The Transdimensitional Courtship of Diana Prince

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Queen of Latveria
Characters Doctor Doom Wonder Woman
Category wrestling
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Boston Massachusetts

Diana Prince was getting dressed after her fight with Cheetah.  She felt so much better now that she showered.  She made a mental note to be more aware of the garbage truck schedules from now on.

Her cell phone rang.

“Diana Prince,” She answered it.

“Diana,” Steve started, “Look I know all about your moon lighting.  But a three hour lunch break is pretty hard to sweep under the rug when all your co-works are talking about it, and it ended an hour ago.”

“Yeah,” Diana pulled on a fresh set of underwear, “I’m sure you saw how the fight ended on the news.  I really needed a shower…”

Just then an energy vortex  opened in bedroom.  Diana was pulled in.


Lab 73, Castle Van Doom, Latveria

Diana came crashing to the flour in the middle large complex of electrical equipment.

“What?” A man bellowed then he shouted something in an odd cross between Hungarian, German, and Russian.

Diana looked behind her when she heard a woman shout something out a door way.  There was a woman in an old style maids uniform.  Another woman appeared with a bathrobe and the two came up to her and put the robe on her.  It was then that realized that she was still only dressed in her underwear.  Diana looked up at the man who had spoken before.  He was clad in a green cloak and a metal mask.

“Who are you?” Diana demanded.

“I am Victor Von Doom, you are in my Castle; the Castle Von Doom in Latveria,” He announced.

“What am I doing here?” Diana demanded.

“You are Diana, Princess of Themyscira?” Doom asked, “Also known as Diana Prince?”

“Yes…” Diana was confused.

“Very Well,” Doom said as he lowered the control platform from above her to the floor, “In accordance with the Laws of Zeus, Chapter 4 verse 5 I challenge you as a child of the Gods to a fair mortal fight.  For Victory I claim you as my prize to be my wife and queen and provide me with heirs.”

“That will never happen,” Diana seethed.

“Doom Bot,” Doom said as he pulled a USB drive and a set of keys out, “If Diana Prince should defeat me, you will turn over the keys to the kingdom and the access codes and instructions to the transdimentional field Bridger to her.  If I order you to do anything that with those that contradicts that order destroy them all.  Authorization Doom Gold Omega!”

In a huff, Diana tossed off the robe and spun summoning her Wonder Woman armor from the alternate Earth.  She took her lasso and tossed it around Doom’s neck.

“Tell me the access codes!” Diana said.

“They are matched to the codes on the USB drive.  They will randomize every 2 seconds,” Doom said in a monotone voice.

“Override the order you gave that thing,” Diana ordered.

“There is no Override,” Doom responded, “It is a one function unit.  Any attempt to alter its programing will result in self destruction.”

“How do I get home then?” Diana sneered.

“Defeat me in a fair fight in accordance with the Laws of Zeus; Chapter 4 verse 5,” Doom repeated.

Diana walked up to Doom and looked past the metal face plate and into his brown eyes.


Diana flicked her wrist and the lasso came off of Doom.

“If I win, you surrender to me,” Diana said, “and turn yourself in to a mental hospital with an acute hysteria!”

“Name your contest,” Doom said.

“Wrestling,” Diana cracked her knuckles.

Doom took off his cloak and pulled off his mask.  Diana was surprised at how normal he looked.  Sure he was tall at about 186 centimeters but he had maybe a hundred Kilos.  But the Brown hair, and brown eyes were nothing that she expected.  He was attractive for a deranged lunatic, but not anymore then Wally, Bruce, Ollie or Clark and certainly more so then Luthor, Joker, or any number of other villains from her world.  To her amazement, he was already wearing a wrestling suit.

“You doom-Bot,” Doom pointed at another android like the one holding the key, “Count to 20 and then generate a random starting time within 30 seconds of the count.  That should be fair, no?”

“You are on,” Diana as eager to defeat him.

“Go!” The Doom-bot shouted.

Diana lunged at Doom only to find herself landing well short of him, he in turn jumped onto her and grabbed her thighs and left arm and started to drag her across the floor roughly.  She elbowed him in the ribs and was amazed that she felt the pain from her elbow cap as much as Doom did.  Doom, showing much more technique crossed her legs and spun her over so she was on her back. Doom then angled his body to place all his weight throw his rib cage onto her throat.  Diana chocking tried to force Doom off of her as her world went black.


Diana came too coughing and choking.  She looked around her and found herself surrounded by the Latverian Maids.

“Herr Doom!” the oldest one shouted.

“I don’t know how you cheated!” Diana sneered.

“I didn’t,” Doom said as he put on his armor, “Your gods removed your advantages by making you my equal in strength.  You gave yourself the disadvantage by relying solely on your strength and not your wits.  Where is that priest?”

A man said something in the local dialect.  Diana guessed it was the local ‘Here.’

Doom said something to the man as he finished putting on his armor.

“Do you Diana, Princess of Themyscaria take Victor, Lord of Latveria to be your husband, to stand faithfully as his queen and to honor your houses with children?”

Diana recoiled at the words the man spoke in Greek.

“I Do!” Diana covered her mouth after she said it.

“Do you Victor, Lord of Latveria take Diana, Princess of Themyscaria to be your wife, to stand faithfully as her King and to honor your housed with children?”

“I do,” Doom said.

“Before man and before the Gods, I declare you husband and wife,” the man finished in Greek.

“Tomorrow you will hold a proper wedding ceremony in the Castle Courtyard for all of Latveria to see in accordance with the Greek Traditions,” Doom ordered in Greek, “Then you shall have us say our vows again with the blessings of the Olympians.”

The man scurried off in fear.

“Follow the maids,” Doom said, “They shall set you up in your room, provide any help you need.  They all speak English.  Tomorrow we will be properly wed.  If Hera blesses us, which may be all you have to endure of me for your new duties; that is unless you learn to love me.  I am not holding my breath on that one.”

Diana shot him a cold dark look before following the maids out.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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