Wren and Rook go to Wren's home, and end up in bed together...

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline The Superstories Adventures of Ben 10
Characters Ben "Ben 10" Tennyson
Category Gender Switch Mind Control Mind control
Previous Chapter Psyphon, crazed with excitement, makes an attack on Wren and Rook...

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    Wren and Rook made their way back to the Tennyson residence after Psyphon was picked up, the two deciding to clock out.  Rook decided to stay with Wren that evening, having dinner with the Tennysons as Wren related what happened with the rest of the day.  Carl fumed angrily when he heard about Psyphon's attack. 

    "Bastard," he muttered.  "Should just ship him back to Vilgax like he wants..."

    Wren rolled her eyes.  "Yeah, no, he's enough of a headache.  With Vilgax, he's calmer, more calculating, and better able to come up with good plans," she said.  "I'll take Lonely Lunatic Psyphon over Calm Evil Mastermind Psyphon any day of the week."  Wren took another bite of her lasagna, silently grateful that Carl had kept his promise and hid all of the tasteless 'healthy' ingredients.

    Rook, meanwhile, was happily scarfing down his lasagna.  "MMmm!  I do not know what you have done differently this time, Mrs. Tennyson, but your lasagna is even tastier than the last time I had it!"

    Wren snickered.  Rook had a bizarre fascination with his mother's cooking, and adored even the tasteless healthy stuff.  Sandra, for her part, blushed. 
    "Well!" she said.  "You certainly know how to make a woman feel good about her cooking!"

    "My family occasionally sends me Amber Ogia plants from my home planet.  With your permission, I would like to see what you could do with it!  Certainly with your skill as a chef, you would be able to make a most delicious dish out of it!"  Rook said excitedly.

    Wren's head drooped.  "Good lord..." she muttered, turning to her father.  "I thought YOU were the one who Grandpa was related to by blood, not her."

    Carl shook his head, chuckling.  "I never should have left her alone with Max during that one camping trip..." he said.  "She's had his cooking habits ever since..." 

    The rest of the dinner passed without incident.  Both Rook and Wren excused themselves up to Wren's room to get cleaned up, both desperately ignoring the knowing looks that Wren's parents gave them. 

    As they left, Sandra shook her head, chuckling.  "My my... We've become too used to things like this happening..." she said.

    Carl nodded, calmly reading the news on his tablet.  "Hm.  Remember when Verdonna first revealed that she was an Anodite?" 

    Sandra shook her head.  "I'd love to forget that... Ol' Grams was enough of a headache BEFORE we found out she was a deranged hyper alien super-pixie..."
    Somewhere in outer space, Verdonna began cackling, feeling as if she just was paid a sublime compliment unintentionally. 

    Meanwhile, back on Earth, Rook was the first to get into the shower.  Wren was waiting her turn on the bed, squirming slightly.  She kept thinking about Rook in there, water sluicing down his nude, powerfully muscled body, bound his hands scrubbing soap into all his most intimate places.  She was getting wet again, and she whimpered softly, wishing she knew how to masturbate as a woman and too scared to try on her own.  She could go to Rook for relief, but doing so felt like surrendering part of herself.

    But it's Rook, she told herself.  Isn't it okay as long as it's Rook?  You're not surrendering yourself, at least not to someone you don't know. 

    She bit her lip, sneaking over to the bathroom and peering in.  What she saw there made her gasp.  She knew Rook was athletic, but she didn't realize just how BUILT he was.  She had barely been able to tell before, as she was lost in her own need, but now that she wasn't insanely horny (just extremely horny), she could appreciate Rook's body completely. 

    The Revonnahgander's body was solid muscle, his legs thick, corded rods of steel.  His chest was decidedly buff, his stomach a six-pack, his ass looking like you could bounce a quarter off of it.  And his cock...

    Well, Wren had only been a woman for a short while, and wasn't one to judge such things.  (Truthfully, she wasn't sure why she was so interested, and it bothered her a little, although at this point lust was winning out over her common sense.)  All Wren knew is that Rook was more well endowed that she had been when she was male.  She felt painfully aroused, a dampness in her womanhood making her squirm uncomfortably. 

    She needed him right now.  She needed to have Rook inside her, she decided.  Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she stripped her clothes off and sauntered into the bathroom. 

    Rook eeped in surprised.  "Be-Wren!" he stammered.  "What are you..."

    Wren gave what she hoped was a sultry smile.  Judging by Rook's blush and the sudden slight stiffening of his maleness, her smile apparently had the desired effect.  "Figured we'd save time by showering together, handsome," Wren said. 

    Rook gulped.  "O-Oh?" he stammered, stepping aside as Wren entered the shower stall with him, pressing her ample chest up against his muscular one as her hand went down to stroke his slowly stiffening manhood.  "I-Is this traditional amongst humans?" 

    "Only for lovers, Rook," she said, kissing him.  "Only for lovers."  She wrapped her arms around Rook's neck and kissed him passionately.  Rook, becoming fully aroused by the beautiful woman fondling him, couldn't help but respond in kind, the tongues of the two lovers invading each other's mouths.  One hand squeezed Wren's breasts as he hefted the shorter woman into a position where he could thrust his manhood into her dripping cunt.  Wren, held aloft by Rook holding her and by the wall of the shower, moaned in desire as she felt herself being filled again by Rook's thick cock.  She bobbed her hips up and down on Rook's thick manhood, the feline-like alien moaning in desire as he fucked Wren's pussy. 

    Wren was in bliss.  This was where she belonged, she thought.  Mounted on her man's cock, giving him as much pleasure as he gave her.  It felt good, it felt RIGHT.  The more she thought about it, the more the idea of giving herself to Rook completely and forever thrilled her.  She came hard, Rook cumming a few minutes later.  The feel of her master's spunk shooting inside her made her cum again, Wren kissing him passionately. 

    Rook, for his part, remained blissfully unaware of Wren's change in mindset.  He just knew that he was getting sex with a beautiful woman, and intended to enjoy it...

Kevin's apartment...

    It was Gwen's turn to cook dinner tonight.  She was magically levitating some meat around, planning on making bacon cheeseburgers, when Kevin came in, a somber look on his face. 

    "Gwen, you need to hear this.  Azmuth's on the line.  It's about Ben," he said, the tall, long-haired young man heading back into the living room. 

    Gwen quickly set down everything and turned off every cooking appliance that was on, heading into the living room.  Kevin nodded, and activated the phone's speaker.  "Go ahead, Azmuth." 

    The scratchy voice of the alien ultragenius came over the phone, sounding distressed.  "I can't believe I missed this... Having sex with Rook didn't counteract the concubine effect!" 

    Gwen blinked.  "What?!" she said.  "But Wren was acting like her old self as Ben soon after!"

    "I know, I know..." Azmuth said.  "But that's only because Rook had grown to like Ben's original personality.  I looked up in my historical archives information on all the old heroes affected by Garlvinite technology...  They all ended up marrying the person they had sex with to keep from becoming Garlvinite slaves, becoming happy contented lovers that could change their entire personality as their master desired.  They DID become slaves to the person they had sex with to break the initial heat!  I thought otherwise at first, but looking at it again... It makes too much damn sense..." 

    Gwen shivered.  "So Ben..."

    "...is now Rook's sex slave, Wren.  Permanently," Kevin finished.  "I remember one time Rook saying that he liked the sound that wrens made.  Just an idle comment he made while he, Ben, and I were on a stakeout."

    "So Ben chose the name Wren..." Gwen said, "...because she remembered that Rook liked wrens."  She groaned, collapsing on a nearby armchair.  "Oh man..."

    "Doesn't really apply now, don't it," Kevin quipped, smirking a little.

    Gwen glared at him.  "Really, Kevin?  Really?"  Azmuth said, audibly irritated.

    Kevin sighed.  "Look, is there anything we can do about this?" he asked.

    "...Not at the moment, no," Azmuth said.  "But given time..."

    "You really think you can do this before Wren convinces Rook to marry her?  Or they have kids?" Kevin said. 

    Gwen, despite herself, chuckled at the image of her cousin becoming a mother.  Azmuth hesitated, and admitted, "...Garlvinite tech is incredibly advanced, beyond even what the few Galvans greater than I could create.  It could be years before I figure out to reverse this."

    "Do you think that, given enough time, they'll want you to reverse it?" Kevin asked, quirking an eyebrow at the speakerphone.

    Azmuth had no answer.  Kevin sighed.  "Look, there is literally nothing we can do about this right now.  Gwen and I will tell this to the two of them tomorrow, and we'll deal with that from there.  So long as Rook keeps Wren's customizable personality close to normal (at least in the field), then I don't see the problem.  As for my jokes, it's my way of coping, so lay the fuck off." 

    Gwen sighed.  "Sorry..." she said.  "I just... I just wish I could do more." 

    "I know something you can do," Kevin said, an evil grin coming to his face.

    "I can HEAR him smirking," Azmuth said.  "Be cautious."

    Gwen gave Kevin a wary look. 

    "You can teach Wren how to give oral and anal sex," Kevin teased, ducking as Gwen threw a pillow at him.  Kevin ogled Gwen's firm ass as she stormed back into the kitchen to finish dinner, chuckling and shaking his head.

    "Well, you're sleeping on the couch tonight," Azmuth said.  "That much I can tell." 

    Worth it, Kevin thought.  She's cute when she's angry.  "Yeah, I figured that," Kevin said.  "Question is, how did you?  Never figured you for the relationship type." 

    "I've dated twice.  One of my old assistants, Myaxx, and I briefly had a relationship.  Purely sex based.  And before you say anything, there's a lot a Galvan can do for a larger lover," Azmuth said, chuckling.

    "I'll take your word for it," Kevin said, unable to escape images of Wren as a sexy female Galvan. 

    "Second one actually came before Myaxx, and was my steadiest relationship.  A Cerebrocrustacean named Dr. Psychona," Azmuth said, sighing wistfully.

    "...Interesting.  I thought Galvans didn't like Cerebrocrustaceans," Kevin said, quirking an eyebrow.

    "Blukic and Driba are xenophobic, arrogant bigots in addition to being retarded," Azmuth growled.  "Cerebrocrustaceans aren't anywhere near Galvans in terms of technological skill, true, but they are INCREDIBLY skilled as psychology and sociology.  Your planet's social services groups would do well to have them on staff.  Dr. Psychona... Oh, she was as beautiful as she was brilliant.  Excellent cranial line, perfect claws, lovely mandibles..."

    "Moving SWIFTLY along..." Kevin muttered, not wanting an anatomy lesson.

    "Ah.  Yes, of course.  Anyway, Dr. Pscyhona was the light of my life.  And then some fool let a Viceoctopus get loose from a local zoo.  It devoured her before the Galvanic Mechamorphs in the area could subdue it," Azmuth said.  "I've had a fear of the things ever since...  Come to think of it, that's when I started isolating myself, too." 

    "Your fear didn't stop you from setting Zed-as-a-Viceoctopus on Dr. Psychobos," Kevin pointed out, mentioning his alien pet, the extra-terrestrial canine sleeping peacefully on a nearby chair. 

    "It wasn't a real Viceoctopus, so I felt no fear from it," Azmuth explained.  "Also, even if it was, disgust would have overrode fear in that instant.  Can you honestly say, after what he did with Malware and helping the Incursean Empire, that he didn't deserve worse?"

    Kevin snorted.  "I can't disagree.  Hell, I probably could have come up with some nasty stuff to do to him.  Wouldn't have used any of it, I'd grown out of my supervillain phase by then," he said. 

    "For which we are all grateful," Azmuth said, sighing.  "Well, I suppose I'd best get back to work.  You two take care." 

    "See you later," Kevin said as Azmuth hung up.  Kevin sat down on the couch, staring at the turned-off TV, and began to think...

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