What does Big Blue do?

by Gorel
Storyline Shrinking Blob
Characters Mystique Blob Wolverine Shadowcat Emma Frost
Category Marvel Female Dom Body Modification
Previous Chapter Kitty escapes and runs back to the X-Mansion, planning her next man to get.

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Stomping down the steps angrily Big Blue scowled after failing to punch a hole in that little (not so much anymore) beanpole who screwed her pet into the ground, she and an exhausted Fred Dukes sat heavily on the couch while the others waited for an explanation.

"Looks like we had a visitor ladies, that damn Shadowcat had her way with our favorite toy and now he's all spent." Looking down at the unconscious man drooling on the couch with his eyes wandering in circles Wanda poked his forehead to get a response and got nothing back.

"So what happened to him?"

"I took a swing at her... And missed."

"Wow! Strong enough to punch out his clock."

"Great! Now what are we gonna do to pass the time?!"

With Big Blue sitting with her arms crossed under her sizable cleavage and a frown on her face it was obvious she was plotting to get back at the little cheerleader of the X-men and bring her down a peg, more like 6 feet under.

"Hey I've got an idea." Called out a nervous Toad as all three amazon women looked at him with daggers in their eyes. "Wha-what if we head out like W-Wanda said, blow off some steam?"

Standing up and grabbing the amphibian by his neck she brought him to eye level and glared at him, before her features softened into a cold smirk. Dropping him on the ground she turned to the others, her smirk now a beaming smile.

"He's gotta point, so ladies want to blow off some steam downtown?"

Both Scarlet Witch and Lady Mastermind shared the same smile as their leader and followed her out the door, leaving the three men collapsed and relieved that they were safe... Just before the door slammed back open.

"Oops! Almost forgot to bring a couple of wallets with us, its gonna be a long night after all."

Grabbing Quicksilver and Toad by the arms she dragged them both over her shoulders and closed the door behind her, leaving a still unconscious Blob on the floor.


Logan was sitting in the living room with a beer nearby and the paper in his hands, a cigar hanging from his mouth as he read the day's news. "Hmm?" Taking a sniff he already recognized Kitty sneaking up behind him to play their usual game of 'guess who'. Its not like she could ever surprise him he knew the scent of just about everyone in the school.

"Guess who Logan."

What DID surprise him was the pair of melon sized breasts that cleaved behind his head and the ocean of brunette hair that spilled over his eyes and obscuring his paper.


Turning around in his chair he came face to cleavage with the taller, bustier and much MUCH hotter version of Kitty Pride smirking down at him, his darting eyes tried and failed to keep looking at her gorgeous face while an endless cavern of cleavage hung just inches from his nose, his cigar forgotten as it fell from his mouth and rolled away on the floor.

"Awwwww you still found out it was me, guess I'll have to reward you for guessing right eh Logan?" Pulling him up for a kiss she gave him a sizzler as his eyes rolled back from the effort and new-found strength her tongue had swirling around in his mouth. Pulling away with a "Mwaaaah" he collapsed back into the chair while this... Giantess posed wearing a version of Kitty's costume but sheared to the point that it was just a top and daisy dukes.

"Say hello to the new Shadowlioness Logan, wanna pet the new Kitty?"


"I thought they'd never leave." Whispered Emma Frost as she crept up from the spot Kitty left her to find Blob still unconscious on the couch and still wobbly from Big Blue's sucker punch. Smiling down at the prone man she used her telepathy to get him instantly hard despite his lack of energy or enthusiasm.

"So... If a one night stand would turn Kitty into a bombshell, imagine what it'll do for me."

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