She Hulk begrudgingly allows it.

by Regret
Storyline She Venom
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She Hulk gazed at Ann she was so beautiful and but so sad. She closed her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. "Fine. but just for a little bit. I still don't trust the thing."

"Thank you Jen." Ann said almost crying, she hugged the black and green titan tightly.

"Don't make me regret this." She Hulk said more to the symbiote than Ann. She broke the hug and grabbed Ann's wrist. The symbiote began to shake loss and push down her arm. She Hulk moaned, even leaving her body the way the symbiote moved across her skin made her shiver with pleasure. She Hulk felt herself get weaker and weaker as the symbiote crashed against Ann's body like a wave. Ann closed her eyes and let the symbiote wash over her. In a matter of moments She Hulk was naked and she was coated head to toe in the black goo.

"We forgot how good this felt." Ann's voice was distorted and became doubled.

"Talk to me Ann." She Hulk said nervously.

"Don't worry I'm still here, It's just a lot to take in." Ann forced the Venom mask away and voice returned to normal.  Ann started to tear up. "It's like he's still with me. All thanks to you." Ann was overwhelmed by emotion. First the news about Eddie, then She Hulk's kindness, now this. Ann pounced on She Hulk, playfully tackling her to the bed. She kissed the heroine deeply. She Hulk let down her guard and joined in, grabbing Ann's now firmer backside. Ann jumped a little from the pinch and smiled at She Hulk. "Let me try something." Ann said with mischievous glee. With a little concentration Ann forced the symbiote to reform on her skin leaving her naked save for a black strapon. From the short time the symbiote was on She Hulk, Ann could already see a few of She Hulk's memories, specifically her lovers and what she like in bed.

She Hulk laid back and let Ann take charge. She Hulk bit her lip, Ann new her way around her body and just how rough she liked it. Ann felt could feel Eddie's echo in the symbiote, she could almost imagine it was her laying beneath her and Eddie was making love with her. The sensations from the strapon lit memories from Eddie making her feel like it was apart of her. As the women neared their climaxes the bed rocked under their super strength more and more. Ann and She Hulk yelled in pleasure, the bed collapsed beneath them, and Ann dismounted She Hulk snuggling up next to her. They both had to catch their breath, She Hulk wrapped her muscular arm around Ann and drew her tight. Inches from eachothers faces they just starred into each others eyes for some time.

"Thank you, so much Jen." Ann whispered breaking the silence.

"I'm glad I was wrong about this." She Hulk grinned.

"I guess you should take it back." Ann caressed She Hulk's face.The symbiote stirred from its phallic form, and flowed up Ann's body and back toward She Hulk. Instead of making it rebond with her, She Hulk closed her eyes and concentrated. The symbiote slowed its pace and spread out in all directions coiling around both women like a blanket. It was an odd but pleasant feeling, both women were connected through the symbiote. Realizing she could 'see' inside Jen's mind, Ann blushed she had never felt more intimate with anyone before in her life. The two slowly drifted to sleep living the other's memories as if they were their own. They shared a kick peck on the lips and in unison in their minds said they loved each other.


In her sleep, Ann thought about Eddie again. She walked through his memories, and watched the final moments play out over and over again. She felt his pain and the heartache came back stronger than ever. Her eyes shot open, and her hand tightened to a fist. "Come with me." Ann hissed. The symbiote obeyed and gave Ann her monstrous visage. She walked to the window and looked back at She Hulk. "Sorry Jen but we have to do this."

She climbed out the window and swung away on a web.It was long after She Hulk woke up herself. She felt cold and alone. "Ann?" She Hulk groaned sleepily as she felt around for her. She felt nothing. Her eyes snapped open, she felt nothing. "The symbiote! Damn it Ann." She Hulk shouted. Putting on her crime fighting costume, She Hulk charged out the door knowing just where to look. She Hulk burst through the door to roof of Peter's apartment building. She saw Ann covered in the symbiote mask and all, holding a webbed up Spiderman over the lip of the building. Hearing She Hulk burst in Ann whipped her head around and hissed.

"Don't try to stop us, he deserves this."

She Hulk put her hands up nonthreatningly. "Ann don't. You need to fight off the symbiote.

"Ann melted away her mask. "I'm sorry Jen, but I want this. He killed Eddie! You've felt the pain, the suffering he caused."

"Eddie left Spiderman no other way. He made his choices Ann you don't have to do this for him." She Hulk pleaded.

"I'm doing this for me. He hurt me and I have to relive it every time I'm near you. Please Jen I love you, you have to be on my side."

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