How're the X-Men doing?

by Gorel
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Marvel and DC M/F Growth Pregnancy Female Dom
Previous Chapter He inhales her pharemones and becomes like the rest.

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"YES! That's what ahm talking about Remy! Drill that pussy!" Howled Rogue as she and Storm rode Gambit and Cyclops like bucking broncos. Several hours of wild sex with the two men had finally made the two queens-to-be very pregnant and they already started to show, both looking full term with triplets and more than a foot taller. It was like an addiction, the more they fucked the bigger they got, and the larger they became the stronger their lusts grew.

Emma Frost hummed to herself enjoying the show as her servants massaged her back and breasts, licking the sweat and milk off of her as she lounged on her side, rubbing the dome of her car sized belly. The giantess smirked as she heard Storm howl out a cry of passion only to hear a thunderbolt crack outside in the distance.

~Mistress Emma! Mistress Emma we have great news.~ Called out Shadowcat's thoughts to the telepath, sitting up Emma crossed he stout muscular legs and delicately set her fingers over her brow. ~We found Wolverine, he was naked in an alley, looks like someone BIG got to him before we did.~

Emma chuckled as she could feel the pout the now tall voluptuous Kitty Pride gave off at finding her secret cruch spent and used. ~Well then girls bring him back here to me, I'll give him enough milk to make him good enough for all of you."

Closing one eye as if to block out the squeeling chirps of joy the young girls gave off with their minds Emma shook her head and went back to enjoying her 'sisters' growth into full fledged queens.


The sound of heavy foot falls thumped out into the streets as car alarms blared off every now and again from the quakes. The poeple were in their own little worlds, the pharamone's from their respective queens made them light headed and dim as they went about getting food for them.

Picking up a hotdog stand with one hand Power Girl dumped its contents down her throat before crumpling it like a soda can and tossing the ruined grill on wheels over her shoulder. "I can't believe we outgrew my apartment, I loved that place."

"Like we could have lived there after 50 kids each?" Smirked She Hulk as she smashed open the window to a butcher shop and grabbed a hand full of deli meats. "Heck you out grew the living room last night and burst out the walls."

Truth be told all three of them had grown massive over the last few days, their size had stabilized at around 20 feet tall with She Hulk as the largest at 22. All around them their combined children swarmed around their feet moving cars and buses out of the way for them as they stomped down the streets. Constant pregnancy and birth had effected their figures, giving them massive breasts, hips and bellies. Even now they were carrying several dozen that kicked furiously to be fed and born.

"You two complain too much, you should be enjoying this!" Moaned Diana as she ate offered food from her sons and daughters after they raided a nearby food stand. "Who needs a small apartment when the entire city is ours to enjoy?"

"Yeah thats right... YOU THERE! Fetch me something to eat!" Announced Kara imperiously to a civilian wandering the streets. Looking up with glazzy eyes the small man blinked before looking up at the massive breeder queen. "Huh?... B-but our Queen wishes us to feed her food, I was looking around to... Find some?"

The man continued to scratch his head in confusion before he was picked up by the scruff of his shirt by Wonder Woman.

"Are you telling us there is someone out there more influential, more powerful more... Knocked up than we are?!"

"He's talking about me."

All three women turned to the source of the voice and gasped at what they saw.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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