after all. He had studied Psychology and was thrown out of the College in the last Year. He had raped a woman under the influence of drugs and had been caught. But still he knew how the human brain worked. But even as he had found a way to get a person under his control he knew it would take days or even weeks to get full control over another person. And it was hard work.
The funny tales of People doing anything under Hypnosis were silly. Okay. There were mighty Heroes or Villains with Mind Control Powers but none of these Powers were permanent. They wore off after a few hours or even days but HIS way would change a personality permanent. At least he hoped so.
But how could he test it. It was impossible to imprison someone for days without noticing and he did not want to go in Jail. Then he had an idea. He would use modern technology everybody was using. The World Wide Web. After his work he went home and started to learn the basic code from messengers software like ICQ, Hotmail, Twitter or Face book. It took half a year for him to make a perfect copy from Face book. It was build up on the same quell code like the original but the Code was modificated by him. The Program would copy the Facebook account on someone's PC and hack the Face book account. Then a little Virus would send the user always to his version of Face book. But the User would not even notice it. He would have all his normal contacts, his normal friends and every message send to him would go to the fake side.
But that was only the first step of his plan. The side was using subliminal texts to influence the user. To be sure no super powered being was able to read it he had used a message that was only visible a few milliseconds. He didn´t want that somebody was seeing his text to soon. But then there was the problem that he had to bring someone to use the messenger of Face book very often with him. only there he could use the unseen information. Through the very slow frequency of the subs it would take very long until they would start affect someone. And it would be little by little. He just could write something like
"Obey Manuel Cole" after all. This was a mystic about hypnosis. A Person would never do something like that. Maybe with magical or superhuman hypnosis but not for a normal person like him. He was bound on the laws of the classic Hypnosis. But then again after some days of testing it with some of his friends he had a good idea. The Daily Planet, one of the biggest Players in Metropolis was investigating in a possible War deal involving the Lex Corp. Surely they would set their best journalist on this case.
Lois Lane.
And that was all he needed.

Lois Lane couldn´t believe her luck as she watched on her Face book account. One new massage was blinking and after she had opened it she was very carefully with each word written there.
The text said this.
"Mr. Lane. You don´t know me. But I know you. I know you want to get information about Lex Corp and I could be able to give these information to you. Don´t try to find me with this Face book Account. As you can see my name isn´t Dr. Superduper. It is a fake ID. I work within Lex Corp and I could maybe help you with your search. But this won´t be cheap. If Mr. Luthor finds out I send you information I will surely lose my job and I am sure I will never find another job in this city again. If you want the information I want to talk first to you. it will only work over Face book. We will never meet in real life. Is this okay for you?"

Lois picked a pen out of her suit and started to play with it in her fingers. Was this Message real? Should she believe this? If it was true she maybe had a informant right in the center of Lex Corp. But maybe it was just a way to distract her from the real information. She had to be careful with each word she was getting. But it sounded logical. This Person was afraid of Lex Luthor and he was very careful. Lois liked her Informants being careful.
She pressed enter and wrote
"Dear Dr. Superduper. Here is Lois Lane. I first want to know how your Information will look like. Do we talk about the information from one of the Facility Managers or a single Guardsmen?"

Without knowing for her she had just downloaded the Virus for Manuel's Version of Face book. Her Internet explorer crashed but that wasn´t something new. The Computers weren´t state of the Art and Perry didn´t gave money for new ones. So she restarted the Internet Explorer and opened Face book again. She had 2 new Mails. One was from Clark Kent who told her how his report in Washington D.C. was going and the other more important was from Dr. Superduper.

"A good Question Ms. Lane ((Ask more questions)) I can say so much for now that I am not the facility manager and I am no guardsmen. I work much higher in the ranges of Lex Corp. To show you that I have very good information I will tell you now something but for our relationship it would be much better if you keep this a secret.((ask more Questions)). Do you want to hear my information?"

Her eyes were not fast enough to read the subliminal messages and even while she read them her mind had absorbed the information. But it would take hours until this easy command would take hold in her mind. Until this moment Manuel would need to use information to bind her on the chat box. Or maybe he could hack into other accounts and start some dialogs with her in someone else name. But for the first day it went very good. He watched on his timer. The timer told him how long she had opened his text window and it was a good way to see how much of the information had been able to infiltrate her mind. For the first day she had watched for only 33 minutes on the window but it was okay. He guessed that he would need about 2 hours for the first information. He had gave her some information about some local discharges in Boston. It was something Lex Corp was keeping quite because it was bad PR but he knew it. It was some information Lois Lane couldn´t use but it would deepen her trust in him. Maybe she would trust him now.

Only a Day later it was on all Newspapers. Lex Corp was firing 2300 People in Boston. Lois watched at the Newstricker. This men was right. He had told her the fact one day before. And now she could read it there. She could have make an own text about it but the informant was right. It could have ruined him. Maybe she could use him after all. But she had to be careful. So she went to Perry White and told him to let this story fall for the moment. She would gather information over a long period of time and then would send it all at once. Lex Corp maybe was able to deny one of the information. But not if she was able to collect a dozen of them. She would get every information of this guy she needed.

The next days she was constant online and was talking to him. He didn´t trust her very much because until now he only gave her information of lower priority but she would convince him. She just needed to ask more questions.

18 weeks later.
Lois sat late alone in her office. It was after ten now. Nobody was working but she needed to get her report about the President of the USA finished until tomorrow. While she typed she had the internet explorer opened all the time. She had talked to Dr. Superduper every day in the last 6 days and felt that she was so close to get lethal information. And then the Screen showed her a new message from him. She opened it quickly and read every letter. She had trained herself to read every message from him 2 or 3 times just to be sure not to misunderstand something or to miss a word.
"Hello Lois.((type your favorite color)) How are you? still working?" was standing there.
"Hello Dr. Yes. I have to finish some files for the paper tomorrow. And you? still in the hall of the devil?" She then made a smile and looked at the text. Something was missing. a Personal note maybe. She let her fingers wander over the keyboard.
"Oh just wanted to tell you. My favorite color. Guess what. It is not red and blue" another smile" it is black. and yours?"

In his little room Manuel raised his hand and made a victory sign. He got her now. At least his Influence was getting stronger over this woman. For the last 3 days only one command was running for her.
"Be open for new Ideas" It was a logical way to catch her in his web. He needed her mind open to his suggestions and this was a way for him to do it. He quickly answered her and programmed a new suggestion.
"Oh black? Cool. ((Be honest to him)) I like black too. But I like it most on lingerie. You know. Black bra and so on. But this isn´t part of our deal. I don´t have new information for you now. I am just bored and wanted to do something."
"Yeah. I like black Bra´s too. I wear one right now. And a black panty. You see. Not only you like this color. This is bad Super. I need some important information from you. We are working for weeks now and you still don´t trust me? Did I ever do something to get you in danger?" she asked him and a part of her was just tired to get only little information from him.
"I understand you Lois. But I could only send you a fragment of a file I was able to get out of the Corp. I don´t know if you could use it after all ((You need it.))"

Lois was angry now and her fingers almost pressed the keys so hard that they broke.
"Hey Super! I told you three times now that I take ANY information from you! SEND IT AT ONCE!!"

Then she got a file on her email account and watched it. it was a video file. About 10 minutes or so. After she was sure to be alone she opened it. First of all she just saw lights and blinking geometric symbols. Nothing special. But something had to be there. After the first time she watched it again and again. Nothing and still every instinct of her told her that this was important. She quickly finished her report and went home. There she would analyze it with a higher concentration.
If someone would have seen her this night they would wonder why Lois Lane was sitting in front of her Computer the whole night watching the same video again and again. After 4 hours of constant watching the video she picked up her phone and dialed a number she didn´t even know before. After 3 Peeps she heard that someone was in the line now. She started to speak softly and like she was dreaming.
"My name is Lois Lane. I am a deeply hypnotized whore and you are my Master. I wear a black bra and black panties and a red Pajama. I will now go to bed and fuck myself with a dildo. While I do this I will dream of a relationship with a strong men. I will stop only if someone is seeing me or I am not alone anymore. Excuse me now. I have to fuck myself!"
With that she ended the call and stood up and went to bed.

Manuel smiled. This looked like a big breakthrough but it was just a first little step. Even when she said that she was a whore it was just a phrase she was saying again. She didn´t believe it. But it was a test for the Video. Now he knew the Subs in the video were working. He could start to program her now.

24 weeks later.
Lois felt strange. More and more she started to like Superduper. She chatted with him not only for information but also for fun. He was a funny young men with great sense of humor and a very strict way of thinking. But even more she started to feel sorry for him. He was such a noble men. Risking his Life to help her. and even more important. He always send her so funny movies. She spend a great part of her time watching them always careful to stay undetected. But today it wasn´t a good day for her. For some reason her handy didn´t work anymore. It had just stopped working. After some little chatting with Super he told her he would send her a old one from him. She was so glad to have such a good friend.
The handy was only one day after in her office. She opened it and it was a good old IPhone 4. She looked through the apps and found a very interesting app in the memory. It was named "Hypnotic Spiral" and sounded funny. She stood up and went to the basement and looked for the achievement room. There she would be alone to test the new app. She took out some earplugs and then started the app.
It was a wonderful spiral and her eyes were caught by the movement right away.
"You want to watch the spiral. It brings you deeper and deeper Lois. It is so relaxing to watch it. Nothing can harm you while you fall deeper and deeper with each second. You feel relaxed and free. Your mind sinks deeper and deeper to a place where you are safe. In this place nothing can harm you. Nothing can disturb you. It is so peaceful here that you don´t even want to think about anything else."
Lois eyes went blank for a moment. It felt so good to watch at the spiral. But then again it was so hard to think. It was much better to let her mind go deeper and deeper in this spiral.
"I will count from 10 to 0 now. When I reach 0 you will take the phone and call me. You won´t remember anything from this call. It is one of your dreams you like so much.
10 it feels so good to listen to my voice
9 you are in an perfect safe place
8 it is so hard to think on your own
7 you like the sound of my voice
6 you want to call me
5 your mind is now totally blank
4 you will do what I tell you
3 I will think for you
2 I will tell you what you want
1 you will be mine
Lois smiled at the handy. She had watched the Spiral now long enough. She had work to do. She pressed some buttons and started a phone call.
"Here is Lois Lane." she just said as she heard someone else in the line.
"Hello Lois. I want you to do something for me. Tell me your greatest wish!" Manuel asked nervously. Now it was time to see if all the weeks had been worth the work. It all depended on her answer now.
"Oh it is simple. I was rescued so often by Supermen that I just want a super villain to take me under his control. I just want to be a bad girl." It had worked. He had spend all the time to get this idea in her mind. After it was in there he had just pushed it again and again. Now she was believing it from the bottom of her heard. It wasn´t that she was evil now or that the former Lois Lane didn´t existed anymore. It was just that she had now a crush for the idea of being a bad girl. Most of her sexual Fantasies included Mind Control and a Villain now. It was a sexual fetish for her and he was the one that used this new fetish against her.

He ended the call and knew that the trance would end with that. it was a well implanted code in her mind. Then he started to type something and send it to her Facebook account.

"Lois. I have to warn you. Lex Luthor used a mind Control drug against you. If you see him next time you won´t be able to stop yourself turning him on. The less people are with you the more your body will try to make him hot. And I am sorry. But you cannot talk with anybody about this. ((make Lex Luthor horny when you see him alone.))

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