A call comes in, saying that the Vreedles are robbing a bank. Needing some stress relief, Wren vonlunteers to go catch them.

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline The Superstories Adventures of Ben 10
Characters Ben "Ben 10" Tennyson
Category Gender Switch
Previous Chapter "...I want to let everyone know what's happened. My parents will be worried and want to know, and I don't want to leave Grandpa Max in the dark on this."

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    As soon as Max finished speaking, his comm-link went off.  He scowled at it, picking it up.  "Patelliday, can't this wait?" he said.

    "Sorry Max, but this is important!" the fishlike alien said.  "The Vreedle Brothers are robbing the Bellwood First National Bank and your grandson's group is the closest one equipped to deal with it!" 

    Rook blinked.  "Aren't they having that charity fundraising drive for Undertown Hospital?" he said.

    Wren grinned.  "Let's move, gang.  It's hero time!" she crowed.

    Max frowned.  "You sure about this?" he asked.

    Wren chuckled weakly.  "Grandpa... I can safely say I have never needed to thump on the Vreedles more in my life." 

    Max stroked his chin thoughtfully, looking her over.  "All right.  But I'm coming too." 

    "A little overkill never hurt anybody except the one on the receiving end of it," Wren said, grinning.

    "Says the dudette who's got aliens like Way Big, Atomix, Alien X, and Gutrot at her command," Kevin teased, mentioning four of Wren's most powerful alien forms. 

    Wren chuckled.  "C'mon," she said, calling up her Omnitrix.  "Let's move before they get away with the money." 

A few minutes later...

    "Whooowee!" shouted Rhomboid Vreedle, the noseless, pale-skinned, heavyset alien chuckling as he sifted through the large sacks of money in the back seat with him. 

    "Indeed, brother!" laughed Octagon Vreedle, the skinnier, shorter, deeper-voiced alien watching the road carefully, moving their hovercar easily through the onrushing traffic.  "This here's what you might call a mighty fine haul!"

    "Hey, maybe we can get Ma a nice present for her birthday!" Rhomboid suggested. 

    "Well now that's a mighty fine idear, brother!" Octagon said.  "She has been wantin' a new neutron disruptor cannon!" 

    "Y'know, most sons just get their mothers flowers or candy for their birthday," said a rapid voice from beside the car. 

    "Ma was never much for flowers," said Octagon, shrugging.  "And she's been tryin' t'lose weight lately, although I personally think that she don't HOLY HECK!"  Realizing there was someone beside him, he turned to look, spying a female XLRS running beside his car.  XLR8 waved to him, smirking.  Startled, Octagon lost control of the hovercar and crashed into an empty storefront.  Both Octagon and Rhomboid stormed out of the wreckage, blasters at the ready. 

    Octagon growled at XLR8.  "Ah don't know what a Kineceleran is doin' here on Earth, but if you think you can..." he started, trailing off as XLR8 changed back into Wren. 

    The Vreedle brothers stared at her a long moment.  "Um... Who are you supposed to be?" Rhomboid asked, visibly baffled. 

    Octagon scowled.  "Now ah know you ain't that dumb, 'Boid," he said.  "Human turnin' into alien?  That's gotta be Ben 10.  Although I remember Ben bein' a bit less... curvy." 

    Wren managed to keep smirking.  Barely.  "Well, I've undergone some changes recently," she said.  "You bozos gonna surrender the money?  Or do I get to beat you up before bringing you in?  Please say it's the latter, I've had a VERY bad day." 

    Octagon stared at her for a moment, a slow grin coming over his face.  "Well, Ma does appreciate it when we're all gentlemanly and oblige a lady's wishes.  Isn't that right, 'Boid?"

    It took Rhomboid a moment and another quick glance at Wren, who's fists were now clenched tightly in anger, to get it.  "Oh... oh yeah!  'Cause ol' Ben's a girl now!  Heheheh," he laughed.  "Well, Ms. Tennyson, we do try to be gentlemen and oblige a lady's wishes where we can.  So let's rumble, sweet buns." 

    SWEET BUNS?! Wren thought, feeling a blaze of anger.  "OOH you're gonna get it for that," she said, twisting in a new alien and triggering the Omnitrix.  In a flash of green light, her skin turned bright red, a second pair of arms growing out of her sides as she transformed into the powerful Tetramand, Fourarms.  Her pants shoes became form-fitting black shorts and boots, her shirt going skintight as the Omnitrix symbol appeared on her belt, her shirt's design simplifying to a simple half green/half black.  Her hair grew longer and bound itself in a ponytail as her ample chest grew even larger. 

    Fourarms charged forward, holding all four arms in front of her face as the blaster fire from the two Vreedle brothers bounced off of her.  She lashed out when she was close enough, the two of them dodging out of the way.  Her powerful fists smashed down into their vehicle, sending the bags of money flying.  Rook, arriving with Max and the others, grabbed the bags before the money could scatter, tossing it over to Kevin and Gwen, who put it in the back of their truck.  Fourarms didn't even noticed, snarling in anger and chasing after Rhomboid, trading punches with the massive Vreedle brother. 

    Octagon, meanwhile, was drawing a bead on Fourarms with a powerful energy rifle.  Before he could pull the trigger, however, a pink aura enveloped the weapon and drew it out of his hands.  He turned with a growl towards the source of the energy field, Gwen, who caught the weapon when she dropped her field.  Kevin jumped out, touching the side of the truck and forming an armored covering based off of the metal of the van.  Both he and Rook charged Octagon, Kevin morphing his armored hand into a hammer while Rook leaped in with a flying kick.  Both blows hit Octagon at the same time, in the face and stomach, sending him flying back into a nearby dumpster, denting it.  A moment later, Rhomboid landed right next to Octagon, his massive weight crumpling the dumpster. 

    Max and Gwen got out, the latter floating and radiating power, the former wielding Octagon's rifle. 

    "It's over, Vreedle brothers.  We have the money and you've both been beaten," Max said. 

    "In record time, no less," Kevin quipped, high-fiving an amused Fourarms. 

    "Surrender now, and you won't get hurt," Max said.

    "Anymore," Fourarms said, cracking her knuckles on her lower hands and crossing her upper arms underneath her ample chest.  Or trying to, at any rate.  "How do you work with these damn things?" she muttered to Gwen, who just giggled. 

    Octagon and Rhomboid, dazed from the attacks, frowned at each other. 

    "Five on two?" Rhomboid grumped.  "Now this just ain't fair!"

    "Eeyup," Octagon agreed.  "This here's what you might call a 'complete mismatch.'"

    "Really don't care right now," Fourarms said.  "If you still wanna scrap, I'm more than up for it." 

    Octagon closed his eyes, a thoughtful look crossing his face.  He then shook his head.  "Aww, shoot.  We wasn't doin' anything special today anywho." 

    Rhomboid nodded.  "We can get Ma some of them there low fat chocolates for Mother's Day.  I've had 'em before, they're pretty good." 

    Octagon chuckled.  "You goin' by a different name now, Tennyson?  Maybe Jen or somethin'?"  he said. 

    Fourarms blinked, cursing inwardly.  Didn't think of Jennifer, she thought.  Out loud, she said.  "Wren Tennyson.  I'm going by Wren Tennyson now." 

    Octagon and Rhomboid both chuckled, reaching into their pockets and pulling out grenades, the five heroes backing off in alarm as they pulled the pins.  "Well, Wren Tennyson, however it happened, we'd just like to say this: You got a damn fine set o' titties." 

    Fourarms fumed and tried to charge as Octagon and Rhomboid both cackled, but their grenades went off beforehand, destroying their bodies and sending Fourarms flying back into the wreckage of the Vreedles' car.  Fourarms groaned, turning back to Wren and rubbing her head. 

    "Well, that could have gone better," she muttered. 

    "You okay, Wren?" Gwen asked. 

    "Yeah... dunno why those comments they made bothered me so much," she said. 

    Gwen frowned.  "You're gonna have to deal with them from now on, Wren.  You're... kinda stacked, you know," Gwen said.

    Wren glared at her breasts, sighing.  "Great..." she muttered.

    "You just don't let them get to you," Gwen said.  "Just remember this very important mantra: Men. Are.  Pigs." 

    "Hey!" Kevin, Max, Rook said.

    Wren smirked.  "I used to be one, y'know." 

    Gwen chuckled.  "There you go," she said.  "First hand experience.  Remember that, and you'll know when to tune out the guys when they start being jerks."  Kevin just rolled his eyes, while Rook and Max chuckled.

    "It was not a total loss," Rook said.  "We have retrieved almost all of the stolen money.  Only a few loose bills have been misplaced." 

    "That's something at least," Wren said, brightening. 

    Max nodded, closing his comm-link.  After the Vreedle brothers had blown themselves up, Max had called in the Plumbers for cleanup.  "Okay.  Let's get this money back to the bank." 

    "And quickly..." Kevin said, looking up into the sky and noticing both a police helicopter and a news chopper hovering overhead.

    Wren shivered.  Normally, the idea of press coverage would have appealed to her.  But with her recent changes and the fact that she still hadn't told her family yet, she felt fear starting to take hold.  "I... I'm not ready yet," she said.  "I can't..."

    Max nodded.  "Get in," he said.  "We'll take the money back, get you to headquarters, take care of your Plumber clearance as quickly as possible and get your parents there as well, so we can deal with both at the same time." 

    Wren, Max, Rook, Gwen, and Kevin got in the van, heading out just as several reporters pulled up in their vans and got out to try and get an interview.  They didn't get it, though.  All they got were more questions.  One of the reporters decided to take the initiative and set up his camera.

    "Today in this spot, a battle took place between the Vreedle brothers and a hero that can transform into other aliens.  Not entirely uncommon a sight in Bellwood.  But today, new questions arose, as our transforming alien hero was in fact... a heroine.  Who is this young woman with powers similar to our own Ben Tennyson?  And what was she doing with Tennyson's usual allies?" 

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