Catwoman helps robin

by supersizeme198
Storyline Bird out of the Nest
Characters Catwoman Robin
Category M/F
Previous Chapter Catwoman strides up to Robin

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As Robin regained conscious her could hear loud music playing. As his sight came back into focus he was greeted by an unusual sight.

He was sitting completely naked in a chair in a room with glass walls overlooking the inside of the Cat O'Nine Tails, he could tell because the clubs logo was on the wall behind the bar. The club itself was a hive of activity, men and women were drinking, dancing and performing karnel acts all wearing latex clothing.

On the stage there was a latex cop performing a cavity search on a sexy libraian, there was a school teacher showing a pack of school girl how to perform a blow job with a gimp. There were so many things doing on all a once he couldn't keep track of them all.

He tride to stand up but his body wouldn't respond, he look around the room trying to see if there was anything he could use to escape.

*Isn't it beautiful," Catwoman said as she entered the room, next to her was a woman she had the same pornstar body as hers but a foot taller and was slightly more muscular. Her costume was similar to Catwomans with a few changes, the lenses of her goggles were red instead of yellow, her boots had red tip as well as her claws and on her massive chest were three red clawmarks.

"Birdie this is Dark Cat she and you are going to be great friends," as Catwoman walked over to the wall to see the orgy-party continue, Dark Cat wlked up to Robin a kiss and rubber his cock till it was a ragging erection.

"i'm sure you have a lot of questions were's Batman, why are you doing this how are you doing this, allow me to answer that. I was a the Gotham Museum to add the eye of Hathor to my collection. But what I didn't now was the diamond was magic. It feed on sexual energy and granted great power see this bod, I got this from standing outside a frat house.

It was such as rush I had to have more so I opened the club with every hour my power grew, but it wasen't until Batman showed up that I realised the stones power. Sure he resisted my charmes at first but even he couldn't say no to all of this." She said running her hands up and down her killer bod.

Robin tried to resist the sexual assault but he was having trouble trying to focus. His eyes went wide when he realised what Catwoman had done Dark Cat was Batman.

"Aww the little Birdey figured it out," Catwoman said as she strutted over and kissed him on the check. "Cat I think he's ready," "Yes Misstress"

Dark Cat then took Robins inpresive number an slid it into her pussy. Robin was discusted by the fact that he was being raped by his former mentor, but souldn;t help but be turned on. The feel of latex Wrapped around his cock being milked by the womans pussy, he couldn't think about anything other than fucking this living wettdream.

As the two fucked rigerously the diamond necklace she wore under her catsuit glowed as it channeled the sexual nergy. "Thats right let go of your old self and let your inner slut be free," Catwoman smiled.

Dark Cat bounced up and down on Robins cock he could fell himself changing. His hair was growing long and thick, his lips were getting more plump and sensative, his ass balloned up until it felt like he was sitting on a cushion. Finally a pair of magnificet breast began to grow out of his chest, but he didn't care he was about to cum.

With final thrust Robin shoot his load into his mentor it felt amazing. As he began to passout he could fell his cock getting small, but it was fine Misstress Catwoman would make sure she was okey.

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