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Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Zatanna Fantastic Four
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Franklin remembered seeing an add on the computer about a new performer.  Franky transformed the robot.  The little pest of a nanny changed right before their eyes.  Out of the whirling lights and blurring flux of Franklin’s powers appeared a black top hat.  A slender hand holding a black wand followed by a sexy pair of legs in fishnet stocking came next.  There she was, the buxom beauty of a magician with her black tailcoat finishing the ensemble.  

“What’s going on?” Zatanna asked with a bewildered look on her face.  

Franklin explained to the dazed hero.  “I changed my nanny into you.  And I don’t think you will be needing those.”  With a wave of his hand Zatanna stood there with just her fishnet stockings, long white gloves, and Top hat on.  Before being summoned here Zatanna had been working with Dr Strange, Dr Fate, and other sorcerers in a magical pocket dimension.  So her exposure to the Fertility Virus had been negligible enough that her mental discipline kept everything in check.  Standing there in front of this young couple that was cuddling and stroking each other Zatanna could feel her discipline slipping.  She pictured the boy bending her over the bed taking her from behind.  Next she saw herself sucking milk from the woman’s tits, as Zee gently rubbed both their bulging bellies.  Both of them were pregnant?  Zee started to feel a heat rising throughout her body.  Her nipples perked up and her pussy was suddenly flooding.  Franklin broke off the kiss between his sister.  Seeing Zee’s drooling slit and aroused nipples, Franky could tell she was just about ready to party. 
“Well I did say that you would help me please my sis here.  So do you want to do the pleasure or do you want me to?” Franklin asked.  

Taking the hint Zatanna whispered a spell, and started squirm.  Her clit started to expand into a fully grown penis.  Zatanna enjoyed the feeling, the stimulation of a penis, after all she had used this spell before.  

Valeria was beyond ready to fuck.  She turned her back to her brother, letting his dick slide between her legs.  “Come here Show Girl” Val beckoned Zatanna over to them.  Valeria lustfully licked her lips, she didn’t know which to tease first Zee’s perky nipples or her aroused prick.  

“I’m Valeria and this is my brother Franklin.” Val said as she pulled Zatanna close.  Valeria could feel Franklin rubbing his dick back and forth between her legs, teasing her pussy.  While Zee’s shaft was jabbing into her belly, Val planted a long deep kiss on Zatanna.  Franklin had waited long enough.  He pulled Val’s hips back so he could spear her eager slit.  Valeria pressed herself even deeper on Franky’s dick.  Bending down Val started to deep throat Zee’s penis.  The threesome went to full force.  Franklin held tight to Val’s hips pounding away at her eager pussy.  Zatanna grabbed the back of Val’s head as she pumped her throat.  Franklin and Zee continued to hammer into Val with each thrust more forceful then the next until they both finally cam. 
“MMmghhh” Valeria struggled as the simultaneous climax overflowed her.  She was desperate to get as much of their sperm in her as she could.  Val slowly pulled off the still erect cocks a slight dribble of cum leaking from both holes.  Valeria wiped the trickle from her mouth as she seductively sucked her finger clean.  “I think its Zee’s turn now.” Val crooned.

Valeria pushed her brother down onto the bed.  She then positioned Zee over Franky’s pulsing rod.  Zatanna’s need, her desire to have something plunged into her sopping love canal was met by the pure bliss. 
“Ohh, Oh MY GOD” Zee cried out as Val pushed her down on Franklin’s engorged cock.  Franklin slowly thrust into her. He enjoyed the feeling of Zatanna’s experienced pussy gently massaging him.  

“Ohh, I needed this.” Zatanna moaned in pleasure as she felt several small orgasms wash over her.  Valeria bit her lip smiling, she wanted Zee’s cock.  Val maneuvered Zee’s throbbing cock into her gapping slit as she planted another deep kiss on her.  Valeria felt Zatanna’s dick twitch each time Franky thrust into her.  The threesome renewed their vigor.  The girls could feel a growing warmth spreading through them with each thrust.  Val and Zee were enchanted in the feeling of their breasts growing in each other’s grasp.  The three of them kept at it for hours switching and trying new positions throughout the night.

Valeria and Zatanna groggily got up.  They were surprised by their new condition.  Both of them looked like they were ready to pop out triplets.  Their breasts were lying heavily on their bellies leaking milk.  Franklin woke up to find both girls massaging their gravid assets.  With each squirt of milk Franky’s morning wood twitched.  But before anything could happen their attention was diverted by a horrible scream from down the hall.

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