Ben’s Horrific/Wonderful Night!?

by DeMonic
Storyline Marvel Hags & Trolls
Characters Thing
Category Body Modification Corruption Growth
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(OC: Sorry for the double post, I just had to finish the Scene)

The woman standing next to him (Alicia, it had to be Alicia his shock addled brain finally making the connection) stood staring into the mirror, tears streaming down her craggy face...

Her body was as distorted as his own, and in much the same ways; it appeared that she was essentially the same height as he was now, meaning she must have grown roughly 3ft, and she was almost as broad with thick linebacker-like shoulders.

Muscles and thick veins BULDGED over every part of her, overdeveloped to the extreme, seeming to strain against the confines of her skin, and just like with Ben there seemed to be no symmetry or reason to their development; for example one arm was clearly more developed than the other, giving her a lopsided appearance, while with the other the tricep was almost as developed as the bicep. She didn’t have a 6 pack but rather than an 8 pack, but it was askew, twisting across her “stomach” area, the different abs showing no uniformity, and seemingly randomised levels of development completely out of sequences with each other, indeed this randomised development seemed to hold true through all the muscle groups of her body, twisting it, warping it...her body was actually deformed by its own musculature...

All of this was on stark display, as all the fat on her body seemed to have been scraped away, leaving her as “tight” as a professional weightlifter prepping for a competition, and then deposited at two points on her body...specifically her tits and ass...

Her ass stuck out behind her like a shelf; a thick, outsized badonkadonk, like something out of the most explicit rap video. But it was her new RACK that was truly extraordinary, especially against the hard plains of her new body; they had to be at least H-Cups, and were clearly stuffed with fat, but were held up by steel hard muscle and drum tight skin, making them jut out from her body even as they jostled and jiggled with her slightest movement.

Alicia turned to Ben tears streaming down her face, a face that with its deeply sunken eye sockets, prominent cheek bones and pockmark tightened skin look more like a skull than anything else.

“Ben...I can see...” she said, in rough, gratings voice utterly unlike her previous soft tones (Ben noticed that there was a vicious looking scar running right across her throat, like someone had tried to cut her head off.) Even through her distorted features there was no mistaking the look of absolute joy and wonder Alicia was feeling; physical appearance had seemingly never truly meant much to Alicia, and this apparently held true even for herself as her new, scare small children into screaming fits until they pass out from oxygen deprivation, appearance could not detract from the wonder of finally be able to truly SEE through her own eyes...

The look was so...pure...so bright, it was hard to look at and Ben’s eyes flicked away from hers, down her body and...froze. Between her legs was...was...well no smoother or softer word would really do...was a CUNT...and the thing was a fucking MAW...the largest he’d ever seen...

With that thought the monster between his own legs twitched...and then began to rise...like a beast scenting prey...Ben’s eyes flicked back up to hers, only to find a completely different look on her new face...a burning almost feral LUST...her eyes were locked on his rapidly hardening appendage with a HUNGER that shot heat down his spine...causing the object of her attention to spring to full steel hardness...with a small growl, she garbed his length in a paw like fist and YANCKED him towards her, suddenly his own thick fingered paw was tangled in her ratty mane of muddy brown hair and they were violently smashing their mouths together in a desperate kiss...


Many Hours later...



Ben laid in bed...or rather the wreckage of his bed...stunned.

There was a secret that he hadn’t shared with anyone, and that had always sat there at the back of his mind. He and Alicia had never...”made love”...

While he was the Thing it simple wasn’t possible, it wasn’t just the superstength (which he was reliably told could be compensated for) it was that he was made of something very like jagged ROCK...it wasn’t just that it probably wouldn’t be pleasant, for the non-superpowered Alicia it probably wouldn’t be survivable...

Of course there had been brief moments when he had been “human” again, but the timing had never been right, heck half the time when it happened they weren’t even together, the few brief windows of opportunity they’d had, they’d never quite got beyond the “fooling around” stage; one of the things that made it all the more bitter once he got stuck back as a Monster...

But now...well Ben thought with an evil looking smirk...they still hadn’t “made love”...what they’d done was FUCKING...brutal, wild and untamed...the dirtiest gutter sex imaginable...he’d just done things with his “precious” Alicia that he’d never even contemplated doing with the most outrageous whore he’d ever hooked up with while on tour with the Air Force in some of the worst hell holes on earth...

He’d taken her repeatedly in every hole, fuck her brutally in every position their bodies could contort, used her ridiculously outsized breasts to tit fuck her...there had been nothing tender about it...it had been wild, hard and nasty...and they had both loved every second of it...

But as good as the sex had been...finally being with (and claiming her some darker, more feral side of him insisted) had been simple...AWEINSPIRING...

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