Both Tennyson's allies and enemies are watching the broadcast...

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline The Superstories Adventures of Ben 10
Characters Ben "Ben 10" Tennyson
Category Gender Switch
Previous Chapter A call comes in, saying that the Vreedles are robbing a bank. Needing some stress relief, Wren vonlunteers to go catch them.

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    On the throne of an alien world, an evil warlord watched the Earth news broadcast with amused interest.  The hulking alien, a Chimera Sui Genris, stroked his facial tentacles with amusement, a cruel grin coming to his face. 

    "It seems, Ben Tennyson, that an unintended change has come over you," said Vilgax the Conquerer.  His rot green skin glistened in the dimming sunlight of a Vilgaxian sunset, his blood-red armor almost glowing from the effect.  "For one as arrogant as you NOT to seek the spotlight is most intriguing..." 

    The warlord frowned.  "Still... Whatever did this is powerful enough to affect even the Omnitrix.  It should have been able to restore his form if it was altered against Tennyson's will..." he said.  "I must proceed with extreme caution until I know more..." 

    Vilgax stood up, the motion like the rising of a tidal wave.  "Perhaps I should pay you a visit," he chuckled.  "Let you know that your... aheh... 'old associates' are thinking about you."  He pondered this a moment.  "Perhaps I should study up on Earth culture first, though.  I've never really done that before in my attempts to conquer that backwater planet.  If nothing else, learning about how human females can be hurt in ways differently to human males should give me some interesting new ideas on how to HURT YOU..." 

A hidden place under Bellwood...

    From a pair of ice-laden devices in a heavy truck, Octagon and Rhomboid, in new bodies, popped out and landed roughly on the ground. 

    "Hnh," Octagon said.  "That's right, Mom moved the truck with our clonin' machines out of the water." 

    Rhomboid stretched.  "Well, she did say we always stank of sewer water.  Dust's easier to clean off than sewer stink." 

    "True, true," Octagon said, the smaller of the two brothers smacking his overalls a few times to clear the dust off. 

    "BOYS!" rumbled a huge, husky voice.  Both brothers looked up and smiled as they saw their mother, a hulking, wide-girthed female example of their species, lumbering towards them, clad in a yellow sundress and red vest, a fetching hat on her head over her blonde mop of hair.  To them she was beautiful.

    To everyone else in the universe that was sane, Ma Vreedle was one of the top five scariest things in existance.

    "Howdy Ma!" Octagon and Rhomboid said. 

    "Howdy yerself," Ma Vreedle said.  "That girl that smacked you two around... was that really Ben Tennyson?"

    Octagon nodded.  "Ain't no mistakin' it," he said.  "That thar girl was usin' the Omnitrix, and there ain't but one person in the universe that's got one o' them thangs." 

    "Said she wants to be called 'Wren' Tennyson now," Rhomboid added. 

    Ma Vreedle stroked her chins thoughtfully.  "That's mighty interestin' news, boys..." she said.  "This changes a lot."

    Rhomboid scratched his head, confused.  "Um... Ma?  Why would it?  She seemed 'bout the same as usual.  Just got angrier easier." 

    Ma Vreedle whapped Rhomboid.  "Boy, you make a comment like the ones you was makin' to any lady, even ones that was guys the day before, and you see how well they take it!" she snapped.

    "Sorry Ma," Rhomboid said, hiding behind Octagon, who just chuckled. 

    Ma Vreedle snorted.  "And it does change things, y'dummies.  Tennyson's gonna have a whole new set o' problems to deal with, considerin' he's now a she.  Not just biological stuff neither.  Only question for us is how we can EXPLOIT IT." 

North Bellwood...

    "...and it was so weird!" said a witness as a reporter interviewed him.  "I mean, I thought it was Ben Ten, but it was a girl using the alien watch thingy!  Is there more than one?  Did something happen to Ben?"

    "A very good question," Julie Yamamoto said, the young Asian girl idly petting her Galvanic Mechamorph pup, Ship.  "Ben Tennyson, what's happened to you this time?" 

    She had broken up with Ben on good terms, remaining friends despite never getting back together.  But now, to have this happen to him... her now, she guessed...  She looked at Ship, frowning.  "What do you say, Ship?  Think we should get involved, see if Ben needs help?" 

Plumber HQ, cell block...

    "...Still can't believe what was on the news just now," said a human Plumber agent to her comrade.  "I mean... It looked like him, but as a girl!"

    "I know, right?" said the other Plumber, an alien with an insectile appearance.  "Has something weird happened to Ben Tennyson?"

    "Unknown," the human Plumber said.  "Magister Tennyson hasn't said anything other than sending a request that Ben's parents meet him back at base."

    "...What if it wasn't Ben?" the buglike Plumber asked.

    "Had to be.  Who else has the Omnitrix?"  the human Plumber said, the two of them walking by a certain cell as they talked.

    Inside that cell, Albedo, who looked like a still male Ben Tennyson, chuckled in amusement upon hearing of Ben's plight.  "Well, this limits some of my plans," he said.  "But I can work around it.  My my, Ben Tennyson.  I wonder if you're pretty in your new form?" 

London, United Kingdom...

    Kai Green, sometimes ally to Ben Tennyson, watched the news reports with confusion.  Who was this girl?  And why did she have the Omnitrix? 

    The buxom young Plumber frowned.  "Father?" she said.

    "Yes dear?" came a voice from the other room.

    "Can you book a flight back to the States for me as soon as possible?  I need to check on something..."

    Kai's father came in, frowning.  "What's wrong, dear?"

    "Something's happened to Ben," she said.  "I need to see if he's okay." 


    A gathering of aliens watched various TVs with trepedation as they watched the broadcast of Wren's fight with the Vreedles.  Questions were shot around, all of them wondering if Ben had been changed, or if someone had replaced Ben as the Omnitrix bearer.  Several people took special notice of it, becoming VERY interested.

    "Mrroww..." Nyancy Chan purred, the feline-themed criminal stroking one of her many cats as she watched the report.  "If Ben's now a girl, then Rath would be a girl too... Don't know how I feel about another catgirl out there..." 

    "Ben is transformed... as are the aliens of the Omnitrix!"  Psyphon almost crowed, the pale-skinned, shark-finned villain laughing.  "Oh, this has to be the work of my glorious master!  I must make ready for his return!  He will want to investigate his success!" 

    "Huh... Tennyson's got tits now," Fistrick said, the mohawked criminal stroking his chin thoughtfully.  A cruel grin came to his face . "If that is Ben turned into a chick... then she's probably still a virgin.  Well, I think I can change that little fact.  Heh..." 

    Zombozo, meanwhile, overheard this and grinned, the rotting demonic clown giggling evilly.  "My my, Ben Tennyson.  Once a proud warrior now a pretty bird.  Even from this report I can feel your fear... So many new ways to make you FEEL that fear..." 

    Ester, clad tightly in her winter gear, frowned.  Two of her Krahoo warriors stood with her, guarding their young ruler.  "It's Ben..." Ester said softly.  "It has to be..."

    "My lady?" one of the Krahoo guards said. "Are you sure?"

    "No one else has the Omnitrix," Ester said, the lavender-skinned girl shaking her head.  "Something's wrong.  I'm heading to the surface to check on Ben." 

Incursian Empire Flagship...

    Empress Attea snored away on a very plush, very luxurious couch, enjoying a nap of victory after a hard-earned conquest of some backwater aliens with goofy tentacles as mustaches.  The frog-like alien beauty was peacefully dreaming when a soldier ran into her quarters, startling her awake.

    "Your Majesty!" he said.  "Important news from Earth!"

    Attea yelped and fell off of her couch.  She snarled as she pulled herself up.  "This had better be damned important.  Otherwise I'm gonna rip off your legs, fry 'em, and eat 'em." 

    The soldiler gulped.  "I assure you, Empress Attea, I wouldn't be taking my life in my hands if it wasn't.  You asked us to monitor your nemesis Ben Tennyson's activities on Earth, and... well, it's best you just see," he said, pressing a few buttons on a device he had with him.  A holographic projection of Wren's fight with the Vreedles played for Attea, the young Empress's eyes widening. 

    "...Okay, this was important.  You get ta live," she said.  "Leave the recording and then have navigation prepare my jumpship.  I'm heading to Earth to investigate this.  Contact Eighteight and her brothers, tell them to meet me in Bellwood.  Transfer the standard funds to their accounts." 

    The soldier nodded.  "Yes, your Majesty.  OH!  One more thing," he said.

    "What now?" Attea muttered.

    "Our informant amongst the Tetramand has told us that Princess Looma Redwind has also seen the news report and is heading to Earth herself," he said.

    Attea groaned.  "Now there's the last thing I need...  Get out of here.  I need some time t'think on this..." she growled, the guard hopping away as Attea watched the recording again.  "Geez, Tennyson..." she said. 


    Charmcaster, the white-haired, buxom ruler of a world of magic sat on her throne, and all was right with the world. 

    But not in her mind.  She had lately begun to question her own sanity, wondering whether or not her powers were corrupting her mind.  She had begun to hear voices, even when not talking to the two prisoners in her enchanted charm bag.  And now... now amidst the magical monitors she had created to keep track of her enemies, she saw a news report that showed a woman with the Omnitrix.  A very familiar woman. 

    "Tennyson a girl?  No, no, can't be.  I'm hallucinating again," Charmcaster said.  "But... but the monitors only show what is true to me.  What is actually happening.  Could it be real?"

    Charmcaster paced back and forth nervously.  "This isn't right... I have to be sure... I must prepare to go to Earth and see if Ben Tennyson has indeed become female..." 

A hidden place...

    "Pretty, pretty Ben..." chuckled Darkstar, the iron-masked, dark-cloaked parasite in human form staring at the image of Wren Tennyson as she beat the crap out of Rhomboid Vreedle.  "Oh, I'd never thought I'd see the day... Never even know the day was coming, actually... But I desire you now, Ben... I desire your life...  I will feed on you... NO MATTER WHAT!!" 

    "Calm yours-self, Darkstar," Dr. Psychobos said, the blue Cerebrocrustacean fiddling with a menacing looking device.  "Once we have finished the Nemetrix and gotten ALL the DNA we need, then we can get our ultimate revenge against that 'hero,' and I use the term loosely." 

    "Have you seen her, lately?" Darkstar almost moaned, not looking at Psychobos.  "She's beautiful." 

    "Male, female, all you humans look alike to me," Dr. Psychobos said, waving dismissively.  "I'm moderately interested by the fact that it s-seems to have hacked the Omnitrix, but that can wait.  Our work isn't finished, Darkstar.  But we're getting close.  And then you can grope Ben or feed off of her however you want.  Just S-STICK TO THE PLAN!"

A hidden place in outer space...

    Skeletal-faced Khyber stroked his chin thoughtfully as he looked over the recording of Ben Tennyson's battle with the Vreedles.  News networks both human and alien had picked up the story, broadcasting it all across the galaxy.  Even to Khyber's hidden hunting grounds.  "So... my prey has a new form..."

    The master huntsman chuckled.  "Here's hoping it is just as formidible as your old body, Ben Tennyson...  Because this has inspired me to begin the hunt for you anew..."

Anur Transyl...
Zs'Skayr's palace...

    The ghostly, reaper-esque alien snarled angrily.  "She still has control of herself..." Zs'Skayr hissed.  "You said she would lose herself to lust." 

    "Calm down," said the hulking, shadowy creature that sat in the corner of Zs'Skayr's chambers.  "It is not that big of a deal." 

    Zs'Skayr hissed.  "You said your technology would turn Ben female and his aliens into a concubine form and render her mind lost to lust completely!  But this broadcast shows her in complete control of herself, Garlvinite!!" 

    "Most likely she broke the effect by having sex with someone else," the hulking Garlvinite said, not leaving the shadows, only its glowing red eyes visible.  "It is not a problem." 

    "How will you control her, then?!" Zs'Skayr demanded.  "I went to a lot of trouble to ressurect you, Garlvinite!" 

    "And for that I am grateful, little Ectonurite," the Garlvinite said calmly.  "As for Ben Tennyson, she will come seeking me for vengeance.  Then I will have my concubine, and you will have your revenge.  Win win for the both of us." 

    Zs'Skayr grumbled.  "I've said things like that too many times to think that 'win win' is possible.  What if Ben defeats us?"

    The Garlvinite shrugged.  "Then we move on.  There's so many potential concubines out there for me.  The possibilities are delightfully staggering," he rumbled, chuckling in a manner so perverse that even Zs'Skayr was unsettled by it.  "As for Ben, we wait.  You said that she has a multitude of enemies, yes?  All we have to do is wait for them to wear her down.  And then, when she comes to us, I will break her spirit the rest of the way.  And she will ride my cock the rest of her life as I bring this universe to heal... with you as my ally of course." 

    Zs'Skayr glared at him, pressing his scythe underneath the Garlvinite's neck.  "Remember that we share in power, Garlvinite." 

    The Garlvinite chuckled.  "Of course," he said, not fearful in the slightest.  "You're powerful enough that actively attempting to put you in your place would be far too much of a bother.  No, we shall share power equally, as agreed." 

    Zs'Skayr just snarled, heading off on his own, wondering if he'd come to regret this...

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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