Dominatrix White goes to find Mary Marvel

by Silerspotted
Storyline The Dominatrix conquers the world
Previous Chapter Mistress EL grinds Jimmy Olsen into being her slave

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Dominatrix White had known Mary Marvel well as a fellow member of the Justice League. Now she was going to use that connection  to make her see the world in a whole new way.

She text a message to Mary's phone telling her it was urgent and to meet her at her apartment. Mary's phone went off and she saw the text. " Wow, that's strange. " Thought Mary, " I haven't heard from Kara ina while. I wonder what could be so important?" At no point did she suspect anything was wrong with the former superheroine. She shouted the magic word and changed into Mary Marvell. Using her superspeed she was at the door in a instant. She knocked at the door and noticed it was ajar. "Stranger and stranger" She thought. Then she heard a husky voice "Come on in, of your own free will" called Dominatrix White.

Mary walked straight into the apartment following where she heard the voice from in the living room.  As she entered, she heard a loud CRACK!, felt something tighten around her neck and then her eyes glazed over.

Dominatrix White knew that time was of the essence. She had to work quickly to overcome Mary Marvel's might. Her magic whip, held the innocent heroine in a magical stasis and started to transform Mary's mind. But this wasn't going to be enough. Dominatrix White, the sex vampire, felt her needs calling to her. She lusted for the sexual essence of this girl. She strode over to her and whispered in her ear " How delicious you are, all that pent up sexual energy! Soon you will be a sister dominatrix and we will feed together!!" With this she lifted up Mary's skirt with her gloved hand and started to finger the Marvel girl's clit. With supernatural effectiveness, it soon dripped in wet.

In Mary's mind, she could see what was happening, but could not move. She recognised this woman as Kara, but she had changed tremendously. She was now so much sexier! "What am I thinking?" thought Mary. " Sexy? She looks like an evil villain. She looks like a......goddess. No I mustn't think like this! " and the battle for the soul of Mary Marvel had begun. Mary felt her clit moisten and her temperature getting hotter. " Ooooh god!" She moaned in her mind.

Dominatrix White felt the conflict in Mary's mind and enjoyed it. "Sssoon you will be overcome. give in to it... Understand that all men were made to be our slaves, including your brother! Imagine him crawling at your feet!" This weaken Mary even further, for this was her subconscious fantasy. " Yes, he is always the extra good one, he should bow down before me" thought the corrupted Mary Marvel.

This was the last point at which Mary could be saved. Dominatrix White did what she had to do, so there was no turning back. Lifting her head back she bared her fangs, and sunk them deeply into Mary Marvel's neck. She took no blood, but drained the years of pent up sexual energy from the innocent superheroine. The ex-supergirl shuddered with the pleasure as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body. She was in a sexual vampire's heaven!

As the humanity drained out of Mary Marvel's body, other changes took place. her breasts grew larger, and she was taller. Her costume changed into a black version of Dominatrix White's, but across her laced corset was a red lighting sign. Standing on 6 inch heels and with a golden whip at her side, she was the epitomy of an evil dominatrix. All thoughts of the innocent Mary Marvel dissipated in a feeling of lust and power! She longed to convert all the men on this planet into her slaves. She would trample on them, making them realise  how worthless they were! However, the most significant change were her teeth. Like her maker, she was also a sex vampiress and needed to feed!

The two dominatrices almost read each other's minds. Dominatrix White was overwhelmed at her creation. It made her so hot and so horny. But she now felt the need to create a new slave.

Using their super vision the two sex vampiress' noticed two policeman walking along the street outside the apartment. Unfortunately for the two policemen, they were distracted into a blind alley. Seconds later, they felt themselves lifted away by an irrisistable force.

The policemen suddenly found themselves in the apartment. Dominatrix White held one down on the floor, covering his mouth with hand. " Do not even attempt to call out worm!" She commanded. The policeman, realising he had no chance gave no resistance. Besides that, he had never seen such an amazing woman before. She was dressed in a strange way but he found himself fully erect" Dominatrix White smiled, baring her fangs, " That's a good boy" She purred.

The other policeman found himself pinned up against the wall by the one hand of Mistress Marvel. Knowing he was unable to move, she leaned into him. "What'a that I smell? " She whispered into his ear. " Hmmmn, I know.. its lust! My lust for you! and now your lust for me" The policeman had always thought of himself as a happily married man, but he could not deny the heat he felt for this sexual goddess. His penis began to get hard and erect. " Oooh Baby! " Mistress Marvel called out "Is that for me?" She laughed " But its not big enough!" With her other leather encased hand, she tore off his trousers and pants. he was now naked below the waist. She touched his penis and magicaly it began to grow. Three times its normal size, the policeman was in agony, the weight of his penis pulling down on him. " Now that's better" commented the evil villainess. She undid a zip in her pants and lifted herself onto his giant member. " This is going to be so good for me, but not for you" She hissed. Riding the policeman verticaly, she felt orgasm after orgasm flood through her. She felt the full extent of his penis in her. Her own muscles locked onto it and held it inside her. He couldn't have withdrawn it if he had even wanted to. She felt him shooting masses of his load into her. "What a way to lose  your virginity!" she thought. This was the best feeling ever. She was now forever Mistress Marvel, Mary had gone!

She also felt his sexual energy highten. Her vampiric nature now came to the fore. His energies would give her more power. She bared her fangs, licked them sensually, then bit into the policeman's neck Unlike Dominatrix White had with her, she did not stop. Moments later, all that was left was a husk. Mistress Marvel stepped away from her victim " OHH, that was soooo bad" She cried out and laughed evilly.

Dominatrix White looked down at the other policeman, who was now terrified. "Don't worry worm," She said " that won't happen to you. You have other uses". Later on, a new male slave had been added to the group. No mind or memory, just a slave's costume and undying loyalty to his Mistresses. 

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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