Psyphon, crazed with excitement, makes an attack on Wren and Rook...

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline The Superstories Adventures of Ben 10
Characters Ben "Ben 10" Tennyson
Category Gender Switch
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    Before either of them could say anything, however, an explosion rocked the buildings nearby. 

    "Of course," Wren said, sighing. 

    "Well, the battle with the Vreedles was broadcast.  Villainous intervention was inevitable," Rook said. 

    "Yeah yeah yeah," Wren said.  She dialed in a hero, praying it didn't look weird, and triggered it. 

    In a flash of green light, she changed into Ball Weevil.  Instead of a cute little bug, however, she was now a cute little girl with insectile features, including a horn, green, chitinous armor around her midsection and yellow chitin armor around her four arms and legs, the lower arms and legs forming a point at the end.  "Eeesh..." Ball Weevil said.  "All right, who is it this time?" 

    Psyphon stormed around the corner, riding a hovercraft with a plasma cannon attached to it.  The villain, who looked like a cross between a shark and a Cenobite from the Hellraiser movies, cackled madly.  Beside him was the robotic villainess Fistina, the massive-fisted's black armor shining in the sunlight.  "BEN TENNYSON!" Psyphon proclaimed.  "YOUR TIME HAS COME!  My master's great plan to weaken you has succeeded by turning you into a pathetic female!  And now I, Psyphon, his most loyal servant, shall END YOUR LIFE!  Fistina!  CRUSH HER!!"

    Fistina glared at Psyphon when he mentioned 'pathetic female,' and then turned her gaze to Ball Weevil.  She frowned, Ball Weevil spitting out a sticky green goo, shaping into a ball, and hopping on top of it, ready to roll it at Fistina. 

    "...You look like little girl," Fistina said after a moment.  "Is blasphemy among my race to hurt children."

    Ball Weevil quirked an eyeridge at her.  "You do know I'm really eighteen, right?" she asked.  She glanced over to Rook, who was sneaking around to Psyphon's back, the villain staring at Fistina incredulously.

    Fistina shook her head, sitting down.  "I know.  But you look too much like child for Fistina to feel comfortable punching.  I will surrender," she said.  "Next time we fight, please use adult-looking body." 

    Ball Weevil shrugged.  "Works for me.  How about you, shark breath?" she asked Psyphon, hopping off of her sticky ball.

    Psyphon snarled.  "I shall still carry out Lord Vilgax's plan!  You are crippled!" he screamed.

    "No, I'm cute.  And Vilgax didn't do this to me," Ball Weevil said.  "Zs'Skayr did, working through Doctor Animo." 

    Psyphon stared.  "...Bwuh?" he managed after a moment. 

    Rook leaped up and kicked him in the head, knocking him off of his flying platform.  He hopped onto it himself and used his proto-tool to hack the controls. 

    Psyphon landed roughly on the ground, Ball Weevil almost casually kicking the sticky ball at him.  It detonated on impact, sending him flying across the street, where he landed in a smoldering pile. 

    Ball Weevil, changing back to Wren, trotted over to Psyphon and chuckled, Rook hovering nearby on the platform.  "Really, Psyphon, this is just kinda sad," she said.  "You used to be somebody!  And now you're just a ranting loser in Undertown who has to pay people to listen to you." 

    Psyphon growled.  "I serve Lord Vilgax faithfully." 

    Wren shook her head.  "Seriously, dude, just give it up," Wren said.  "If he wanted you back he'd have come for you by now." 

    "No..." Psyphon growled.  "I have not been abandoned...  This is all part of my master's plan..."

    "Um... Wren?" Rook said, priming the plasma cannon.  "I think Psyphon is about to fly into a rage..." 

    Wren nodded, and slowly backed away.  She triggered the Omnitrix again, turning into Cannonbolt.  The hulking alien now had a head with a lovely face instead of simply a monstrous face on its torso, armor covering where hair would be on other aliens, a prominent set of breasts, thankfully covered by an armored top, taking the place of the male Cannonbolt's face.  Cannonbolt's legs were longer, but still shaped as before, Cannonbolt now looking like a husky anthropomorphic female version of itself.

    Psyphon growled.  "I am not a failure... I have not been discarded... I HAVE NOT!!" Psyphon roared, leaping to his feet.  Energy blasters in his gauntlets charged up as he began firing on Cannonbolt and Rook, Cannonbolt curling up into a ball (thankfully with the same ease as her masculine form) and rolled away, her armor deflecting the energy shots as Rook deftly dodged about on the flying platform. 

    Fistina got up, grinning.  "This is much better, thank you!" she said, firing her fists at Cannonbolt.  Cannonbolt yelped, taken off-guard and crashing into a dumpster.  She unrolled, glaring at Fistina, who just nodded as her mechanical fists returned to her arms.  Cannonbolt, in no mood for this, curled up and rolled towards Fistina, slamming into the massive cyborg.  She grunted, rubble kicked up underneath her as she attempted to hold back Cannonbolt's spinning charge.  Rook, meanwhile, was starting to have trouble dodging Psyphon's increasingly frenzied attacks. 

    "Die!  DIE DIE DIE!" Psyphon shrieked.  "IN VILGAX'S HOLY NAME, DIE!" 

    "Wow..." Cannonbolt said, still charging at Fistina, who was slowly being pushed back.  "You sure you wanna work for this guy?"

    Fistina stared uneasily at Psyphon's madly laughing face.  The pay had always been good when working for Psyphon, but ever since being separated from Vilgax, he had become increasingly unhinged.  Fistina shoved Cannonbolt away, and prepared to attack again, when Psyphon started singing hymns.  Twisted versions of Christian rock pieces erupted from Psyphon's throat, all warped into dedications to Vilgax as he tried to kill Rook.  Fistina just stared at him, horrified.

    Cannonbolt, unrolled, calmly sauntered up to her.  "So..."

    "Fistina leave now.  Crazy sharkface can go fuck himself," she said, running into a nearby alleyway.

    Cannonbolt watched her go, and then looked at Psyphon.  "...Eh, Fistina's a petty criminal," she said after a moment.  "Psyphon's the dangerous one." 

    "HELP!" Rook yelped, barely managing to dodge Psyphon's lasers.  Cannonbolt nodded, curled into a ball, revved up, and rolled over Psyphon, flattening him down into the pavement.  For good measure, Cannonbolt rolled over him a few more times, Psyphon letting out a pathetic yelp each time.  Cannonbolt unrolled near Psyphon, reverting back into Wren, Rook landing the flying platform near her. 

    "Are you all right?" Rook asked.

    "Me?  I'm groovy.  Can't say the same about Psyphon, though," Wren said. 

    "Lord Vilgax loves me this I know," Psyphon sang dazedly.  "'Cause the Flrao tells me so..."

    Wren shook her head.  "I've got mixed feelings, actually... Part of me wishes this fight was a little more interesting, a little tougher..." she said.  "But another part is worried that if I do wish that, I'm gonna get someone like Khyber or Vilgax appearing..." 

    "Such coincidences do seem to happen a lot, I have noticed," Rook said.  "Usually when it is comically appropriate." 

    "Heh, true," Wren said.  "How about you, dude?  You all right?"

    Rook nodded.  "I am well, thank you.  Psyphon was firing too fast for me to mount a proper counterattack," he said.  "We should probably look for Fistina..."

    "She's harmless and we can pick her up anytime, she's got enough warrants out on her.  Psyphon was the real problem," Wren said, waving dismissively. 

    Rook thought about it and nodded, radioing for someone to pick up Psyphon. 

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